Laboratory Information management system

The Laboratory Information Management System

Several activities take place in the laboratory, to keep a track of these activities multiple software are been used like patient portals, barcode management systems, accounting software, etc. What if all these could be replaced by a single application? Yes, that is possible by implementing a laboratory information management system (LIMS Software).

A LIMS software aids in the standardization of workflows, testing, and procedures while also providing reliable process controls. It helps you with better management of the flow of samples and data in the lab.

The team ReapMind help business with LIMS software for laboratories, with a single module that fits all and synoptic reporting. The reports can be entirely customized to meet the laboratory’s needs.

Customized Reports

  • Boosts operational efficiency by automating and streamlining operations
  • Less human intervention and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Simple to retain records and report 
  • Reduced chance of human error and speeding up the overall turnaround time

Sample Management

  • The most helpful role of LIMS software is a sample management
  • Keeps accurate records of each sample and securely saves them
  • Prevents data loss as it moves between departments
  • The Chain of Custody is updated to guarantee the sample’s location 
  • Custodians are properly tracked

Inventory Management

  • LIMS software inventory management is used to keep track of stock supplies
  • In the event of stock depletion, LIMS software can send out automatic restock warnings
  • Alerts help laboratories run more smoothly and avoid any delays caused by shortages
  • Help store accurate and up-to-date information about equipment
  • Alert you when it’s time to replace or maintain

Test Management

  • Aids in the standardization of testing workflows while assisting complete and accurate management 
  • Helps to manage the tests performed on a batch of samples
  • Easy data entry, tracking approval/validation of results, and report production
  • Manages test analytes and assign tests to certain LIMS users

Reports Management

  • Allows a laboratory to get a comprehensive perspective of the data collected and potential trends
  • Sample tracking, sample summary, inventory, system configuration, test results, audit trail, QC data, sample/analysis count, invoicing, freezer space, instrument calibration, and other reports are all possible with LIMS software.

Benefits of LIMS Software

On a single platform, laboratory information management systems (LIMS Software) can automate data and processes. As a result, manual efforts are reduced, time is saved, and the risk of human error in the lab is reduced.

LIMS software has sample tracking modules that make everything as simple as scanning a barcode. That’s not all; real-time sample tracking is also available, allowing a technician to oversee the entire workflow with just a few mouse clicks on his computer screen.

Lab owners can mine data, assess trends, and make a precise projection of market trends with the help of modern LIMS software. These forecasts help make strategic lab operational decisions too. 

One of the most important LIMS software benefits to be aware of is accurate and automated inventory management. The absence of a drug, product, or piece of equipment may make it difficult to test samples, conduct research, or execute other duties. This might cause workflow delays, which disrupt internal procedures and result in revenue losses.

One of the main advantages of LIMS software is timely reporting and correct records. One can create testing, finance, management, quality assurance, analytics, and other types of reports using a LIMS solution.

Why ReapMind?

The team ReapMind, helps you design LIMS software that can alter lab operations by giving greater control, which is a requirement for the future. It’s also useful for activities involving multiple cities and centers.

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