Remote Patient Monitoring with Doctor

Remote Patient Monitoring

Medical experts can remotely monitor their patients with the aid of Advanced Healthcare IoT devices.


ReapMind’s COVID-19 Remote Care Solutions to support hospitals and various healthcare sectors.

Medical IOT Devices

Be more watchful and connect with patients proactively with IOT devices.

Virtual Care through Tele-medicine

24×7 services with telemedicine approach making virtual care easy and effortless.


One-stop online portal service where a person can seek advice through online consulting from doctor, order prescription drugs, and also order relevant health check-up tests and receive all services at your doorstep.


A digital version of the information of a patient including medical history, diagnosis, medications, lab results, and doctor’s note is widely being used.

Health Care Team Collaboration

Engage with our health care specialists to stimulate your health and get better outcomes.

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