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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Taxi Booking app like InDriver?

Cost to Develop a Taxi Booking App Like InDriver

People no longer had to go out of their way to hail a cab, owing to technology advancements that have empowered taxi booking app development solutions. Customers now quickly book their nearest taxis with just a few clicks on their mobile phones and get to their desired destinations. The taxi business has embraced digitization, making it an appealing investment opportunity. InDriver, Uber, Ola, and Lyft are some of the greatest examples of taxi-booking applications that have drastically revolutionized the market.

Today, we’ll talk about the most popular taxi app. Yes, it is none other than the InDriver taxi app, and according to the most recent study, the InDriver taxi app has acquired $ 16 million in two rounds. This application is meant to function in Africa because many cities and large populations do not have access to the ride-hailing service.

Taxi booking app development like InDriver is unquestionably a wonderful profit-making opportunity for startups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs seeking mobility and comfort.

With the increasing demand for online taxi booking, competition has intensified, making it tough for businesses to make their taxi app stand out from others. Majority of them ponder, ‘How to Develop a Taxi Booking App like InDriver?’ ‘How much does it cost to build a taxi app like InDriver?’ and such questions. If you are thinking the same thing, this blog from a reputable taxi app development company turns out to be informational to you. It will walk you through the whole InDriver taxi app development cost, features, market statistics, and more. Let’s go over them one by one.

Present Market Statistics of Taxi Booking App Development 

The Global taxi business was valued at $69.1 billion in 2019 and is predicted to grow to $120 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 12%. According to a study, the majority of working professionals reside outside of their hometown for work, and as a result, they prefer to travel by taxi. This has greatly increased the demand for cab apps such as Uber and InDriver 

According to Statista, the yearly growth of taxi app development will reach $126,521 billion by the end of 2025. Because the need for taxi booking app development is growing by the day, this guide discusses the taxi app cost, features, tech stack, features, and more.

Well, by analyzing the above reports you might feel courageous to make an entry into the tech-based taxi industry 

Cost-Determining Features of InDriver like taxi booking app that must be consider 

If you are into an offline taxi rental business or anything, building a Mobile app can be a game-changing move for you. And to beat your app from others you must have to do a lot of things because there is a cutthroat competition going on in the market. The first thing that comes under that is the sounding features.

You should demonstrate the features of the InDriver application while establishing your taxi booking app, and keep in mind that the development cost of a Taxi Booking app like InDriver is also based on these fundamental features which are very essential.

InDriver’s rapid expansion in the African area has made it very appealing for businesses to make a way into the expanding space. A move that prompted the question, “How to build such applications and how much does it cost to produce InDriver-like apps?”

Main FeaturesPrevailing FeaturesDriver application
Taxi reservationsVehicle selectionStatus
ListPaymentOrder alert
Push notificationsInteractive Maps and taxi trackingNavigation
Ride historyDiscountEstimate
Fare calculatorVoice recognitionReport
Driver review and ratingsMessenger default 

User Panel 

User Login & Registration

To allow users to easily access the taxi booking app, the login procedure should be straightforward. Users appreciate a one-step registration procedure, so try to maintain it that way.

User Profile

This feature allows app users to edit their basic information on the app.

Reserve a Cab

Users may order a cab from the convenience of their homes and safely commute from one location to another.

Make Payment

Users must pay after successfully finishing the ride. They may safely pay the cab driver by using several payment channels.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are required to keep consumers updated and engaged with your taxi booking app. This function notifies users of their ride status, payment details, offers, and other information by email, SMS, or in-app text.

Ride Tracking

User pleasure and safety should be the top priorities. Enabling this feature is required to ensure this. It enables users to track their rides in real-time.


Finally, patients may score their riding experience and provide essential comments or reviews on the application.

Driver Panel

This panel is viewed by the driver linked with online taxi apps such as Uber, Careem, and others.

Driver Login & Registration

This feature allows drivers to register on the taxi booking app, where their profile is authorized by the admin to begin the riding process.

Driver Profile

The driver can change their profile by inserting their name and other personal information here.

Confirm booking

When users book a cab, the drivers are alerted. They can accept or decline the ride at their leisure.

Real-time tracking

This feature allows the driver to follow the passenger’s location in real-time and provide the best feasible path to arrive at the pickup site on time. Including this functionality will raise the cost of developing a taxi app.

Ride History 

This feature is useful for keeping track of all the rides completed to date. It will allow drivers to view their whole riding history in one spot.

In-app Calling & Text

This function is present in both the user and driver panels, where they may phone and talk with each other to find out the status of the pickup.


The driver may check all of the comments and reviews left by taxi app customers here. This boosts a driver’s credibility.

Admin Panel

The application administrator uses this panel to monitor the activity of both the application user and the driver.


A well-structured dashboard allows the administrator to safely log in to the program and easily access all of the activity. As a result, keep the dashboard design basic and easy to use.

Revenue Management 

This function comes in handy for keeping track of all transactions made using revenue management.

Reports & Analytics

Like any other mobile app development, your taxi booking app should include this functionality. It enables the administrator to obtain real-time information and analytics from a taxi booking app. It will assist you in better understanding the profit and income of the application.

Managing Reviews

Keeping track of reviews and comments promotes the success of your taxi booking service. As a result, this function enables the administrator to control all reviews while removing unfavorable or fraudulent reviews.

So, this is a list of the main features that influence the cost of developing a taxi app in InDriver to some amount. 

Top Reasons Why Your Taxi Business Should Invest in Taxi App Development Like InDriver

The taxi industry is prospering as the number of smartphones grows. Taxi smartphone applications are becoming a popular option all around the world. Let’s talk about the advantages of investing in taxi mobile app development and why your taxi company has to use it!

Brand creation

Brand recognition is an essential component of every business growth strategy. Due to its great brand recognition, InDriver now operates all over African cities. Using a taxi booking app to emphasize trustworthiness, superior and unrivaled customer service, and trust will help you improve brand recognition.

Data Collection from Riders

To provide exceptional services to consumers, you must first understand their wants and preferences. Investing in on-demand taxi app development like InDriver will allow your taxi company to collect vital customer data such as location, contact information, and so on. You may send customized notifications to your users with enticing offers and discounts based on this information. This will assist you in developing a loyal consumer base.

Location Tracking in Real Time

This is one of the most important characteristics of a taxi app. Enabling real-time tracking and monitoring tools makes it easier for the driver to establish its actual location and vice versa. This benefits your company by increasing efficiency, lowering operational expenses, and improving the customer satisfaction rate

Greater Return on Investment

Taxi drivers and operators who have worked with logistics businesses have grumbled about having to pay exorbitant commissions; as a result, cab operators do not appreciate aggregator systems. So, investing in taxi booking app development is a sure-fire profitable choice for a taxi company to make since it will help you avoid commissions paid to cab aggregators and enhance your ROI.

Higher Visibility

In the modern digital era, many prefer to use smartphone applications to order a taxi rather than phoning an agency since they perceive it to be more convenient. A mobile app may provide you with the highest level of assurance for better exposure, assisting you in gaining the favor of the clientele through top-notch services. You have the opportunity to engage with a larger audience and win clients’ favors by creating a mobile app, which will increase the exposure of your taxi company.

Revealing the Cost to Develop a Clone app like InDriver 

Mobile app development services, however, are never priced in advance. It relies on several variables involved in creating an On-demand Taxi booking app like InDriver. Yet to give you a rough InDriver app development cost may range between $20,000 and $90,000. Let’s keep an eye out for the elements that influence the cost of developing a taxi app:

  • Features & Functionality
  • Technology Stack
  • Development Platform
  • Application Complexity
  • Time & Resources involved in App Development
  • App Updation

The anticipated cost breakdown for the taxi reservation app like InDriver is as follows:

Stages of developmentAndroidiOS
Native development$11,000$13,500
UI/UX design$4,000$4,500
Back end development$4,500$5,000
Admin panel development$4,200$5,200
Quality assurance$8,000$9000
Project Management$4,000$3,500

In conclusion

A rider-friendly taxi booking app like InDriver gives you a competitive advantage over traditional taxi services and your competitors. As a result, having a taxi booking app has become a need for your taxi company. To improve your client base and earnings, you need to engage in taxi mobile app development. Are you ready to plunge into taxi mobile app development solutions and increase your taxi business?

ReapMind develops solutions for on-demand taxi applications that meet specifications and aid in the achievement of business objectives.

Now, the cost of developing an InDriver-like Taxi Booking App in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania will be determined by the number of development hours and the location of the above-mentioned procedure, which differs from one geographical region to the next. Developing a taxi application on demand need the assistance of an application developer. ReapMind can provide you with a full-stack developer to design the Taxi application. We create real-time applications that are coupled with payment gateways to facilitate payments.

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How can I create a successful taxi app comparable to InDriver?

Hire a trustworthy app development partner like ReapMind and discuss your ideas for an on-demand taxi app. Explain to the technology partner and stakeholders your unique value propositions for your mobile or online application. Your taxi or cab application should provide distinct value-additions to both passengers and drivers. In the early phases, you might choose between a prototype and an MVP to limit business risks and manage funds. Choose a certain revenue model and further modify your operations to match market expectations.

A mobile application like InDriver or Uber can be created using the following steps:

Pin down your exact concept

Analyze the market and the competition.

Plan out the features and functionality for your equivalency to InDriver

For passengers, drivers, and administrators, create different modules.

To construct the apps, locate an expert technical service provide such as ReapMind

To improve your application, get input from the stakeholders.