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How much does it cost to develop an app like Shopsy?

Who doesn’t like shopping? Almost people of every age group are fond of new products, apparel, and a lot more. What if they can satisfy their fantasy just by sitting on their couch at their home? Isn’t it great? Online shopping is a trend that never fades off even the recently emerging technologies are enhancing the craze of online shopping among the folks. It is a business segment that is not restricted by the age group. This is the reason why most product-based businesses are now looking forward to e-commerce apps like Shopsy development.

Online business provides an opportunity for the businesses to shift their storefront from local stores to the digital platform, making it a global brand with the widest targeted user range. One of the most common questions which are buzzing all across the market is “how much does it cost to develop an app like Shopsy?”

It is difficult to determine the exact cost of app development without knowing specific requirements, because the shopsy app development cost depends on various aspects, such as app platform, design, features, the complexity of the app, functionalities, payment method, technology stack, development team, and more.

Based on the basic Shopsy app development, we can just predict an estimate keeping all the basic requirements into major consideration. While developing your e-commerce app like Shopsy, you can opt to change, add or remove mentioned aspects based on your requirements.

Key aspects impacting the e-commerce app like Shopsy development cost:

1. Design of app:

It is a highly competitive app with several e-commerce apps offering the same categories of products at almost the same prices, but the more creative app gets more attention from the targeted users. Hence you need to add a skilled user interface designer to your team who can give a tempting face to your app with an easy navigation solution.

2. Size of the app:

When you choose to develop an e-commerce app like Shopsy you have to consider all the features that add comfort to the user’s shopping experience. But the lesser the features, the app size will be small and will be costing less as it will take less time for development. If you add more features to your app, it will make your app more complicated consuming extra time for app development, as a result rising the cost of app development.

3. A platform for app development:

There are various mobile platforms available in the market, and it completely depends on your preferences to choose the platform for your app. The most thriving platforms are android and iOS covering maximum smartphone users. You can choose either of these platforms and can opt for native app development or else if you want to cover all the possible targeted users then you can also opt for cross-platform app development in which your developer can use the same code for various available mobile platforms. Here, if you choose to develop native apps then it may cost you more than cross-platform app development but will serve you an extra perk of higher performance using every hardware and software of your respective phone.

4. App developer’s cost:

This is one of the most imperative aspects of Shopsy app development cost because all other aspects get greatly influenced by the cost of developers. If you are calculating the e-commerce app development cost for Shopsy then you must know the per hour cost of the developer of the region you are selecting. Each region has its workers’ compensation standards, few of the top regions selected to hire e-commerce app developers are listed below along with their per hour cost.

USA: $100-$250 per hour

Australia: $100-$150 per hour

Canada: $100-$250 per hour

UK: $50-$170 per hour

Western Europe: $50-$170 per hour

Easter Europe: $40-$150 per hour

India: $20-$100 per hour

The cost mentioned here is just an average cost based on various studies conducted on the app development companies in various regions. The exact cost of hiring an e-commerce app developer can vary with their skills and experience.


Several aspects together determine the cost of app development like shopsy. The major aspects are mobile platform, features, complexity of features, design, and most importantly cost of the developer. If you have wireframed an app with greater complication then it will cost you more money because it will take more time for development increasing hours of app development. If you are willing to develop a superlative app with outstanding features at the least possible cost then choosing an e-commerce app development company in India will be the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose Shopsy app development?

There are various benefits of developing an e-commerce app like Shopsy, a few of those are listed below:

– Brand awareness

– High utility

– The best channel for marketing

– Available for users all time

– Presence in the global market

– Personalized solutions for customers

2. What is the estimated cost to develop an e-commerce app like Shopsy?

The Shopsy app development cost completely depends on your preference and your customized requirements can vary the cost of development. But an average cost of Shopsy app development ranges between $30,000-$1,70,000 with basic features.

3. Which platform is mostly preferred for Shopsy app development?

Shopsy app can be developed for android and iOS platforms separately if you are looking for the highest efficiency with excellent performance. Most businesses opt to develop a cross-platform app development in which the same code can be used for various platforms at minimal possible cost. But if you opt for native app development then you need to hire different app developers for android and iOS app development respectively.