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How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Mobile app in 2024?

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Getting an app delivered is a great relief. The months of effort have now bared fruits. The app is available for customers to download, but this isn’t it all. You would now look out for sales & marketing strategies, customer service, building brands, and what not we do to make our app convenient for users.

The next stage is to keep the app running smoothly. The more downloads your app receives, the more upkeep it will necessitate the requirement of mobile app maintenance, if you want more downloads.

One of the most important parts of the mobile app development lifecycle is maintenance. As a result, you should set aside a budget solely for app maintenance.

Why it is necessary to invest in Mobile App Maintenance?

Mobile app maintenance can imply a variety of things. For example, you might wish to upgrade existing features/services to make them more user-friendly, or you might want to add a new feature to improve your user interface. New operating system launches, design changes, emergent maintenance, preventative maintenance (to remove bugs and problems), and corrective maintenance like repairing faults and defects in everyday application functions including design, coding, and app logic errors are some of the reasons why mobile is maintenance is needed.

Various types of Mobile App Maintenance Services

Perfective Maintenance

It considers the user database, as well as their requirements or feedback after using the app, and incorporates them into the mobile app accordingly.

  • Preventive Maintenance

As the name implies, this one is focused on minimizing or eliminating faults or problems in mobile apps. It primarily focuses on reducing app complexity and making it more user-friendly.

  • Emergency Maintenance

An emergency could occur, implying that the troubles or failures would be sudden, unanticipated, and unexpected. In such cases, this type of mobile app maintenance addresses the issues as soon as possible while providing a flawless app experience.

  • Adaptive Maintenance

To maintain the system up to date, it keeps a track of changes in the application with adaptive maintenance. Needed changes could be made to a working environment, such as the operating system, hardware, or software that will affect the application’s functionality.

Corrective Maintenance

This one entails the correction of residual errors and faults in daily app functions. Errors in coding, logic, or design are referred to as residual errors. Bugs revealed by users are usually used to determine them.

Important points to take a note of while considering the costing of mobile app maintenance

  • Analytics

Google Analytics is a program that aids in the detection of flaws, crashes, and glitches, among other things. It will teach you how to make smarter judgments. You may be able to locate free resources, but you should consider investing in some of the expensive tools that can help you gain vital insights. Make an informed decision and invest in technologies that are appropriate for your organization.

  • Hosting

You must additionally pay for your app’s database and backend. To function properly, dynamic mobile apps require hosting services. You can choose from a variety of hosting options, such as cloud-based settings. You also save money on server maintenance because you don’t have to do any setup. It lowers the total cost of setup as well as the cost of installing and maintaining mission-critical applications.

  • Updates

The main reason for any app update is to fix bugs. Updated versions of your mobile apps can be found in the app store. Similarly, your program will require updates to resolve bugs or improve the user experience. If you require a functional aspect or need to address multiple bugs, the cost will be determined by a variety of criteria.

  • Client Support

Client support is another key cost that should be included in our app development and maintenance budget. One of the characteristics of a good firm is that it responds to every customer complaint. Get favorable reviews by hiring a dedicated person to reply to users. This will cost you money in the long run, but not a lot of money.

  • Security & Marketing

Include the cost of app security when calculating the cost of app maintenance. Every user is constantly concerned about the information they have provided. Ensure that sensitive data is protected and that developers can track all privacy concerns. To keep users, invest in marketing campaigns and other activities. Many free marketing tools are available, however, some expensive products provide excellent results. Bring your marketing team together and make plans accordingly.

Benefits of Mobile App Maintenance

  • User Experience

It is insufficient to simply download or use your program once. The user should interact with your app frequently, and to do so, your app must provide a terrific user experience. To keep users happy, your app should be updated with the current market trends.

  • Cost Effectiveness

You can save money if you pay attention to your app. Furthermore, you may learn which features are frequently used and which are rarely utilized; hence, useless features should be removed from your app to make place for new trendy features that can boost your mobile app ROI.

  • Reduced Attrition

Your app’s main goal should be to provide a fantastic user experience. If a user discovers any bugs, they will not utilize them and will eventually uninstall them. As a result, working on app bug fixes would strengthen the foundation and aid in driving traffic and maintaining it.

  • Monitoring

It would be beneficial for your app if you kept up with user feedback and difficulties. Furthermore, resolving customer issues as soon as feasible will improve their app experience and help your app thrive.

  • Stay up to dates

There are so many apps waiting to be downloaded, your app dynamics must be diverse and up to date with future trends and technologies. The essential aspects to focus on should be releasing new features and fixing bugs as soon as possible. Consumer input should be closely monitored to see how you can improve the app’s development and maintenance.

  • Safety & Security

This is another key element to keep in mind when maintaining the app. You must guarantee that your device’s data is free of errors and malware.

Cost Estimation for Mobile App Development

You’ll consider nurturing servers, push notifications, payment gateways, and more when calculating app maintenance costs. You may wish to track your app’s Daily Active Users (DAU) once it’s been published on Google Play and the Apple App Store. DAU refers to the number of app installs and users who interact with your app. You can also look at the Monthly Active Users (MAU) statistic, which gives you the same information but every month. The usual guideline is that for your app to succeed, both DAU and MAU must perform incredibly well.

The maintenance stage follows the development and publishing stages in the app development life cycle. The costs are also affected by the number of operating systems used. As a result, if you have a native Android and iOS app, your app maintenance costs may be higher. To keep the app running smoothly, an app owner may need to invest between $250 and $500 each month at first.

No matter how good your app is, it will always need to be fed to function properly. Wellbeing and sustenance in this context refer to timely updates, upgrades, bug fixes, and error corrections, among other things.

If you want your app to last in the market, it’s simple to concentrate on app upkeep and development. Keep in mind that if you make your mobile app the greatest, your users will make sure to return for more of the same.

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