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How Much does it cost to develop an app like Porter?

How Much does it cost to develop an app like Porter?

Shifting your location isn’t easy and when you have to carry all your belonging then it becomes more difficult, either you are shifting your home or office. There come companies like porter as a hero to help people shift their entire ecosystem with great ease. Hence, most people are seeking porters like movers and packers’ services who can avail themselves of end-to-end shifting services. While shifting just transportation is not the only issue that makes the shifting difficult, aspects like packing, loading-unloading, and taking care of delicate goods during transit are also very important to be considered.

For business-like packers and movers, it is important to showcase all their offered services because people looking for the goods shifting may have different requirements, such as location (intracity or intercity), type and size of the vehicle, and more. Here, a mobile app like porter can help you to stay on your front foot and serve your targeted audience with great ease. This is the main reason why most of the packers and movers companies are seeking the top mobile app development companies. Are you also one among them and wondering how much an app like Porter costs? To know the precise answer to your question, continue reading. Here we will be not only discussing the porter app development cost but also will be sharing a complete breakup of aspects that are responsible for determining the cost. 

Factors that majorly determine your app development cost:

App development team:

To develop an elite and premium app like porter you need to hire the best porter app developers in India who are having their hands on the latest programming languages and technologies to serve you tailor-made app development services that complement your business requirements. An average cost to hire a mobile app developer in India ranges between $20-50 per hour, depending on their skills and experience.


Features of an app majorly determine the cost of the app. A basic app with minimal features may range from $10000-$15000, but the increasing customization and need for complex codes will add expenses to your app development package. An estimation of the basic features that most of the packers and movers’ companies add to their app along with its price is listed below: Features Backend and front end development cost
1. Singin/signup $800-$1000
2. Search $500-$600
3. User-profile and dashboard $600-$800
4. Push notification $500-$600
5. Geolocation $1500-$2000
6. Google map $1000-$1500
7. Chat $2500-$3200
8. Payments $2500-$3000

The above-mentioned list only contains basic features of a packers and movers app, you can as your developer add or remove features based on your requirements.

Type of app development platform:

With the continuous growth in technologies, there are multiple options available for app development. You can either choose to develop native apps like android apps or iOS apps for which you need to hire specific mobile app developers well equipped with java or swift programming languages for respective app development. If you are willing to serve all your targeted customers regardless of their mobile platforms, then you can opt for cross-platform app development that will help you to launch your app on all the app stores.

Services to be included in the porter like the app:

1. Domestic shifting
2. Warehouse and storage shifting
3. Office shifting
4. Fragile item shifting

Conclusion :

To determine your porter app development cost, you must first list down the basic aspects required to attain your app development goal, such as expected investment, features to be included, a platform to be used, customers to be covered, locations, team to be used, and more. Then you must try a connection with the top mobile app development companies to hire the best porter app developers in India who are the basic building blocks of your app development process. If you choose to get a basic app with generic features then the cost will range between $10000-$15000 but if you are looking for a customized solution then the cost may vary based on the features you are adding and the complexities of the codes. To make your app development process more affordable you can also opt for an on-demand app development process, as it is showing potential growth shortly with an array of scalable solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer post-deployment services too?

Being the best mobile app development company in Bangalore, we offer end-to-end app development services which include ideation, market research, designing, development, deployment, and maintenance of the app.

As a client, do I have the liberty to check the app development status and rectify flaws if any?

We offer different types of engagement models in which either you can choose to get a completed project without any interventions or else can choose a team to work with you to stay updated with each development process and its results. If you choose to get a completed project then also our project managers send you periodical reports of app development and ask for your valuable reviews to serve you with the best solutions.

Which is the best platform to develop porters like packers and movers app?

Performance and coverage are two major pillars on which the selection of mobile app development platforms depends. If you are willing to attain the highest performance then you must opt for native app development and if maximum audience coverage with minimum investment is your goal then you can opt for cross-platform app development. Traditionally, native apps were chosen over cross-platform apps because the performance of cross-platform apps was poor, but now with the evolving technologies, even cross-platform apps can serve excellent performance on various platforms.

How much does a basic porter app development cost?

The cost of porter app development completely depends on your requirements but a basic app with minimal features will cost you in the range of $10000-$15000.

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