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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App in Bangalore?

So the mobile era has already arrived—today, the number of mobile users out beats the PC users!

As a result, businesses have recognized the necessity of attracting end customers through the proper use of mobile platforms. 

Making a grocery list, ordering food, monitoring account balances, connecting with others… “There’s an app for every other thing”.

If you take advice from any technology investor about business modernization or transformation they would first ask if you have a Mobile app for your products or services.

Yes, it has become a vital asset for businesses to digitally transform and be future-ready

Mobile app development is a key that brings more customers and generates 3X revenue when compared with the traditional business approach. It’s a win-win for both; customers as well as your business.

The App Store currently contains over 1 million apps and adds about 20,000 new apps each month. Over 50 billion apps have been downloaded in total. 

There are almost 1 million apps in the Google Play Store, with over 50 billion downloads. As a result, both iOS and Android open up a large user base for business growth

Now, are you probably intending to develop a Mobile app?

 Aren’t you

Then comes the Major concern of which city to prefer to achieve the unbeatable Mobile app in India? 

The answer is simple: Bangalore 

Reasons why Bangalore is considered a top hot spot to get your app developed 

When you hear about Bangalore city the first thought that pops up in your mind is the “IT Capital of India”

Yes, it is.

With a large number of Mobile app development companies originating in Bangalore with advanced development approaches, the city is now being recognized as a powerhouse for Mobile app development.

Let’s understand why you need to obtain app development services from Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore

Expert App Developers

Since the inception of the app development industry in Bangalore, homegrown IT experts have dominated the market. In comparison to other cities, mobile app developers in Bangalore are highly skilled, valuable, and affordable resulting to embrace top-notch app development solutions

Use of Advance technologies and tools

If you seeking a high-tech mobile app then it’s imperative to shape it out under new-age technologies and tools.

And Mobile app development companies in Bangalore are earlier for modern tools and technologies and support you in making a creative mobile app that enables your businesses to win more customers

Human capital

Bangalore has a major number of people that are ready and capable of working on app development at a modest cost. 

Believing the fact that Bangalore has a huge number of software professionals at its disposal, these professionals are highly zealous and committed to providing high-quality apps

Now that you choose Bangalore for your Visionary Mobile app development, that means you might be interested to know What is the cost to develop a Mobile app in Bangalore?

Stay with a blog that unravels the cost of app development in Bangalore  

How to Estimate the Costs of Mobile App Development in Bangalore?

The cost of developing a mobile app in Bangalore varies considerably depending on a variety of factors

According to the Clutch reports the average cost of developing an app in Bangalore falls between $5000 to $10,000 but is quick to point out that these beginner projects only cover the discovery phase. 

The actual prices are substantially higher, with a median overall app development cost of $171,450.However, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in Bangalore may be built for $10,000 to $20,000.

This big difference in app development cost in Bangalore is because of the product’s complexity, the density of features, the vendor’s location, the operating system or platform, and several other factors. 

We will go over all of the criteria in greater depth to calculate how much it will cost to design an app.

Factors that affect the Mobile app development cost in Bangalore are

App developer cost based on experience 

When it comes to hiring mobile app developers in Bangalore, the cost is determined based on the experience they own. 

If you are dreaming to develop the next Instagram or Whatsapp, your firm may need to find the right blend of experience when assembling a development team:

Beginner app developers cost in Bangalore: For around $18 per hour, entry-level developers enable you with debugging, app maintenance, code documentation, and simple feature requests, as long as you’re ready to provide some on-the-job training.

Intermediate app developer’s cost in Bangalore: With hourly rates of around $30-50, intermediate developers have the basic skills required to complete most app design projects and new feature requests.

Senior app developer’s cost in Bangalore: With hourly rates of $90-$150, senior developers can lead your app development projects or execute complicated app features.

Application Type

Let’s split down the application types and reveal the average cost for each.

–         Basic cost

Calculators, clocks, and basic games are the most affordable apps to create. These are solutions that take around a month to complete and do not require a network connection or backend programming. 

These kinds of apps are not very popular but are useful if you looking to target a small audience base.

Cost of basic app development in Bangalore: $10,000 to $15,000

Example: A quiz app that allows users to answer questions to practice and test their knowledge.

– Data-based application

Calendars, maps, weather solutions, and other data-driven apps receive a large amount of information, evaluate it, and then share it with consumers. 

These kinds of applications have lost demand in recent years and are now mostly released as leftovers. 

How much does it cost to create a data-driven app in Bangalore?

The cost of developing a data-driven app in Bangalore ranges between $15,000 and $20,000

A simple calendar app is one example.

A calendar app through which you can plan your schedule or holidays.

–  User authentication and tailored data apps

A loyalty app is an example of an authentication app, as users must log in to access the features. The application saves user data and shares it across devices. This is a more complicated and consequently more expensive project that will necessitate user management.

Authentication app development cost in Bangalore goes between $35 000 and $75,000.

The SBI app is one example.

–  Social networking application

Social networking apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are self-explanatory. They must monitor millions of conversations, discussions, and information sharing. All of this necessitates a substantial investment in backend infrastructure. 

What does it cost to create a social networking app in Bangalore?

So the cost to build a social networking app in Bangalore falls between $55,000-$250,000 

Example: Instagram 

–   eCommerce apps

Amazon, Alibaba, and other markets offer eCommerce apps. They necessitate a comprehensive set of features like user registration, social interactions, catalogs, product pages, descriptions, payment choices, and so on. 

The cost of developing a simple eCommerce app in Bangalore ranges from $50,000 to $250,000.

Flipkart is one example.

–   On-demand service app

On-demand apps, such as Uber or Ola, connect service providers with end users and meet people’s immediate needs. These apps combine the capabilities of social network solutions and eCommerce applications and demand significant capital. How much does it cost to develop an app for on-demand services in Bangalore?

App development for on-demand services in Bangalore costs between $70,000 and $150,000.

Uber is an example.
Type of appApp Development Cost in BangaloreTimeExamples
Data-driven app       >$120001-2 MonthsWeather, calendar
Social networking app$55,000-$200,000+3-6 monthsInstagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
Authentication app$55,000+3-6 monthsGoogle drive
E-Commerce app       $55,000-$200,000+3-6 monthsAmazon, eBay, Alibaba
On-demand app$70,000 – $100,000+5-8 monthsUber, UberEATS, Postmates, Nimber, Melabiz
Marketplace app (multilevel web platform)~$250,0009+ monthsTripAdvisor,
Health care app>$50,0003-8 monthsPracto
E-learning app>$25,0003-9 monthsUdemy, KhanAcademy
Video streaming app>$45,0003-12 monthsNetflix,Amazon Prime video

Technologies used in mobile app development

The technology tree you select as the foundation for your mobile app development project will eventually dictate the cost

Naturally, this decision will have a significant impact on the entire cost of your app

Web application

Not technically a mobile app, but rather a mobile-friendly website that employs responsive design to provide a consistent user experience across a range of screen sizes from tablets to smartphones. This is by far the most affordable alternative for the majority of small enterprises.

Native application

When an app is created in a language that is unique to the platform or device’s operating system, it is said to be native. For iOS and Android, this means utilizing Swift or Objective-C, and Java or Kotlin, respectively. Better performance is the native apps’ main advantage.

 The main disadvantage is that you must specifically design your program for each operating system if you want it to run on other platforms. Higher development expenses are a logical result of this duplication of effort.

Hybrid application

The hybrid app, which shortens development times by enabling you to build your mobile app with the big three fundamental web technologies—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—using frameworks like Ionic and Cordova, strikes a healthy balance between performance and programmer productivity (i.e., lower development costs). Essentially, these are webpages that have been included inside a mobile app shell using a web view (a browser bundled inside a mobile app). Simple access to the operating system and device functionality is provided by the framework.

cross-platform software

The ability to build your app in one language and compile it into native code for use on several platforms is made possible by cross-platform app development frameworks like Xamarin and Phonegap. While a cross-platform program won’t operate as effectively as one that was designed natively, many projects find the benefit of a uniform codebase across various platforms to be worthwhile.

Type of Mobile app technologyCost of Development
Native app development cost in Bangalore$50,000-$100,000
Web app development cost in Bangalore$5,000-$45,000
Hybrid app development cost in Bangalore$30,000-$55,000
Cross-platform app development cost in Bangalore$10,000-$30,0000

Kind of Company 

The actual cost of app development in Bangalore is influenced by the location, nature, and size of the development service provider. 

In this section, we will discuss three sorts of vendors: small independent companies, specialized companies, and big agencies. 

Small organizations are typically made up of freelancers who are entirely competent in developing an application but may lack in-depth experience when it comes to complex solutions. 

They have the lowest mobile application development costs.

Companies that specialize in app development will assist you through the full process. Their services are normally more expensive than those of small businesses, but you will almost certainly get a lot better results. 

Finally, because of their skilled employees and a broad range of services, large agencies will produce excellent output.

 They, on the other hand, have a less personalized approach, are usually less adaptable, and charge the big app development cost.

The cost of app development will also vary depending on the sort of service. End-to-end mobile development should be considered if you know what product you need and need a team of developers to construct an application from scratch. 

If your requirements and scopes are not yet fully defined and you want greater flexibility in the process, check into dedicated development teams. 

These are specialists who fill skill gaps in your in-house teams and become a member of them for the duration of the project.

The number and complexity of app feature

The cost of developing an app gets raised by the number of features, but the complexity of the features is much more essential.

 Basic functions such as login and subscription take 20 to 25 hours to develop, however more complex functionalities such as payment system integration and visual analytics take 150 to 250 hours to develop and are more expensive.

API integrations raise the cost of mobile app development, while new technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence add to the budgetary strain. Even services that customers have grown accustomed to, like geolocation, are now more expensive. Overall, before investing important resources in a feature, you should evaluate its necessity and feasibility.

Cost estimate of Basic features 
FeaturesPerformanceApprox. timeApprox. cost( for $25/hr)
LoginLogin through email,social media,password and log out19-40 hours800-1200
Profile creationAdd info, photo and other personal details19-25 hours700-1000
Profile editEdit profile, change password, email and add or remove35-55 hours1000-2100
SearchSearch and suggestions10-18 hours450-650
Basic chat·         Typing status·         Read/sent status·         Send media details·         Online/offline status110-165 hours5,500- 6000
Push notificationDaily updates and notifications15-30 hours700-1100
Basic Admin Panel-User ManagementManage users( add or delete), View list of users50-85 hours1500-3000
Basic admin panel-Payment managementView and refund payments20-40 hours850-1560
Basic admin panel-Push notificationSend custom push notification5-12 hours250-450
Cost estimate of Complex features
FeaturePerformanceApprox. timeApprox. cost( for $25/hr)
CallsAudio, Video and list of contacts215-350 hours9500-12,600
StreamingStart/stop, view and Switch broadcast80-120 hours3,200- 5,200
PaymentsCheck balance, add a card and PayPal55-75 hours2,100-2,800
MapDetect user’s location, search on the map65-101 hours2,500-2,800

UX/UI design complexity

The complete app development industry has moved its attention to users, their demands, and their user experience.

 Customers have the option to choose and go for a solution with a clear design, simple navigation, and excellent performance due to the abundance of applications. 

This is why budgeting for building design is such an important phase in app development cost prediction. 

The cost of custom app development includes customized UI/UX design elements such as buttons, icons, fonts, logos, and others. Although UI/UX designers are pricey, competent design professionals will make your app look visually appealing and deliver a positive user experience.

Maintenance and Support

The cost of app development does not end with the release of the app. If you abandon the app soon after it is released and neglect to monitor it regularly, you may wind up with outdated software. Customers will lose interest in your product if it is not constantly maintained, updated, bug-fixed, and new features are not added. App maintenance should cost about 15% to 20% of the total project app development expense.

Development PhasesBasic version (Less feature set, 1 platform)Full product ( numerous features and design of a larger complexity, 1 platform)Large app (complex app design, development, and support, 2+ platforms)
UX/UI design$4,500+$12,000+$19,000+
Custom development$35,000+$85,000+$150,000+
Quality Assurance$4,500+$12,000+$20,000+
Project Management$5,500+$12,000+$30,000+
Business analysis$2,200+$8,000+$12,000+
Time3-6 months4-9 months9+ months

Well, the Simple app development in Bangalore cost starts from $5,000 and goes beyond 100,000 with the increase in the complexity of the app


We’ve discussed every detail aspect of how much an app development costs in Bangalore and how to keep costs to a minimum. 

The truth is that there are so many factors that influence app development costs that without a reliable partner, you can get lost and overwhelmed.

 If you believe you are lacking somewhere or confused to step into the mobile app development realm then connect with ReapMind to obtain an exact cost estimate for developing an app in Bangalore that will reach your target audience, meet your business objectives, and propel your business to new heights of success.


How much does it cost to develop a small business mobile app in Bangalore?

The reputable mobile app development company in Bangalore such as ReapMind costs for an app with a restricted amount of features will range between $10,000 and $60,000.

How much does it cost to design an Android app in Bangalore?

There is no proper answer for android app development cost in Bangalore as it varies based on app development concept and scope. A Tinder-like Android app, for example, takes approximately 450 hours to produce and costs $38,875.

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