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How much does it cost to develop an super app like Tata Neu?

The world is no longer ordinary because everything is digital now, from virtual connections to online shopping, payment methods, and more. Nobody is immune to the effects of digitization. If you are one of them, you are on the verge of missing out on a variety of opportunities. Almost everything has changed since the birth of ever-changing technology. Everyone is joining the digital herd to look the same, to look digital.

The entire world, including India, is working hard to achieve the title of “Digital India.”

Today we’ll talk about a Super App that will take us one step closer to digitization.

We created this piece to present our thoughts on a super app, its introduction, features, working, top cost, and more.

Creating a business mobile application could be a dream come true for any entrepreneur. However, if you want to launch Tata Neu Clone, a Super App, we’re sure you don’t want to be like every other entrepreneur. You want to be a leader and provide users with a one-stop solution for their service-related needs with the Super app.

If you want to launch your multi-service platform like Tata Nue, ReapMind has the expertise and professionals to make your vision a reality. We assist you in developing a super app to serve a larger audience base with a single application. With our affordable and dependable Super app development service, you can become the market’s next big player.

Let’s go with basics then will jump into the core of the blog

What Is Tata Neu App?

Tata Neu is a new mobile application from the Tata group that serves as a one-stop shop for all consumer needs. Tata Neu is a ‘Super App,’ as it offers users a variety of services on a single platform, including groceries, electronics, flight bookings, food delivery, investments, hotel bookings, and many more. The integration of UPI payments services similar to Google Pay and PhonePe makes it simple for users to send/receive money while also providing truly unparalleled services via mobile application.

We’ll also look at Tata Neu, India’s most anticipated Super App, which has been making headlines since its conception.

To put it simply, Tata Neu is a super-app because it combines multiple services into a single app. The concept of a Super App is quite popular in Asia, where apps such as WeChat, GoJek, and PayTm provide users with a variety of services. By bringing different services, these apps enable users to perform multiple tasks without switching apps.

The Function of Super Apps Like Tata Neu

Super applications are just another type of mobile application with the added benefit of allowing users to carry out many tasks or actions. These apps remove the user’s need to navigate between many programs in order to complete tasks. You can complete most of your daily duties on a single app, so there’s no need to download or register for different apps. You can order meals, book a cab, get a haircut, use a plumber’s services, or request any other additional services using a fantastic app.

The main benefit of the Super app is that the user is constrained to a small area, reducing the possibility of fraud. Moreover, introducing a new product and service, which results in a situation where everyone wins.

Features to include in developing an app like Tata Neu

1. Online Payment option

Tata Neu clone, like any Super App, serves as a one-stop shop for all payment-related needs of customers. With integrated payment options for DTH, mobile postpaid, water, electricity, gas, landline, and other bills. Customers can use the app to pay bills using integrated payment methods such as UPI ID, credit, or debit cards. . In addition to bill payment, the app allows users to send and receive payments online.

2. eCommerce Store

Without an eCommerce store, your Super app is incomplete. Users can shop for groceries, electronics, fashion, health, mobile, and other items on a single platform. As online shopping becomes the new norm, your super app would be incomplete without an eCommerce platform.

3. Food Delivery

Users of the Super app can order food from their favorite local restaurant online and have it delivered to their homes. The app includes built-in search filters to improve the overall user experience and make it easier for users to find the right restaurant or dish and place an order. Users can pay for their orders online and even receive additional discounts and offers from their favorite restaurants with an integrated payment facility.

4. Finance service

Adding finance services to your Super app will broaden your user base and ensure that it serves as a one-stop solution for your customers. The app has everything users need whether they are looking for loans, checking credit scores, purchasing digital gold, or using any other financial service.

5. Hotel and flight reservations

Customers can book hotels and flights across the country using super apps like Tata Neu. By providing valuable discounts and offers, you can ensure that users will continue to use your application whenever they need to travel via flights or stay in hotels.

6. Networking Platform

To increase overall user engagement, social networking platform features such as online chat, uploading pictures and videos, and interacting with others on the platform will be added. All of these features will aid in the development of a strong community and keep users informed of what’s new on the platform.

7. Book a Ride

For today’s generation, moving from one location to another (office, short trip, or vacation) is essential. A super app would benefit from an in-app bicycle or car ride rental feature. Customers can book rides based on their needs and pay for rental fees using in-app payment features.

8. Insurance and Medical Services

You can also provide healthcare and insurance-related services to your customers using a Tata Neu clone.

How Much Does a Tata Neu Clone Super App Cost?

The cost to develop a Super app like Tata Neu is determined by several factors. As a result, sharing an exact development cost before understanding project requirements and business needs is difficult. Because Tata Neu is a multi-service application, numerous factors have a direct impact on the development cost. They are as follows:

  • UI/UX design specifications
  • Complications in application
  • Third-party contributions App functionalities
  • So on and so forth.

However the cost to develop an app like Tata Neu might range from $20k-$80K, but as said before with accurate project requirements and goals we can provide you with the exact pricing

If you want to create an app like Tata Neu, you must choose the right app development partner, such as ReapMind, who will provide you with the best solution within your budget.

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