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How much does it cost to hire a Node JS developer in Bangalore?

Introducation :

Are you an entrepreneur with an idea to develop a cross-platform app with the fastest server-side application? Then Node.js is the right option for you. It is an open-source framework that acts as a bridge between the front end and backend enabling the app to work efficiently. It is one of the most preferred cross-platform app development frameworks of top developers because it enables the developers to automate repetitive tasks reducing manual efforts. Also, Node.js offers the widest library allowing the developers to use the pre-defined codes and speed up their app development work instead of programming the app from the scratch. This framework is used to develop I/O intensive, dynamic web pages, CRM development, and various scalable applications.

If you are willing to develop an app using Node.js and willing to hire a Node.js developer in Bangalore to attain your goal then you need to first understand what Node.js can do and why it is the prior choice of app developers.

Node.js offers the widest range of options to develop a superlative app. Node.js is specifically curated to solve app development issues by building logic for developing proficient backend and front-end solutions. But developing a proficient app using node.js is not so simple, to do so the developer must have:

– Frontend and backend provision

– Knowledge of agile methodology

– Clear coding ability

– Third-party integration capability

– Security feature implementation

– Knowledge of the database

– Basics on testing and bugs detection

Cost to hire Node.js developers:

Exactly estimating the cost to hire a node.js developer is not possible because it depends on various aspects, such as experience, skills, and majorly the location of the developer. The skills and experience of every developer are different than others, hence determining the cost based on experience is difficult, but keeping the average cost of locations we can estimate the cost to hire node.js developers which are listed below:

Australia: starts with $90000 per year

Germany: starts with $60000 per year

Eastern Europe: starts with $30000 per year

Western Europe: $60000 per year

North America: $80000 per year

Asia: $60000 per year

UK: $90000 per year

India: $40000 per year

The above-mentioned cost is just an estimation based on the average cost compensation of a developer with an experience of 5-10 years. Well, developing an app maybe a year’s job or can be accomplished within months based on your requirements. Hence, determining the Node.js developer’s cost in hours can be much more feasible for you. The hourly cost of Node.js developers in Bangalore ranges between $30-and $50.

Now, once you are having an average estimation of the cost to hire node.js developers then you can easily choose a node.js development company from the location that fits your budget. If you are puzzled about the hiring of node.js developer options, then here is the perfect solution for your search:

Outsource app development:

This is one of the most ideal options for all types of companies, whether it is a large-scale company or a small-scale one. This is mostly opted by the companies with a lower budget for app development and the reason is cost-effectiveness. If you plan to outsource your project development, then surely you will look for a node.js development company that fits your budget and serve you with the most proficient team at the most affordable budget. This can help you to cut down overall app development expenses.

Another benefit that you can avail of from outsourcing your node.js application development is that you can first check for the work history of the team you are hiring for your app development.

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In-house developers:

The second option is to hire an in-house team for your product development. You can interview skilled people based on your requirements and select the best option. This may put a restriction on the location, as you may require people who can come to your office premises and work with your in-house team. This may add the expense to your budget, because if you are hiring any professional from overseas then you may need to pay the relocation cost along with other basic expenses.


Node.js is one of the most preferred app development frameworks because it offers the biggest library to the developers and offers the flexibility to develop the most proficient framework. Another benefit of choosing node.js app development is that it is an open-source platform that helps in developing a cost affordable solution with the highest efficiency. When choosing node.js for app development the biggest question is “how much does it cost to hire a node.js developer in Bangalore” but estimating the accurate figure will be a difficult task because the cost of app development completely depends on various factors. An approx. range of cost to hire a node.js app developer in Bangalore is $30-$100 per hour depending on the skills and experience of the developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do companies opt for node.js for app development?

Companies prefer node.js development for various reasons, a few of which are listed below:

– Scalability

– Efficient and swift

– Robust data security

– Preferred for real-time application development

– Offers scalability

2. What makes you the best node.js app development company?

We have been working in the app development industry for years and have worked as technology partners with various top brands giving the best node.js app development solutions. Not just experience, but there are several other reasons too that make us stand out as the best node.js app development company in Bangalore, such as

– We have the best talent pool with years of experience

– Master hand in the technology

– Transparency with the clients

– Flexible payment options

– Offer business-centric solutions

– Offer customized solutions to cater to specific requirements of clients.