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How Much Does it cost to develop a 10 min grocery delivery app Like Zepto?

Grocery delivery services are becoming increasingly popular around the world. During the Coronavirus pandemic, these services were extremely beneficial. Due to the Covid19 outbreak, people were unable to go to the market for their daily grocery shopping. It quickly became a global issue, and people began to experience difficulties with food and other necessities. This spawned instant grocery delivery apps and related business ideas.

Zepto is a fantastic grocery delivery app to consider. The company alleged to offer super-fast 10-minute delivery on all types of daily goods. Customers can also order perishable goods such as fresh fruits and vegetables to be delivered to their door. Even when there isn’t a pandemic, the instant grocery delivery apps were in a boom.

If you want to create such an app, you will have to pay some attention towards about cost and other facts. In this article, we’ll discuss the various factors that influence the cost of developing a Zepto-like app. Continue reading!

Zepto’s Business Model

If you understand Zepto’s business model, you will be able to better predict your project costs. It consists of whatever functions and features you want to add to your app. The features and functions of an app can differ depending on the business niche. A company that provides an instant grocery delivery app has features that encourage users to shop. To encourage user engagement, those features must be displayed in the mobile app.

Zepto’s business model is known as the dark store, and it consists of various micro-warehouses located throughout the city that provide quick access to various types of daily groceries. Riders can quickly pick up these products and head to the customer’s location. These are distribution points located in various cities and towns. If there are no such outlets in the city, developing a grocery delivery app is pointless.

As a result, the business model focuses on-

  • Same-Day delivery
  • Online purchase and in-store pickup

Features of 10-Minute App Delivery That You Must Include

Any grocery delivery app is functional with its three components, each of which serves a different purpose.

  • Customer: Ordering and Delivering Groceries App
  • Delivery Agent: Collect Orders and Delivery App
  • Admin: Check, Add, Remove Vendors, and Track Performance

Customer Panel

The customer requires an application that has a very smooth interface and provides solutions with a less number of clicks.

Easy Onboarding: With easy onboarding solutions, we ensure that users do not waste time filling out their details and other information. Simply enter your phone number or email address and the rest of the information will be filled in when you place your order.

Aesthetic Feel and Look: Zepto has a very neat and clear interface, and our experts make it a point to bring a similar experience to the screen. We understand that if the user finds it difficult to find the required item, they will abandon the application immediately.

Clear Navigation: With clear navigation, we ensure that the solution offered to you is easily explored by your user and that it helps you generate large profits. The user can find what they’re looking for by browsing through well-defined categories, which saves time and effort.

Exact Location: When we create an app like Zepto, it will pick an accurate location of the customer without requiring many details to be manually entered. This simplifies the delivery point for both the customer and the delivery agent.

In-App Payment Gateways: With an in-app payment gateway, customers can make payments and view transaction history more easily. We confirm that by integrating an e-wallet app with your solution, your customers will be able to select the payment method of their choice and make payments without difficulty.

Push Notifications: You will always be kept up to date on what is going on in the application and what new offers are available. This increases user interaction with the application, motivating them to make new purchases.

Reviews and Ratings: The user has the option to easily review and rate the products as well as the delivery man. This makes it very simple for others to make the correct decisions and place their orders. In addition, the administrator can step in if some of the products have low ratings.

User Dashboard: With a unique user dashboard, one can easily check the previous order and repeat the previous order as it is. They can also view the products that have been delivered as well as the orders that are still pending.

Real-Time Tracking: After placing an order, the user can easily check the location of the order and the delivery agent. This makes planning the next set of actions much easier for the user.

Schedule Delivery: Grofers, like grocery delivery apps, allow users to schedule delivery times, making it easier to manage the rest of their day. It is critical for the working class to be able to choose a time slot where they can get the most solutions.

Delivery partner Panel

Instant Update: As the order is accepted by the dark store, the delivery agent is also intimidated by the delivery schedule. As a result, while the order is being packed, the delivery agent becomes aware of the impending delivery.

Shortest Route: The application displays the shortest route to meet the 10-minute delivery deadline. This makes it easier for the delivery agent to deliver the solutions quickly and maintain the reputation of your Zepto clone app.

Delivery Partner Dashboard: The delivery agent can quickly access the best solutions. They can see the deliveries they have made as well as the ones that are scheduled. They can also see how much they have earned by the end of the day and report if anything goes wrong.

In-App Wallet: An in-app wallet allows the driver to easily see their tips and the amount added to their account. They can also view the incentives and other rewards that they may receive throughout the course.

Zepto App Development Cost

The cost of developing an app like Zepto completely depends on features and functionalities because the business model is what makes the biggest difference. A basic grocery ordering app development can cost between $20K and $50k, with advanced features costing around $100k.

A variety of factors influence development costs, and at Zepto, we have worked hard to ensure that you receive the most affordable services with world-class solution

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