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How much does it cost to develop an app like Fresh to home?

Being at ease and getting almost work done. Who doesn’t like this luxury in life? Of course, every single person seeks an option to cut down their efforts and get their work simplified by any means. In today’s technological world, most businesses have incorporated some or other software to get their work done. What if you get an option to cut down your efforts for your household chores as well? What if you just tap on your mobile screen and the groceries or meat of your wish list get delivered to your doorstep, just like the fresh to the home app. In a short period, the fresh-to-home app has attained a huge number of users all across the country and the numbers are still spiking up. Witnessing the future scope of apps like fresh to home, most FMCG businesses are now willing to develop the fresh home app.

The most important question which is asked by most the businesses before they set for the development is the online meat booking app development cost. It’s a myth that developing an app will add expenses to your budget but the fact is it will help you take your ROI to the highest level with a greater number of users and more businesses. To know the fresh-to-home app development cost you first need to understand the factors on which the app development cost depends.

Factors affecting Fresh To Home app development cost:

Project requirements:

Fresh the home app can develop for any segment of FMCG business, hence first you need to determine your business segment and list down all the requirements that you wish to add to your development list. One of the most important aspects that needed to be pen down is the list of features. If you are willing to go with the basic features of the fresh to the home app then here is the list of features that you need to incorporate within your app.

For users:

1. Registration and sign in

2. Navigation menu

3. Place order

4. Shop details

5. Available offers

6. Filters to select products easily

7. Address book to add an address

8. Rewards or coupons

9. Checkout process

10. Payment gateway

11. Order status tracking

12. Customer support

For admin:

1. Log in

2. Inventory management

3. Order management

4. Coupons/rewards/offer management

5. Payment management

  • The complexity of the app:

    The complexity of the app plays a vital role in determining the app development cost. As the complexity of the coding increases, it levels up the cost of development as well, as it requires top professionals and more time to develop an app with more complex features. On average, a basic app with a lower level of complexity ranges between $25000-$30000 for native app development.

  • UI designs:
  • The app you are developing must consider the end users. When you are thinking to develop an online food delivery app the targeted users must be tech-savvy as well as laymen. Hence you need to keep your app easy to use but also you must consider the high competition. To beat the competition, you can develop the most creative user interface that attracts users to use the app very often.

  • Development team:

The most vital aspect that puts a major impact on the fresh-to-home app development cost is the development you choose. Developers are available all across the world with a wide variety of talent and skills. But the developed region with a higher level of affluence costs more than a developer of a developing country like India. For example, if you hire a developer from India then it may cost you approx. $50-$150 per hour, but if you choose a developer with the same talent and skills in the USA then it may cost you approx. $100-$300 per hour.


The apps like fresh to home are in great demand and most the FMCG companies are now looking forward to getting partnered with the top mobile app development companies in India to develop the best mobile applications with superlative features. The only question hindering their ways to success is “how much does an online meat booking app development cost?” The cost is very minimal if you look at the ROI because it is a one-time investment with an exponential rise in users and hence returns business. The average cost to hire a developer in India ranges approx. $50-$150 per hour which can vary with the experience and skills. The total cost of app development depends on the features, complexities, and the type of mobile platform you choose for app development.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost to develop a Fresh-to-Home app?

The average cost to develop a fresh-to-home app with basic features ranges between $25000-$30000 and if you are looking for any customization then the cost may vary based on your specific requirements.

2. Are there any hidden charges for the app development?

Being one of the best mobile app development companies, we serve you with the most customized packages that come with a complete breakup of the charges and hiding nothing.

3. Which is the most preferred platform for fresh-to-home app development?

App development is majorly categorized into two types, i.e. native app development and cross-platform app development. If you are looking for the most fabulous performance with greater efficiency then you must choose native app development where you need to develop different codes for specific mobile platforms with specific technologies. This is costlier than cross-platform app development because it required different developers to be hired to develop different coding. Cross-platform app development is the best alternative for those who are looking for a budget-friendly approach. Using cross-platform app development technologies you can use the same code for all the available mobile platforms.