Immersive Technology Experiences that go beyond the realm of imagination

Innovations aid in the development of wonderful customer experiences using immersive technologies.

Building up next-generation virtual & augmented reality apps helps in accurate & efficient delivery to customers.

Developing and optimizing new upcoming Immersive Technologies help to add value to the company while also increasing sales.

ReapMind help you meet the endless innovation, we proudly say that our experience in building Virtual & Augmented reality apps of immersive technologies & post services has helped us make a remarkable move in our business not only in India but also abroad.

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Immersive Technologies Virtual Reality

Immersive Virtual Reality

One can walk into the world of their imagination; Immersive virtual reality (IVR) users can find them into the virtual world.

Users can now interact with a virtual three-dimensional world through the use of electronic devices such as VR headsets or gloves with built-in sensors. Wear it & turn around your head to get into a different world. The things one views with VR Space are stored in immersive virtual reality applications.

Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality is the most rapidly developing and promising technology. This technology allows digital images to be superimposed on real-world images.

One can now add imagination to real life with an augmented reality app and one can visualize it on your phone screen. 

Different types of Augmented Reality Apps could be built depending on the purpose.

Industries we work & serve with AR/VR solutions

Ways Virtual or Augmented Reality Apps add value to Business

multiple device compatibility

Build app compatible with multiple devices

At Reapmind, we built apps compatible with multiple platforms like a tablet, Smartphone, computers; supporting multiple OS versions.

navigation solution

Navigation Solutions

Our Augmented reality app development is based on geospatial and geolocation which adds data like pictures & facilities available in the current surrounding.

face recognition

Face recognition

Along with adding filters one can also lock/unlock the application for better security purposes.

virtual recognition

Virtual recognition

Scan the product & learn about the features to find the best solution.

object recognition

Object recognition

Recognizes the object & its position, displaces it in a detailed and enlarged look in the real environment.

gesture recognition

Gesture recognition

An amazing gaming technology that catches the moment of hands & body to give a real-time gaming experience. 

Why ReapMind for Immersive Technologies?

Along with our project experience in immersive technology we have a pool AR/VR developers who will help turn your ideas & to reality. To get more idea, know more about immersive technology & learn how to build it in your app.

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