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Top 7 Growing AR VR Companies in India

Top 7 Growing Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) Companies in India

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been around for a while. Experts have believed that 2019 could be the year that AR/VR finally delivers on all of these promises to the business. Worldwide spending on AR and VR is estimated to surpass $20.4 billion by the year 2022.

AR blends digitally created data with data gathered from the real world. Existing landscapes are overlaid with computer-generated graphics for the viewer to observe. One of AR’s advantages is that it can be used on smartphones, and it’s already finding uses in everyday life. AR’s growth is aided by the growing number of mobile devices, their expanding capability, and faster Internet speeds. According to Digi-Capital, by 2022, mobile AR apps will have a total installed base of 3.5 billion.

As a result, more businesses need to start considering using augmented reality in their operations. A virtual reality (VR) experience takes place in a completely replicated, separated reality, making it a great medium for gaming and 3D films. Virtual reality company ideas, on the other hand, are not restricted to those. VR technologies are also creeping towards more mainstream consumer use, thanks to the introduction of new powerful and cheap headsets.

AR/VR development is becoming increasingly simple and affordable. Superfast downloading and streaming will be possible thanks to 5G networks, which will also power VR and AR devices.

Both technologies are still in their infancy, yet they already carry a lot of potential for businesses. Furthermore, an entrepreneur who enters the business early has a better chance of succeeding.

When we look at the best AR VR companies in India, we see that the country has become a center for the development of these technologies. Many businesses and start-ups are utilizing this AR VR technology. Many businesses that use them are assisting other businesses in developing apps and products using these two incredible technologies. The following are a few AR VR companies in India:

ReapMind Innovations

ReapMind Innovations is a leading AR VR companies in India that provide individuals all over the world with concept-driven, scalable, and interactive application services. The company provides a wide range of IT services, including eCommerce development, mobile app development, augmented reality app development, and virtual reality app development.

ReapMind Innovation is a one-stop-shop for AR and VR solutions, with experience developing and deploying cutting-edge games and mobile apps. Customer-centric product designs and new solutions are important to the organization.

The company is regarded as a top-tier AR VR companies in India. It aims to help professionals achieve their business objectives by providing best-in-class web design and development services.

Hedgehog Lab

Hedgehog lab is one of the greatest among AR VR companies in India’s leading firms. It specializes in software development for multiple platforms and linked device innovation. It also provides AR application development services. Hedgehog Lab is a fantastic firm that creates, markets and develops digital apps and solutions for tablets, phones, tablets, kiosks, televisions, and other post-PC devices.

This firm aids many brands and virtual reality companies in preparing for a future dominated by post-PC technologies. The company specializes in collaborating with clients on mobile and emerging platform innovation and R&D.

HyperLink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem has been able to generate profitable and dynamic solutions for its clients since its inception as AR VR companies in India in 2011. It has a talented and expert staff of trained experts who are dedicated to their work.

In India, they produce and provide excellent augmented reality apps. As one of the best-augmented reality and virtual reality firms in India, this firm has structured itself in such a way that it can provide far more cost-effective results and solutions for businesses.

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IndiaNIC Infotech Limited

IndiaNIC Infotech Limited is one of the AR VR companies in India, stands out for providing award-winning solutions and best-in-class VR app development services in India, thanks to a brilliant team of over 400 engineers, leaders, and project managers. They strive for client comprehension and satisfaction, as well as creative approaches to deliver answers and build a superior product and make a mark in virtual reality companies.

This company believes in simplicity and focus, and they understand the narrow line between functional design and visually appealing design. Through the creation of Information Architecture, Visual Design, Wireframes, Prototypes, and AR/VR development, IndiaNIC Infotech will assist in producing the greatest experiences for Web and mobile.


Quytech is one of India’s leading virtual reality companies, with extensive experience in the creation and consulting of various Immersion and Mobility solutions that have received widespread acclaim from clients all over the world. This company has developed apps for VR corporations as well as several startups.

Quytech provides comprehensive services to its clients, including conceptualization, design, development, and, later on, testing and maintenance of the given products. Health, e-commerce, development and training, retail, entertainment, real estate, education, FMCG, and other industries are among the industries for which they provide services.

Chetu Inc

Chetu, a custom software development firm based in India, has provided outstanding services to companies all over the world. As a group of devoted developers, this organization places a premium on delivering results that improve and enrich their clients’ businesses while also expanding their capabilities. Without a doubt, they are among the leading AR VR companies in India.

In more than ten countries, the business has built AR and VR apps for start-ups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs. It provides comprehensive services to its partners, including software product design, ideation, and development.

Devstree IT Solutions

DevStree IT Solutions is a company that develops AR and VR applications that is effective and efficient. The firm is a well-known augmented reality app development firm that creates useful mobile and web applications using cutting-edge AR technology.

It builds applications with a wide range of features using creative and indigenous methods. The team at the company consists of more than 250 people of specialists with extensive knowledge of AR and VR technologies as well as years of experience in the sector makes them an outstanding AR VR companies in India.

Challenges and Prospects

While technology mavens and markets, enthralled by the possibilities of AR/VR, are forecasting big revenues for the industry, there is no disputing that there are significant obstacles to overcome. The hardware is costly, accounting for more than half of the industry’s income, however, this cost is likely to decrease as the market matures. Content that is suitable with AR and VR is in low supply, and content development is urgently needed. Cybersickness and physical tiredness have been linked to AR/VR systems, necessitating technological developments to better the experience.

Forward-thinking businesses are already planning their expansion strategies. Companies that choose to implement AR / VR work with delivery partners who have both domain and technological expertise after weighing the return on investment against the impact on customer experience. While a corporation can map the customer path and identify new immersive experiences utilizing AR/VR, only experts can provide experiences that provide high customer happiness and profitability with the correct content and gear.

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