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How Much does it cost to develop a Healthcare Mobile App in 2024?

The Healthcare industry has been always set at a rising trajectory and the past two years have paced up the growth with an exponential ratio. The boom of the medical sector in this pandemic stretch has also generated a need for online medical solutions to combat this situation using all precautionary measures as the topmost priority. The demand for app development companies in Bangalore has taken a sharp rise and also the app development cost has shot up with the high demands.

Healthcare app development cost in India depends on various aspects, such as complication of the app, several required features, healthcare compliances to be determined and incorporated, time consumption, a platform for app development, and more.

If you are planning to develop a healthcare online solution and are willing to determine the expected mobile app development cost then first you need to pen down the type of healthcare app you need and the features you are willing to add to it.

Types of healthcare apps:

1. Electronic health record:

Health records of a patient must be non-volatile and non-editable to avoid fraud and put an end to the data theft and privacy issues. Electronic health records are the perfect solution to this problem. It will allow the healthcare service providers to maintain healthcare records for infinite time without much paperwork and manual effort. HER will also help the healthcare providers to remove glitches from their devices happening due to faulty health records of patients.

2. Scheduling appointments:

Meeting a doctor for consultation is one of the major requirements of the hour. Now, healthcare professionals are opting to develop mobile apps for scheduling appointments to avoid the rush at the hospital premises. Patients can choose their preferred doctor and timings to schedule their appointment online.

3. Telehealth:

Unnecessary exposure to the social areas in today’s pandemic time is not a wise idea. If someone is only looking for a real-time doctors’ consultation and is not able to come to the hospital then they may require an instant solution that can connect them to the preferred healthcare professional to attain a quick response. A digital solution can be a perfect solution to bridge the gap between time and location which can be able to connect patients with their doctors at any time anywhere via video conferencing allowing the doctor to inspect certain healthcare ratios of the patient.

Must-have features of healthcare apps:

1. Patient’s profile:

A personal profile of the account holder where he can list down personal details along with the previous health records.

2. User’s dashboard:

A user dashboard with basic details like location, previous appointments, upcoming appointments, and other details that can be used to personalize the usage of the app.

3. Search bar:

A search bar where users can easily search for the hospitals or doctors of their choice based on their specialization, location, or simply by searching the name.

4. Notification:

It is a must-have functionality of a mobile app that will keep the user updated about the changes in the app, remind them about their upcoming appointments, and more.

5. Video monitoring:

The app must have access to the camera of the mobile to allow the patients to conduct a video consultation with the doctor and opt for video monitoring in case of telehealth app development.

6. Login/signup:

Login/signup is a very basic feature for any mobile app that will allow the user to create their account in the app and utilize other features easily.

7. Customer support:

In case of any query related to the features or services of the app, the customer must have an easy-to-connect customer support option.

8. Online payment:

For a seamless online doctor’s consultation and other services, you must avail your patients with online payment options allowing them to make payments using their debit/credit cards, UPI, and also must provide an in-built app wallet.

Healthcare app development cost in Bangalore:

An efficient healthcare app contains a wide range of features based on the type of app and requirement of the healthcare provider. Hence, the cost to develop a healthcare app in Bangalore also varies based on your requirements. As every organization has its agenda and objective to achieve, so the app development requirement will be as unique as its objectives. Therefore, predicting the exact healthcare app development cost without knowing the requirements will be difficult, but if you are hiring the best mobile app developers in Bangalore for your app development then it may cost you approx. $20-50/hour.

Wrapping up:

To determine the exact healthcare app development cost in Bangalore you must connect with the best mobile app development company and list down your requirements, features required, and required team to develop your app. Based on these you can easily determine the exact cost of development. The cost to hire a mobile app developer may vary based on their skills and experience, hence you must choose your team wisely to keep your mobile app development pocket-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Which platform to choose for healthcare app development?

To develop a mobile app, you have got two options, either you can choose to develop a native mobile app where you need to develop different dedicated apps for iOS and Android platforms, or else you can also choose to develop cross-platform app development which will allow you to use same code for all type of mobile platforms.

What is the difference between cross-platform and native platforms?

Native apps are developed for specifically one platform and offer excellent efficiency and performance, whereas a cross-platform app is developed with a programming language and technologies which is compatible with all platforms but the efficiency and performance are relatively lesser when compared with native apps.

Do you guarantee non-disclosure of the concept and features even post-app development?

Before getting started with the development process, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the clients assuring the privacy of their app details forever.

How much does it cost to develop a healthcare app?

The development cost of an app depends on the various aspects, such as hired team, features required, the platform chosen, and more. An average cost to hire a mobile app developer for healthcare app development in India may range between $20-50 per hour.

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