Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

A fleet tracking system consists of GPS trackers and a system that provides analytics and decision-making dashboards and graphics. It’s worth investing in the development of a vehicle fleet management system and tracking solution for organizations that handle commercial vehicle fleets and wish to keep all assets in order. 

Any type of organization that uses vehicles for employees to help serve their job assignments or to move goods might benefit from the specialized fleet management system. These technologies can assist in the monitoring company’s fleet, hence increasing overall business performance.

The team ReapMind has versatile experience in building comprehensive fleet management software systems with GPS tracking for many types of vehicles for large, mid-size, and small fleets. We can design fleet tracking solutions that make it simple to track, manage, and schedule individual cars, trucks, ships, planes, and helicopters, as well as large fleets of vehicles.

Fleet Management Systems deliverables

Grow customer base and serve best along with taking the best care of the vehicle and the passengers. Now no worries about running vehicles, fleet managers can always track them all, know all their locations in no time with just a click.

Route Optimisation

Fleet management system helps create, monitor, and alter delivery routes in real-time by considering crucial parameters such as traffic density, geofenced zones, and toll roads to achieve optimal and predictable ETAs. 

Driver Monitoring

The behaviour of drivers could be monitored using in-vehicle active sensors linked with the fleet management system. This helps to send warning notifications as well as instant rewards to the drives thus helping improve safety, minimize fatigue and idle time.

Fuel Monitoring

Streamlines fuel data gathering to provide a clearer picture of fuel costs, cut waste, boost efficiency, and better understand the cost per mile for each vehicle, this would help to know which vehicle needs maintenance and which ones could be replaced.

Vehicle Maintenance

Collects data on vehicle performance from monitoring vehicles, sends drivers and fleet managers timely maintenance reminders and plans preventive maintenance, which helps in smooth functioning of the vehicle and adding years to vehicle life.

Data Analytics

Gather data from throughout the fleet and analyze it using a reporting tool to see the most important indicators and KPIs for the company’s efficiency, customer satisfaction, and safety; helps to take important decisions for improvement.

Custom Integration

For regular traffic updates, bespoke mapping, and easy navigation, integrates fleet management system with vital data sources within your organization or with external services.

Ways in which Fleet Management Systems helps Business

In several ways, a fleet management system helps firms improve their operations and save costs.

Engine idling helps in-depth fuel tracking data reports which will help fleet managers distinguish between necessary and excessive idling, allowing them to detect and fix issues, and fleet managers can easily identify saving potentials.

Fleet managers can use a GPS vehicle Fleet management system to track their fleet in real-time and reroute cars as needed. There’s no need to call drivers for updates anymore.

Fleet management systems include everything needed to create a preventative maintenance program that works for vehicles and helps keep expenses down.

Fleet managers can use a fleet management system to make bookings and appointment reminders easier. Through GPS tracking data, customers can benefit from better ETA accuracy. Also, get confirmation of appointments and reminders a few days ahead of time.

Why Choose ReapMind for Fleet Management System?

ReapMind’s Custom Fleet Management System Solutions, which include GPS tracking, maintenance scheduling, telematics, fleet cards, and more, can help you expand your fleet, improve tracking and visibility, and manage your workflow. We provide low-cost fleet management platforms for you to own, as well as integrating, maintaining, and customizing popular fleet management and third-party systems to produce truly superior solutions.

We the Team ReapMind, are the only one in the industry who serves post-delivery of project. Our after-project delivery service helps us stand out from our competitors.