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How much does it cost to hire iOS Developers in Mumbai?

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Mobile apps have become an inseparable part of human lives, right from the morning alarm till late night dinner can be easily managed with smartphones, and the root cause of this dependence on a smartphone is the emergence of the latest technologies and mobile apps which have converted traditional mobiles into extremely smartphones. When we talk about mobile apps and their development, the basic question that arises in our minds is the mobile platform on which an efficient and prompt mobile app can be developed. Two major mobile platforms have almost taken over the smartphone market and those are iOS and android platforms.

Choosing one between these two platforms is quite tough but your targeted audience can help you in deciding the platform much more easily. If you are looking for a vast audience then you must choose an android platform but if your objective is to pave out a premium audience then iOS is your cup of tea.

Being one of the premium mobile solutions, most organizations wonder to know the iOS developers’ cost in Mumbai, before even they start with the ideation and wireframing of the app idea. Well the cost of app developers is dependent on various facets of app development, but the major ones that put a great impact on your budget are mentioned below:

Major factors that determine the cost to hire iOS developers


One of the major aspects that brings a major difference in the cost of an iOS developer is location. How? Let’s discuss it from the roots.

The compensation of any work depends on the location where the professional is living because they charge intending to uphold the standards of their native land in various terms whether it is their standards of living or requirements. Hence if you are selecting an iOS developer from a developed country like the USA or other European countries then it may cost u double that hiring a professional from a developing country like India.

Location is not the decisive aspect of iOS developer cost, rather there are many other aspects too. But what difference a location can bring in the cost to hire iOS app developers is listed below.

For example:

– The cost to hire an iOS developer from North America costs $20-$250 per hour.

– Developer from the UK will cost $35-$175 per hour

– iOS developer from Australia will cost $35-$150 per hour

– The cost to hire an iOS developer in Mumbai, India will be $20-$120 per hour.

Other factors which may impact the cost of hiring iOS developers in Mumbai are listed below:

Let’s estimate a simple informative app development on the iOS platform:

Developing a simple iOS app with basic features will cost you around $5000-$7500 which will include front-end development, wireframe designing, email configurations, and other backend development procedure. The related information with the app development procedure is:

Time for development-1 to 3 months

Team strength required– 1 to 2 skilled developers with complete frontend and backend development technologies.

Designer– 1 designer is mandatory

If you are willing to add further functionalities to your app then it will add the expense to your iOS app development, because you need to hire more professionals who are having master-hand in the below-listed aspects, such as API functionalities, and social media integration, and more.

The cost to hire iOS developers in Mumbai is also based on the type of app you are developing and majorly cost emphasizes the features you are adding to your app. A brief description of the cost to develop features is listed below:

1. User registration/login portal: Developers cost $30-$50 per hour

2. Navigation: The development of navigation features may take approximately 20 hours and it may cost $25-$50 per hour

3. Media content: App must be incorporated with media and images; this may require java and C++ programming language and an average of 20-25 hours of development. It will cost approximately $50 per hour

4. Geolocation: It will take 50 hours to get ready and will be costed approximately $25- $50 per hour

5. Messaging or chat option: The iOS developer will cost $25-$50 per hour and will take approx. 80 plus hours

6. Offline apps: Offline apps are those which doesn’t require any internet for operations and they may require 40 hours on an average with a $25-$50 per hour cost for the iOS developers


iOS app development is costlier than android app development but if you are looking for a premium app development platform then iOS is the right choice for your requirement. The cost to hire iOS developers completely depends on your requirements, such as features and the type of app you are willing to develop. On average the iOS developers’ cost in Mumbai ranges between $25-$150 per hour based on their years of experience, skills, and hold over the technology.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why choose iOS app development?

The user experience and security offered by the iOS platform are excellent when compared to other mobile platforms. Another reason that makes iOS a prior choice for the app development is its excellent interface which attracts users more to use the app.

2. Why choose iOS app developers from Mumbai?

The success of an app completely depends on its development and incorporated features. If you are willing to develop an outstanding iOS app with marvelous features having superior quality at affordable prices then hiring iOS developers from Mumbai can serve you with the right options. In Mumbai, you will get the right talent pool at the minimal possible packages.

3. If I choose to hire an iOS app developer from your organization, do I get an option to choose as per my requirements?

We are one of the leading iOS app development companies in Mumbai and own a team of top professionals in the app development industry. But still, we value your thoughts and choice, hence we offer flexibility to our client to shortlist the required talents from our proficient team based on their specifications. To do so, they can conduct one-to-one interactions or interviews with each candidate.

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