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How much does it cost to develop an app like FirstCry?

Being a parent is a great feeling and this feeling comes along with a bag full of emotions and responsibilities to giving at most comfort to the baby just like the womb is the prior most responsibility. The moment good news of to-be parents knows the doors, most of the folks get puzzled with the shopping visiting multiple layouts. But now with the boom in the baby care segment, most of the brands with baby products have opted to go online with mobile app development like FirstCry. The market of baby shops has witnessed a sharp rise in the revenue with the least investment and hence most of the entrepreneurs from this business segment think twice about the investment before they set up an innovative business idea. Does a baby shopping app like FirstCry development cost your concern as well? Developing an app like the first cry is a cost-effective approach that serves you with the highest ROI along with branding solutions.

The cost to develop a baby shopping app like the first cry depends on various aspects, such as features incorporated, size of the app development team, location from where you are hiring your team, the complexity of the app, mobile platform, and more. Let’s understand these aspects in deep to determine the cost estimation for FirstCry app development.

Factor 1: Must have features and complexities:

Basic features:

– Profile creation
– Search option
– Filters
– Payment gateway
– Shopping cart
– In-built wallet


Type of complexities


Simple apps

– No add-on benefits

– Has only basic features

– Low-tech screens

– Only contains basic UI solutions

Mid-level apps

– Extra benefits with complicated coding

– API integration

– Custom user interface

– More screens

– Exception features like real-time chatting

Complex apps

– Multifunctional

– Chatbots

– UI animation

– Advanced features

– Media processing

– Real-time synchronization

Baby shopping app like Firstcry’s development cost depends on the type of the app because of variation in the time required for the development. Most of the resources are hired on an hourly basis and more development time means more cost for app development.

The time to develop apps with various complexity levels are listed below:

Simple apps: 2 to 4 months

Mid-level complexity apps: 6 to 10 months

Complex level: 8-12 months

Factor 2: Mobile app development platform:

The two most prevailing mobile platforms for app development are Android and iOS. Either people choose to develop native apps which are specifically for a certain platform or choose to pave out all the targeted customers by choosing cross-platform app development which allows the developer to use the same code for various mobile platforms.

App type

Estimated cost

Time required

iOS app development


1200-1400 hours

Android app development


1200-1400 hours

Hybrid app


1200-1400 hours

Factor 3: Estimated cost to the development of the FirstCry app by location:

Location is one of the prime factors that impact your app development cost the most. You might be thinking about how location can impact a development cost, then here is the description.


The hourly cost of developers







Western Europe


Eastern Europe




The above-listed cost is an average estimation based on the studies, the precise cost to hire a developer may vary slightly based on their experience and skills. As per the depicted cos, the USA is one of the costly regions with the most expensive developers and India appears to be the most cost affordable region with the best developers to hire for FirstCry app development.

Factor 4: Team requirement

To develop the most prominent app you need to hire a team of professionals to fine-tune your business idea into a superlative app. For a complete app development process, you will require:

– Project manager

– Market analyst and consultant

– UI/UX designer

– UI graphics designer

– Mobile app developer

– Backend developer

– QA professional


The cost to develop a baby shopping app like firstcry depends on various aspects and one of the most important ones is team selection. Most entrepreneurs from all across the globe are heading towards India to get the most prominent and efficient team of app developers at the most affordable prices. If you choose to hire mobile app developers from India then it may cost you approx. $50-$100 per hour. The final cost to develop your entire app may vary based on your other requirements such as complexities, mobile platform, type of app, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In-house development or outsourcing app development, which one is better?

Now, most entrepreneurs are choosing to outsource the mobile app development process over in-house app development due to various reasons. A few major reasons are cost-effectiveness, selection of a proficient team, free from team management and other prerequisite arrangement stress, etc.

2. What aspects we must consider while choosing a team for app development?

Choosing a team for your app development starts right from your ideation. Once you start planning for your app you need to list down your requirements like the type of app your need to develop, the mobile platform you are willing to aim for, etc. Then based on your requirements you must pen down a few companies with the best records for developing apps, then a final selection must be made after checking their track records, the package offered, and timeline.

3. How much does it cost to develop an app like FirstCry?

The cost to develop an app like FirstCry may cost you in the range of $50,000-$4,00,000 based on your requirements. If you choose a basic app then your app can be developed at the least possible cost which will be nearby $50,000 and the cost will increase with your customization requirements.

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