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When ill, one finds it difficult to get out of bed & visit a Doctor, also the pandemic has taught us the importance of staying home when not feeling well. Telemedicine services & telehealth consultation helps us get it all at doorsteps in no time and we at ReapMind will help you develop a mobile application that will get all conventional healthcare services digitalized. We help you move from traditional hospital business to telehealth services centre, by enhancing clinical communication & workflow along with secured care coordination thus helping improve the ecosystem of healthcare.     

Telemedicine Features

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As we aim to accelerate & built a healthy ecosystem for telehealth consulting & telemedicine services we do provide you with customized solutions to meet the business & market requirements.

We at Reapmind with our development expertise & industry experience ensure that our telehealthcare mobile apps are HIPPA compliant which gives us the entitlement of being secure; helping our client to believe that confidential information related to patients, doctors, hospitals saved and shared through mobile device remains safe.

Stepping into telemedicine services & telehealth consultation, with this fusion of services along with HIPPA compliance will help businesses to surge the revenue.

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