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How much does it cost to develop an Ecommerce app in Bangalore?

How much does it cost to develop an Ecommerce app in Bangalore?

The growing digital age has taught most of us to accomplish our almost day’s work using our smartphones, whether it is ordering food or buying commodities. The eCommerce business is reshaping the world with the easiest shopping options. Ecommerce has influenced every market segment and hence most businesses from various business segments are approaching e-commerce app development companies to assist them in the most enticing and user-friendly e-commerce app development.

Businesses from different range of business levels, (i.e. small, medium, and large) everyone is up for the race of the digital world. For bigger firms with excellent ROI, investment in e-commerce app development won’t be challenging but for small scale businesses which are very much precise over the capital investment, e-commerce app development cost might be a major concern.

Do you also want to set up your online presence with an e-commerce app and are willing to know more about it? Then here are the answers to your questions.

The very first question is, does e-commerce app development lucrative for my business segment?

The major business types for which e-commerce has done wonders in helping them to transforming their business strategy are:

– Business to consumer

– Business to business

– Consumer to business

– Consumer to consumer

With the highly disruptive business solution, e-commerce has completely changed the traditional customer practice and leveled up the market making it free from geolocation and time.

Now comes the most important quest, “how much does it cost to develop an E-commerce app in Bangalore?”

The average e-commerce app development cost in Bangalore ranges between INR 1,00,000 to INR 3,00,000. The estimated price is for an app with a maximum of ten pages with basic e-commerce functionalities. As the technologies are emerging every single day bringing a vast transformation in the app development as well, incorporating such latest technologies will impact the cost of development.

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Factors which influence the cost of development:

App Platform:

There are various mobile platforms available for app development, such as android, iOS, and windows. Most e-commerce apps try to pave out most of the audiences and hence develop an e-commerce app that can cater to all the platforms. Either they choose to develop native apps for iOS and Android as well or else opt for a cross-platform app development that allows the developers to use the same code for different platforms.

  • App design:

To make an app successful, the magnificent feature is not enough but it also requires an enticing design that can create the app more tempting and engaging. To attain perfection in-app designing you need to hire top UI/UX designers who can help you leverage the latest technologies for designing your app with easy-to-understand navigation options.

App size:

The size of the app is the major point of consideration for the determination of e-commerce app development. Usually, an e-commerce app with a maximum of ten pages is costed approx. INR 100000- INR 300000. If you opt to develop a bigger app with more categories and pages, then your cost of app development also increases.

Testing and deployment cost:

To ensure the efficiency and proficiency of an e-commerce app you need to perform certain testing before you launch the app in the market. Hence, you require a testing team who can perform regular testing on your app and deploy it to the right app store.

Mobile wallet:

Now, most folks look for a hassle-free shopping experience along with payment solutions. Integration of the app wallet can allow the folks to remove third-party payment gateways and make direct payments from their app.


If you are willing to develop an e-commerce app and looking for the estimated cost to develop the most prominent app with exciting features then first you need to pen down all your requirements. Certain aspects determine your e-commerce app development cost, such as features, the complexity of the app, user interface, mobile platform, type of app, and more. An average cost to hire an e-commerce app developer in India ranges between $50-$150 per hour and the number of hours exceeds if you plan to wireframe a complex app and hence increasing the total cost of app development.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a hosting service for my e-commerce app?

When you develop an app, it is just an invisible infrastructure, to get your business idea into the vital world you need to host your website/app on some internet space making it accessible for everyone using the internet and having authority to access based on your policies.

2. Must an ecommerce app be developed and optimized with the search engine?

When you enter into the digital world of business, you certainly leave your geographical location behind and get set to serve the global customers but also you get set to compete with global competitors. Now, to beat half of the competition by making your business easily available and searchable on the search engine you need to optimize your app for certain keywords making your app reach the top results for relevant searches.

To develop a search engine optimized e-commerce app, you may require a professional well-versed with SEO tactics and technologies along with the app developers. This may add a sum of $10-$70 per hour.

3. Which platform is preferable for e-commerce app development?

When you plan for an e-commerce app then ultimately you select a global audience as your targeted customers and hence choosing a native app for a particular platform is not your cup of tea. If you are planning for a bigger capital investment then you can plan to develop native apps for each mobile platform, but if capital is a major concern for you then you can choose to develop a cross-platform app that will help your developer to use the same code for various platforms.

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