Freelance Marketplace for Freelancers to Built their Market Place

Sell Skills Universally, Work at Global Platform

Freelance marketplaces are online platforms where qualified and skilled freelancers from all over the world may find work and get paid for their services. Gigs are used by freelancers to display their packages and services. Videos, prices, special deals, descriptions, and profiles are all included in these bundles. The Employer looks over the packages and decides to hire the freelancer.

Team ReapMind helps design a freelance marketplace that interests both employers and freelancers. Our developers build an app that will have an easy interface for both parties. Companies can find profitable and convenient means to hunt the right person for the work and freelances can get more challenging tasks to accomplish showcasing their skills on various platforms.

How does Freelance Marketplace Work?

Businesses from all around the world can use the freelance marketplace to hire temporary professionals for jobs and projects that don’t demand long-term commitment.

Quick Registration

Quick Registration

  • One time registration for all users
  • The information is safely maintained in the platform’s backend
  • Easy sign-in using process with a phone number, email address, or by linking social media accounts for future sign-in

Portfolio Setup

  • Company & the freelancers need to set up their portfolio
  • The company can brief about their organization product and services
  • Freelancers can set up with their experience, skills, and forte
Portfolio Setup
Shortlist Candidates

Shortlist Candidates

  • Companies can conduct interviews only after going through the candidate’s skills, client feedback, related experience, rate, time zone, and language fluency, etc.
  • Impressive online brand presence to attract the greatest global talent
  • Help raise qualified freelancers’ curiosity.

Track Work & Time

  • An integrated work diary makes it easy to assign the work, deadlines & daily targets
  • Freelancers can daily report on the progress of their work
  • Easy tracking of the project and can estimate the duration for completion
Track Work & Time
Chat Tool

Chat Tool

  • A chat tool is a feature through which one can easily communicate
  • Freelancers can contact clients anytime to ask for doubts and clarify them
  • Ease in communication helps in the better workflow

Quality Control

  • Continuous examining of the project is possible so fewer errors
  • Only after thoroughly examining the final submission of the project payment could be issued
  • Clients can also set milestones and issue payments only when they are met properly
Quality Control


  • Has a rating for both the parties’ client and freelancer
  • Rating for freelancers is based on their work and that of clients on coordination and payment cycle
  • Showcase top performers or alert others about problematic freelancers or clients

Advantages of Building Freelance Marketplace

Freelance Marketplace brings a great opportunity for freelancers and business clients. Freelancers can find work from around the world and clients can pitch for the best talent.

Why work with ReapMind?

Get the best team to listen to your thoughts, plan the app, design and create it, we help you to develop your ideal application every step of the way.

We the Team ReapMind, are the only one in the industry who serves post-delivery of project. Our after-project delivery service helps us stand out from our competitors.

Looking to get a freelancer marketplace app developed and want to know everything it required for making it? Fill in your details & we will get in touch with you!