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How much does it cost to develop Metaverse Marketplace?

Digitization is continuously disrupting the world in several ways and now a new technology named metaverse is prevailing all across the globe and becoming a reason for potential transformation giving a new world to experience. Since Facebook renamed the brand as Meta, metaverse gained more popularity and now most businesses are looking forward to establishing their foot in the world of the metaverse. But what is metaverse? Hardly few of us are familiar with this term. With the growing craze of the metaverse, most companies are looking for metaverse Marketplace development costs in Bangalore and are willing to know how to build and launch a metaverse Marketplace in Bangalore? Before starting with metaverse Marketplace development, you must know what the technology is and what are its potentials? Let’s understand what is metaverse and how does it work? 

What is metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual 3D universe that offers an immersive experience to the user. Using this technology developers can merge various physical worlds and can develop a new virtual space. What makes Matter different from other virtual Technologies is that it allows the user to enter the digital space that is used in Avatar and move around just like the physical world. Users can interact with the virtual digital space and also can communicate with their fellow participants entering into the same metaverse. 

How does metaverse work?

 As mentioned metaverse is a virtual 3D universe that is developed by merging multiple types of virtual spaces. The space allows the user to get emerged into the virtual space and interact with the ecosystem just like the real world. The only difference this technology will make is that it will add a greater level of comfort to the user’s life by allowing them to enjoy different virtual spaces right from their home. Metaverse also allows you to create your own virtual identity using different types of avatars. 

What is metaverse NFT marketplace and how is it useful?

Non-fungible assets have gained a promising value in the digital world and have generated a new space for digital assets. Metaverse marketplace is a decentralized marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets and services. It uses blockchain technology to facilitate trust and security between buyers and sellers. Metaverse Marketplace is open to all users, regardless of location or economic status.

Metaverse marketplace is a very useful application for users. It offers a wide range of services, including digital assets trading, digital asset management, and blockchain technology development. It is also a platform that allows users to create and manage their own virtual communities. The metaverse marketplace is perfect for users who want to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology and virtual reality.

What makes a metaverse NFT marketplace outstanding?

 Recently many companies have come up with the idea of developing Metaverse NFT Marketplace with the intention to grow their business. The competition is regularly increasing with an exponential increase in the metaverse marketplace development. Now the question is how to stand out from the crowd with the best metaverse NFT Marketplace development in Bangalore?

To attain a perfection in your goal you may require the assistance of the best Metaverse Marketplace development companies in Bangalore like Reapminds. They will offer you the best metaverse marketplace developers who are having years of experience and a master hand over the technologies used in metaverse development. If you are willing to develop a metaverse NFT Marketplace that can conquer your business industry then you must incorporate the latest features which are future-ready and feasible for the current market scenarios. Here, we are mentioning a few must-have features of metaverse marketplace that have been accepted worldwide and various business industries:

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Metaverse marketplace is more likely to the E-Commerce platforms available and it is used for trading several types of digital assets. Hence, a metaverse marketplace must have an appealing and easy-to-use storefront that allows the seller to list their assets along with their details. This will also help the buyers to determine the authenticity of the digital assets quickly and make a purchase with great ease. The storefront must allow the seller to display maximum details about the asset which includes ownership details, price history, and more. 


Metaverse NFT marketplace allows the users to trade digital assets on a decentralized platform, which means this platform is capable of removing all the intermediaries from the trading. In metaverse marketplace the trading is done using blockchain technology which executes the trading process automatically using smart contracts. The benefits of a decentralized platform are not limited to the eradication of intermediaries but also offer unmatched speed and security to the platform.

Live auction features:

The live auction features allow the seller to sell their assets on the NFT platform along with various details that make trading easier such as details of the asset owner, details of the commodities, type of transaction to be used, accepted, and more. This feature also gives detailed information about the number of bids made by other buyers on the platform. It also contains a timer that keeps the buyer updated about the time left for bidding. 

Search functionality option:

 The search functionality option will be allowed buyers to make a quick search on the platform by using this feature. Search functionality will allow the user to enter a keyword on the search bar and attain relevant results. 

Trending collections:

Most people are willing to buy the trendiest commodity. Trending collection option and the NFT marketplace will allow you to showcase your assets appropriately and attend more attention from the users.

Create listing features

If you are willing to sell your assets on the metaverse NFT marketplace then you need to list down your assets on the platform making them visible to all the users. Creating listing features will help you to list down your commodities under specific categories enabling other users to find your listed asset easily just by searching for the respective category.


Metaverse NFT Marketplace is used for trading and hence the users must have a space where they can store their assets and currency. An inbuilt wallet in the metaverse NFT marketplace will enable the users to send, receive, and store the NFTs. 

Why use NFT in the metaverse?

 Metaverse is the new virtual ecosystem giving an immersive experience to the users. This technology is gaining fame all across the world, especially among gamers. Most game development companies are now heading towards metaverse development companies to transform their business. The Rapid advancement of virtual reality and augmented reality is giving a new face to the gaming industry with the exponential increase and the number of users. As discussed before metaverse offers an immersive experience to the users but it was still lagging in the terms of asset trading. The integration of the NFT platform along with the metaverse technology is giving an extended feature to the users to trade their in-game assets with fellow users. Now gaming is not only an element of leisure but also it has become the favorite pastime of people who are willing to earn money out of their leisure time.

The immersion of metaverse and blockchain is revolutionizing the entire gaming industry launching a new chapter for the gamers. Now it is setting a new trend of play-to-earn games where Gamers can earn real cash by winning a game.

Cost to develop metaverse NFT Marketplace:

 The cost of metaverse NFT marketplace development depends on various aspects that include the complexity of the software, type of customization, Number of third-party apps integrated, technologies used, and the developer you are selecting for the development. To estimate the exact cost of development you connect with a metaverse NFT marketplace development company in Bangalore like Reapmind Technologies. Here is the basic breakdown of the estimated cost to develop metaverse NFT marketplace.

1.UX/UI development$2395 – $5040
2.User profile$2385 – $5040
3.Search and Filters$4005 – $11,520
4.Reviews & Ratings$2565 – $5760
5.Payments$2385 – $5040
6.Ethereum Incorporation$4005 – $11,520
7.Inventory Management$2385 – $5040
8.Author Panel$5085 – $15.840
9.Admin Panel$3775 – $10,200
10.Buyer Panel  $3045 – $7680
11.NFT management$4005 – $11,520
12.Notifications$2085 – $3840
13.Shopping Cart$2565 – $5760
14.Product Page$2385 – $5040
15.Home Page$3645 – $10,080
16.Authorization and Security$3285 – $8640

If you have chosen to develop a basic metaverse NFT marketplace with simple features then it may cost you approx. 50000 USD to 120000 USD. The mentioned cost is just an estimate based on the research conducted over NFT marketplace development companies. The NFT marketplace development cost may change based on your requirements and the team you have selected.

The cost estimation of blockchain app developers in India:

The cost of blockchain developers varies based on the location and their skill sets. If you are choosing to develop an app then before hiring a developer, you need to determine the platform for app development and the technologies also. All these aspects are the major aspects that will help you to choose the best developer for the app development.

An average cost of blockchain app developers in India is mentioned below:

Android app developers: $50 per hour

iOS app developers: $70 per hour

Windows app developers: $50 per hour

Cross-platform app developers: $80 per hour


Metaverse is an open blockchain platform that allows for the creation of digital assets, including items for use in online games and other virtual worlds. The platform also provides a framework for online marketplaces, and Metaverse is working on creating such a marketplace.

The Metaverse marketplace will provide a platform for users to buy and sell virtual goods and services. The marketplace will allow users to trade digital assets using the Metaverse blockchain platform. The Metaverse marketplace will provide a wide variety of virtual goods and services, including items for use in online games and other virtual worlds. 

If you are willing to enter the world of metaverse with a thriving solution then you can get in touch with the best NFT metaverse marketplace development companies in Bangalore like Reapminds and get set to beat the competition. The average cost to develop a basic metaverse solution in Bangalore will cost you approx. $50000-$120000. If you are looking for a dedicated blockchain developer to work with you simultaneously then it may cost you around $50-$100 per hour. 


Why should I hire Blockchain developers from ReapMinds?

We are the best blockchain development company in Bangalore and have served a number of businesses from distinct industries to develop the best blockchain solutions. Apart from our experience and unmatched skills, other aspects that make our developers worth hiring for your metaverse marketplace development are mentioned below:

  1. Worldwide happy customers
  2. A huge talent pool with hands-on latest technologies
  3. Use of the agile method of app development
  4. More than 10 years of app development experience
  5. 100% bug-free solution
  6. Transparency in pricing and development cycles
  7. Strict NDA
  8. Easy communication channels
  9. Post-development assistance
  10. The flexibility of team scaling

What are the major services offered by your developers?

Being one of the best NFT marketplace development companies in Bangalore, we offer a complete array of services, which includes:

  1. Custom app development
  2. Built-in wallet development
  3. Hyperledger and multichain development
  4. Smart contract development
  5. Ethereum app development
  6. Private blockchain development

What is the cost to develop a metaverse marketplace?

The cost of metaverse marketplace development completely depends on your requirements, more customization with a higher level of complexities will increase the cost. The cost to develop a metaverse marketplace with basic features will cost you approx. $50000-$120000. 

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