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An efficient way to manage and track prostate cancer- Vcan Prostate

An app designed to empower Prostate Cancer patients and their caregivers by serving as a tool to chart their well-being and progress. The objective of this app is to encourage patients to be disciplined about their health routine and come better prepared for clinic visits. This data also helps doctors assess their patients’ subjective symptoms and enable longitudinal tracking. There are features like ‘Rate your day’, ‘Track PSA level’, Videos to know about the prostate, charts of heart rate, activities & offline reminders also.

The main sections include ‘My journal’ to track vitals, PSA and daily routine, ‘Quality of life’ to track behavioral symptoms, the option to manage healthcare professionals, appointments, progress, and some helpful videos to increase knowledge. Starting with My journal, it is nothing but a patient’s real-life diary where text and media can be uploaded. Not just this, they can track their vitals also. Keeping an eye on the daily PSA level is made simpler with the help of this section where a patient can add daily PSA levels and see the graph of it in the ‘My charts’ section. ‘My Journal’ also has an option to save daily activities like running, exercise, etc. along with the duration and intensity of activity. Whatever that is tracked in this section can be viewed in graphical format in ‘My charts’ where graphs are generated for last week, last month, and last two months.

An ideal app allowing patients to track the prostate cancer symptoms, log medication and enhance communication between doctor and patient.

The patient can add post or event with image, audio, and document. Also, they can track their vitals, rate their day, track PSA level.

Patients can check the graphs of their heart rate, blood pressure, activity, sleep, PSA to be aware of their health.

Patients can create reminders for their appointment, medicine, meals, etc. They will receive offline reminders as well as online notifications for all these.

Videos from doctors are available to increase the knowledge about Prostate cancer.
Helps doctors to understand the impact of disease and treatment on patient’s daily living by filling related questionnaires.