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How much does it cost to develop an Online Rummy Game app in 2024?

How much does it cost to develop an Online Rummy Game app?

Life without games and leisure will turn into a robotic life, but too much indulging in games can also hamper your life in many ways. But what if you can convert your leisure time into earning time by playing your favorite games? Yes, now you can make your fulfilled rummy matches an approach to earn for your livelihood. In a country like India, several people are champions of rummy and love to play this game very often, but their responsibility towards life, profession, and earnings restricts them from living their life the way they want. Online rummy game is a solution to all those challenges. There are several rummy game development companies who are in a zeal to develop the better and the best game giving areal life experiences to the users.

A study says that Rummy is 3rd most played game all across the globe and it is the reason for exponential growth in the rummy app development all across the world. Most game development companies are getting hitched with the rummy game developers in India to get the most affordable yet exclusive development services.

Are you also looking for a rummy game development and willing to know how much it costs to develop an online rummy game app? Then you must first understand various aspects related to the cost of rummy game app development.

Here are a few aspects listed which has a great impact on the cost to hire the rummy game developer:

1. Technologies:

The developer must be skilled with the below listed technologies for an efficient and promising rummy game app development:

– Game development – Unity engine

– Cloud- AWS or Azure

– Backend development- Node.js

– Database: MongoDB or Cassandra or SQL

– Real-time communication-

– Real-time analytics- Azure stream

– Smart notifications- apple push notifications for iOS and google cloud messaging for android

– Payment gateway integration

– SMS gateway

2.  Team Requirement:

An app is a perfect blend of various factors, such as front end, backend, graphics, and many more. To attain this type of perfection you need a perfect team, and the list of professionals required for best-in-class app development are:

– Market analyst and prototype designer

– UI designer

– Graphics designer

– Android/iOS developer

– Back-end developer

– QA engineer

– UI/UX developer

– Project manager

3. Features: 

It is empirical to list down the features you are willing to add to your application. The complication of feature and the technology and strategy involved in app development determines the cost of the application. If you choose to develop an app with complex features then it may add a sum to your app development cost.

Cost to develop an Online Rummy Game app:

Development of an online rummy game app can be done either with basic functionalities or you can choose to develop a customized solution with additional features. If you are planning for an app with basic functionalities then rummy game development costs may range between $30000-$40000, and if your choice is customized solutions with complex features then the cost may up to a range of $60,000 and above based on your requirements.

The variation in the cost to develop a rummy game app widely depends on the type of company you are selecting, for example,

– If you hire a game developer from a small company then it may cost you approx. $15-$50 per hour

– If you choose an intermediate company for your app development then the cost maybe $50-$150 per hour

– If your choice is enterprise-level then the rummy game development cost may be between $150-$300 per hour.


The cost to develop an online rummy game app depends on various aspects, such as the selected team, app development technology, complexity of features, and more. It completely depends on your choice and requirements. To determine the accurate cost of online rummy game app development you can get in touch with the top game developers in India and can get a customized package for your requirements. If you choose to develop your rummy game app in India with top developers of the industry then it may cost you in the range of $150-$300 and the choice of features added to the game can emphasize your cost to a great extent. A rummy game with a basic module will take lesser time, i.e. you need to hire a rummy game developer for a lesser time, but if you choose a premium module with complex features then it may cost you more, as it will take longer than usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the top game development platforms?

The major game development platforms preferred by the top game developers are:

– Unity

– AppGameKit

– CryEngine

– Unreal Engine

– Amazon Lumberyard

– Cocos2d-x

– Titanium

2. What are the major typed of rummy game development you offer?

Being one of the top game development companies in India we offer all types of rummy game development that also include customized solutions, but our major ones are:

– Deals rummy

– Points rummy

– Pool rummy

3. Which are the notable features of rummy that make it ideal for the rummy gaming segment?

A few must-have features suggested by our top game developers are:

– Multiplayer classic game

– Easy payment gateway

– Social media integration

– Personalized chat

– Multi-language support

– Cash prize and loyalty programs

– Latest technological incorporation

4. What makes your game development outstanding?

Along with the basic game development technologies like unity engine and Cocos2d-x, we also integrate the latest technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to give an outstanding experience to the users.

5. Do you offer post-development services?

Being one of the best game development companies in India, we understand that scaling up the app is crucial to match the pace with the fastest-growing gaming world. Hence, we offer maintenance and post-development support if you wish to opt for it.

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