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IoT is nothing but network of physical objects or thing connected over Internet.

It helps in easy interactions between Human to Human or Human to Machine.

IoT is undeniably a technology that is providing unique experiences to most business sectors.

Building a smart solution to connect with devices brings value to business by satisfying needs of the new generation and adding up to improved efficiency & accuracy.

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Technologies used for IoT app development

IoT app could be developed and made compatible over various networks.


Wi-Fi helps to provide high speed internet without physical connection. Personal computers, cameras, phones, tablets, and other devices can all use Wi-Fi to share data. Wireless network access points can link these Wi-Fi enabled devices to the internet. This helps the business to setup IoT app over other wireless networking technologies.

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi direct, commonly known as Wi-Fi P2P, is a method of connecting devices without the use of a wireless access point. At standard Wi-Fi speeds, Wi-Fi direct can be used for internet browsing, file transfer, and device communication. Wi-Fi direct also allows you to connect gadgets from different manufacturers.


Bluetooth has paved path to exchange data between devices in unwired way, where the devices had to be kept close to each to exchange data. This could be used to interface multiple devices, over a single network.


Zigbee creates a personal area network using low-power digital radios, thus making it easy to implement and less expensive. As it consumes less power it could be helpful for long battery life of device. In IoT app, zigbee focuses on wireless and sensor networks.

Why IoT app development for your Business??

IoT app development gives full control on the features in various gadget and appliances with a smartphone.

Why ReapMind as IoT app Development partner?

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