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How Much Does it Cost to build a Movers and Packers app like Porter?

With each passing decade, the packers and movers industry has grown to impressive heights. A recent study found that the majority of people are leaving their homes in search of employment or business opportunities. The aforementioned situation is encouraging the creation of packers and movers mobile apps, and as a result, demand for these apps is growing at an exponential rate.

The primary motivation behind the creation of the packers and movers app was to handle the shifting tasks associated with moving household and commercial goods, lifting heavy machinery, moving storage units, and many other tasks that are tailored to the needs of the customers. The packers and movers app is the only tool that can be said to be a lifesaver for simplifying the difficulties associated with moving. With the help of these apps, users can get moving assistance, heavy electronic goods, and heavy machinery delivered right to their doorsteps as well as transportation and logistics.

Porter is one such well-known logistics marketplace app that provides a simple way to transport goods for private, commercial, and industrial uses. Using a logistics marketplace app like Porter, you can handle any delivery—whether it’s for your industrial business, an e-commerce store, or to move a house—without any hassle.

One of the best business initiatives to start right away might be creating a logistics marketplace app like Porter. Your app can undoubtedly overtake the competition in the logistics sector with a strong backend and user-friendly UI.

If you’ve been wondering how much it would

cost to develop a logistics marketplace app like Porter, this brief guide will undoubtedly assist you. Let’s go over some of the key features required to create an app like Porter, as well as how much it would cost to do so.

Why Invest in a Packers and Movers On-Demand App Development Solution?

Without a doubt, the packers and movers industry has become a buzzword in town and has generated a lot of money. The simple concept of launching a business online to increase revenue by moving things carefully is a successful business strategy.

If you want to get into the packing and moving industry by launching an on-demand app but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea, you should look into the moving industry before hiring a mobile app development company. The statistics will paint a clear picture of how the moving industry is catching on.

Market Analysis of the Moving and Packing Sector

–          The statistics show that 46% of people move with packers and movers because of their jobs, while more than 32% of residents move after retiring.

–          According to the study, the packers and movers sector has a high rate of local moves.

–          In their lifetime, Americans move around 11.7 times on average.

–          According to the most recent Census data, nearly 31 million people moved to the country in 2019 and 9.8% of all Americans move each year.

–          15.3 million American households—or 3 million people—move each year on average, based on a household size of 2.3 people.

–          In the US, the summer is the busiest season for moves, accounting for 60% of all annual moves.

What Services Can You Provide Through the Packers and Movers Mobile App?

Every year as it goes by, more and more people from different demographics have an increasing need for packers and movers. The survey results show that everyone needs the skilled assistance of professionals, whether they are from the business world or from the local population. The excitement of moving to a new location can be diminished by the chaotic nature of relocation, which is frequently a very stressful process. At that point, mobile apps for on-demand packers and movers emerged as a crucial lifesaving tool.

Therefore, if you intend to release an on-demand moving app, be sure that it provides the following services and enables users to move their belongings without causing damage.

Freight Forwarding Services

Industries can easily move anything from here to there with the help of couriers or packers and mover’s mobile apps. When entering the logistics industry, make sure to hire mobile app developers who can help you add support for industries and allow them to move anything from manufacturing cranes, heavy equipment, heavyweight goods such as cars, and more. The on-demand packers and movers app enable businesses to transfer goods from one location to another with a few app clicks.

Office Relocation Services

Office relocation, like residential relocation, must be carried out securely and safely. From PCs, processors, and gadgets to other office-related products, office relocation services are designed to transfer everything responsibly and securely. Furthermore, they are supported by skilled professionals who can streamline the moving process and coordinate the activities.

Residential Relocation

Home relocation is always a stressful experience. Nothing beats specialized packers and movers when it comes to relocation. Their team is capable of handling everything from furniture to clothing to books.

How To Create An On-demand Packers and Movers App like Porter?

Many packers and movers business owners are investing in digital solutions to improve their services, taking advantage of the benefits of the latest technology. If you’re ready to launch your app, do some market research first, then evaluate your app idea to see if it helps you meet your business goals and meets the needs of the end user.

These are the basic services that you can consider including in the app, but the main question here is how to create an on-demand moving app that allows you to cater to your needs.

Once you have a thorough understanding of the intended users, you must consider the primary features and functionalities pertinent to the concept of packers and movers app development. Before we get into the features of the app development, you should know that the Packers and Movers app has three panels: user, driver, and admin.

If you’re wondering what the main features of developing a basic app version are, here they are:

Main Features of Creating a Basic On-demand Moving App like Porter-

User Panel

The signup page is the first page of the app that users interact with after downloading it. Allow users to log into an app using these credentials, or consider integrating social media to make it easy, quick, and accessible.

View Or Edit Profile:

Allow users to edit their profiles using this feature, adding or updating information about their name, last name, picture, and privacy preferences.

Review Services

Allow users to review all of the services so that it is clear what kind of moving services are being provided. It gives them a clear idea of the goods or items they are interested in moving.

Terms and conditions

Let your packers and movers app allow users to read the terms and conditions prior to using the services. Services will only be rendered once both parties are confident enough to begin by signing a contract.

Set Pickup or Drop Location:

Allow users to choose the location for product delivery using this app feature. He can share the address of his drop-off location to further increase convenience. Even though hiring an app development company will make the entire packing and moving process hassle-free, this is a crucial component of the app.

Sent Services Request

Allow users to submit a request for packers and movers services once they have completed all necessary paperwork. Users can also get clarification on procedures or conditions by speaking with service providers.

Push notification

You can use this feature to keep app users up to date on all the important information, including the order that has been received, the payment process, the assigned driver, the fleet’s arrival time, and more. Notifications will also assist you in keeping your users updated on the deals and offers.

Payment Method

Make sure your app has multi-payment integration so users can make secure payments using the payment method of their choice.

Share Driver Details

Let the app assign the driver to the user once your request has been approved and the payment has been made. Permit users to look at the driver’s profile and to track the vehicle’s location and number.

Order History

It is worthwhile to include this feature in your app so that users can review order history and keep track of the desired information in order to keep track of services.

Review and Rating

Allow customers to rate and review the service provider based on the caliber of the provided services and the behavior of the driver.

Driver Panel


Drivers can access a panel on the app as users, but it requires authorization. Allow drivers to sign in to the app using their email addresses or other contact information.


Create a section in the driver’s panel where users can submit any pertinent documents that will help you win their trust in order to ensure the credibility and dependability of the users.

View and Edit Profile

Drivers can add their full name, contact information, assigned vehicle number, type of vehicle, and other details to their profiles to personalize them.


Drivers can use this feature to view a history of orders they’ve received, requests they’ve processed, requests they have pending, pickup and dropoff locations, and more.

Receive Payment

Permit payment is to be made to drivers using a variety of methods, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and others.

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Admin Panel

Dashboard and App Insights:

With the addition of this feature, administrators will be able to manage drivers and user-related activities to easily complete requests within the deadlines while also having complete insight into the app.

Manage Customers:

Make sure you hire a software development company to customize this feature and give admin the ability to manage customers based on their shifting goals, track the accounts activity, and monitor the carried out in order to make your app run smoothly and prevent such service collapses.

Driver Management:

The admin will be able to add drivers to the panel, view all on-duty and off-duty drivers, and assign the task in advance depending on the workflow if you have this feature in your app.

Fuel Tracker:

The administrator has full access to check the fuel efficiency of all the vehicles used for moving and relocation tasks.

Payment Manager:

The admin can monitor all payments received via different payment methods by using this feature in your app.

Live Tracking:

As an administrator, it’s critical to monitor each fleet. To guarantee on-time delivery, admin should be aware of the routes that drivers take and keep track of their stops.

How To Make Revenue with Mover and Packer apps like Porter?

There are many ways to make money from your business investment, but if you want to use your on-demand packers and movers app to generate income, here are some of the most well-liked monetization techniques you might want to think about:

Charging Transaction Fees

One of the oldest methods of generating income is this. On each order placed through an app, packers, and movers app owners may impose a certain fee. Business owners can increase their revenue by using this type of business model, which is typically used on aggregator apps.

Listing Feature

Another well-liked method of generating revenue for your app, listing or featuring some of the best service providers on the home page entitles you to charge a set fee. If you want to customize this app so that the featured packers and movers are highlighted, you might consider hiring an app development company. To increase their sales as much as possible, many service providers choose this option and choose feature listing for a predetermined time frame.

Both of these monetization techniques are excellent for generating income from movers and packers apps, but many of you are curious as to what team is needed to build a moving app and how much it costs to do so.

How Much Does it Cost To Build a Mover and Packer app like Porter?

Three factors can be used to calculate the cost of developing the packers and movers Mobile app. App complexity, the number of dedicated platforms required by the app, and the country selected. The reason is that different countries have different budget ratios. For example:

US. based developers: $45 to $250 per hour

Eastern Europe-based developers: $30 to $150 per hour

India-based developers: $10 to $80 per hour

Additionally, find the estimate for your app in the table below (For developing a reasonable app, with limited features and Android coding, the cost in India can be calculated based on the below bifurcation of involved activities).

Costs associated with developing an on-demand packers and movers app for different aspects include:

Technical documentation (40 hours – $1000 to $2000)

UI/UX design (60 Hours – $1500 to $3000)

Front-end and Back-end development (400 Hours – $10,000 to $ 20,000)

MVP testing (80 Hours – $2000 to $4000)

Polishing and bug fixing (40 hours – $1000 to $2000)

When all overhead costs are considered, an average packers and movers mobile app like Porter can cost between $10,000 and $30,000 for a single platform (either iOS or Android). Choosing a cross-platform app or adding more features may result in a $50,000 cost. However, spending around $50,000 ensures that your app will be ahead of the competition.

Finishing Touches!

The solutions that are presented to you are interesting and feature-rich. ReapMind, a reliable Mover and packer app development company can ensure that the products are engaging and can keep your customers under one roof. We have been delivering solutions that are interesting and engaging, and we can help you navigate the market like a pro.

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