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How Much does it cost to hire Android Developers in Bangalore?

How Much does it cost to hire Android developers in Bangalore?

Smartphones are not a luxury anymore, rather it has been playing a very crucial role in people’s life. Just like its name, it has offered a smart way of living, rising the bars of standards in every segment. If you look for a country like India, 70% of smartphone users belong to the android community giving rapid growth to the android market. This is one of the major reasons why most companies are looking to develop their business apps on the android platform and seeking top android developers in Bangalore to help them turn their business dream into reality. Whether it is a cab on-demand service or healthcare services, each vertical of the business spectrum is heading to the IT sector and most of them are wondering about the android developers’ costs in Bangalore.  

India is a growing country and it is continuously climbing the ladder of success with the growing number of talents in every business segment. Especially in the IT sector, India has established its prominence as the leading country with the biggest talent pool. There are hundreds and hundreds of software development company in India, among which most of the companies specializes in android app development with the most passionate and proficient team.

Why hire android app developers in Bangalore?

Extensive work experience and skills are the most important tool to develop empirical software. As the technological world is reshaping very frequently with frequently emerging technologies and India has been ruling the world with the biggest talent pool well-equipped with the latest version of technologies. The services offered by the app developers in Bangalore are highly reliable and capable of catering to your specific requirements with tailor-made solutions.

If you have already selected India as the destination to hire your android app developer and now if you are wondering about the android app developer cost in Bangalore, then you must be well familiar with the facts that impact the cost.

Aspects determining Android App Developer cost in Bangalore:

Features of the app:

The features of an app completely depend on your requirement. Either you can choose to develop a basic app with minimal features or else you can go for a completely optimized solution. If you are choosing to develop a basic app with elementary features then it may be more affordable for you than developing a customized one. This is because developing a customized solution need to be developed right from the scratch. To attain perfection in app development from scratch you need to hire android developers in Bangalore with a master’s hand in technologies required for app development. Hiring such skillful professionals with vast experience in the industry will cost you more than hiring a professional with lesser experience and skills.

App type:

There are various types of business segments for which entrepreneurs are seeking android app software development services in Bangalore. The type of app completely depends on the business segment of the organization. Major types of apps are lifestyle, social media, games, utility mobile apps, news/information apps, productivity mobile apps, and more.  


Complexities of the app are one of the major aspects contributing to the cost of the android app developer. It is nothing but the type of features you are including in your app. Features with complex coding and integration increase the complexity of the app

Location of your selected team:

The location of the app developers plays a greater role in deciding their app development compensation. Being one of the costliest countries, an app developer from the USA will cost you around $100-$150 per hour, whereas a developer with the same skills and knowledge in India will charge you in a range of $50-$150 per hour.

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Development approach:

Five major app development approaches are used for an effective and elite app and they are:

  1. Native app development:
  2. Cross-platform app development
  3. Hybrid app development
  4. Rapid mobile app development
  5. Progressive web apps

Each of these development approaches offers several benefits. The selection of a development approach completely depends on the business requirements and the goals to be achieved. If you choose the right approach, you will be able to attain better results. The selection of an app development approach can be determined following your app development objective, targeted audience, and region.


The cost to hire android app developers in Bangalore depends on various aspects, such as the complexity of the app, features included, type of app, and many more. Bangalore is packed with the best android app developers and hence it places a greater level of competition for them to serve the best work at the most affordable prices. The average cost to hire an android app developer in Bangalore ranges between $50-and $150 per hour. The years of experience and skills are the major reasons contributing to the cost of the app developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an android platform for app development?

If you are developing an app intending to cover maximum smartphone users but if you are willing to develop a native app then android is the best solution for your requirement. As, approx. 70% of smartphone users all across the world use Android phones.

Why hire android app developers from Bangalore?

Bangalore is known as the tech hub of India with maximum numbers of app development companies with the best talent pool comprising the best professionals in the IT industry. The cost of hiring android app developers in Bangalore is comparatively affordable when compared to other places in the world.

How much does it cost to hire android app developers in Bangalore?

The cost to hire an android app developer in Bangalore completely depends on your requirement and the skills of the developers. An average cost of an android app developer is $50 to $150 based on the experience and skills of the developer.

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