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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Stock trading app?

Cost to Develop a Stock Trading App

Back before the digitization era, the stock trading process was exhausting and backbreaking where the investors used to call the stock exchange, which then put them on wait while getting connected to a stockbroker, who would then charge the investors’ money to buy stocks on their behalf.

Now the process is completely transformed making it effortless and uncomplicated for stock traders, thanks to digital age technologies and the Mobile app development world.

Trading stocks has now been made possible on mobile gadgets by brokerage companies and other investment platforms. Because of this investors now have the freedom to trade from anywhere and anytime, independently of needless recommendations or guidance, and while they are on the go.

By getting aware of the Online Market trading and Stock trading app’s unimaginable revenue, most of the ambitious entrepreneurs willing to play into this market

If you are those who are aiming to invest in the stock trading application development world then it’s highly necessary to plan the budget and understand the development details, the functionalities, and cost depending on various factors.

So this blog is designed and dedicated to the visionaries who want a check on the cost to develop a stock trading app, its features, and other details

Let’s go in deep with the blog 

What is a Stock Trading app?

Consumers now have quicker access to services and goods with the possibility offered by developed mobile applications and websites. Similar to these digital solutions, stock trading solutions are now shifted to apps, websites, or both to make trading more accessible and easy, choose tactics, and update and manage investment portfolios.

Users can always keep things within their control with the use of stock trading applications. Additionally, users have the option of making deals that are suitable for both the short and long term. Simply put, we can state that these stock trading apps are fantastic for both novice and experienced investors. The key driver of people’s interest in investing their money is the surge in stock market app development since they see it as a chance with more latitude.

Revenue from Stock Trading Apps

This table only shows the revenue from stock trading, which comes from trade execution, and the numerous fees stockbrokers charge( reports taken from TechCrunch, CNBC). The list excludes savings accounts, asset management, and other financial services linked to the stock trading platform.

2016$3.2 billion
2017$3.8 billion
2018$4.8 billion
2019$6.3 billion
2020$10.9 billion

Required Features in Online Stock Trading App 

Every mobile app has features that make it more engaging and unique from other applications on the market. Features are an essential component of any mobile app and are essential to improving user engagement and delivering the best experience to app users. You must add such important elements that can quickly draw users to your app, whether you choose iOS or Android app development services. What standout features can you find in a stock trading app? Here are some of them:


Investors or users will discover all they need here, including their watchlist, order status, holdings, balance, charts, and many other things. All types of conveniently accessible information will be included in it.

Market Research Data Collections

An investor requires all of the market’s trending stocks as well as the most recent market insights. This feature allows users to learn about stock performance and invest in profitable stocks.

Investment Portfolio 

Stock trading apps enable users to create their own investment portfolios to aid them in their investment decisions. It refers to allowing them to invest using an automated algorithm and sell and buy stocks on their own.

Easy & Secure Login 

 This feature in the app provides security to users’ access to all of their data. Users can register for the app using their phone number, social media accounts, Email ID, and other methods. For added security, they can integrate the Touch ID system with biometrics.

Effective Filtering

Only verified app traders are allowed to identify stocks using this feature, which extracts all necessary information from the ledger, including trade records that are efficiently proposed.

Stock Trading Process

Users will interact with the stock trading app in this manner. The entire process of holding, purchasing, and selling funds will be uncomplicated for investors.

Dealing with Transactions

The cost to build a stock trading app can change depending on this feature, which is the most essential one. This feature will make it easier to keep track of and monitor all the transactions that take place between one user’s account and the app for stock trading. It ought to be carried out swiftly and with greater security.

Management of User Profiles

The choice to alter one’s preferences is always up to the investor. This feature is also required because it enables users to modify their profiles in line with their continued interest in stock trading.

Analysis of Stocks

Using this hunt or search function provided by stock trading software is beneficial for traders and investors. This feature enables users to seek current and trending stocks as well as their market.

Real-Time Notification

Investors can learn about the newest stocks or receive updates on how their acquired stocks are performing in the market by using push notifications or alerts. Users can easily stay up to date with the most recent stock market news in this way.


It is one of the essential features that allow customers to keep tabs on a particular stock’s performance in the market and store it on their watchlist for future purchases or sales. They don’t have to keep looking for the stocks they are interested in because they can save them all and receive the most recent market price.

Multiple Options for Payment

The convenience of having various payment choices within an app keeps customers calm and at rest. It is a crucial and necessary choice that users demand.

Based on the kind and number of features you opt to add to your app the cost of stock app development varies. The more the complexity and features in the app, the more will be the cost of development.

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What benefits you will achieve by developing a Stock Trading application?

Investor numbers are skyrocketing.

Similar to how the internet did at its inception, mobile applications are simplifying activities around the world. According to industry research, the growing number of international investors and traders is the leading reason you would want to create a stock trading app.

Around 14.1 million Americans use online techniques to invest money in stock trading, according to Statista. In a similar vein, according to a CNBC survey, 20% of households own 93% of the stock, while the remaining 80% of households own the remaining 7%.

Poor Performance

Financial advisors and brokers have been shown to provide individuals with returns that are around 5% lower than others. This implies that instead of receiving a 15 percent interest rate if you invest a significant amount of money for a considerable amount of time, say 20 to 30 years, you would only receive 10 to 12 percent. This puts you in danger of suffering a significant loss, which is not a favorable scenario.

Lower performance in risk-adjustment

Furthermore, it has come to light that while brokerage firms advertise that they provide investors with sound guidance, the reality is quite different. It modifies the risk factors and lowers the Sharpe ratios, which tend to influence performance. In actuality, hiring advisors lowers your earnings because of the risk involved.

Keeping one’s interests in mind

The majority of investors and stock market participants claim that consulting firms frequently act in their interests and do not provide the finest solutions and insights concerning accurate data.

Due to these reasons, it is now even more crucial to develop stock trading software that can assist in tracking data and analytics so that users can act properly and make the best decisions. Furthermore, it retains the transparency element, which is typically missing when engaging traditional consultants.

Taking Charge of the User Portfolio

It is widely assumed that general investors and stock traders are dissatisfied with the performance of their portfolio management. The apps can then come into play.

Indeed, we have seen the rapid growth of Robo advisors, which are software tools used to manage portfolios. The apps assist investors in making informed decisions following their portfolios. Users can make their own decisions about where to invest their money.

Provides a Reliable Account Protection Platform

The risk factor is one of the most likely reasons that people avoid investing in the stock market. Yes, there are risks because they will not share confidential information such as account numbers with anyone. Users can now protect their personal information by using the stock trading app’s security features.

There is no need to open a brokerage account.

Another advantage of opening a stock trading account is that users will not need to open a brokerage or a Demat account to conduct share trading. It should be noted that there is a fee for opening and operating a brokerage account. You can decide which stocks to buy, hold for the long or short term, and which to sell.

Landing towards the highlight of the blog that is

How much does it cost to create an app for stock trading?

The creation of a stock trading app is a complicated procedure that is also risky. It is also time-consuming to analyze a stock’s real-time pricing. This means that estimating a cost will be a huge work because the aspects like the app platform, features, UI, and tech stack have an impact on the project budget.

However, we were able to estimate a rough value by taking into account the technical and business aspects of developing a stock trading app. And the cost of Stock app development falls might fall between $30000 to $80000 and can also exceed the above based on the project vision. 

Therefore, it can take a lot of time, or roughly 1000 hours, to build a stock market investing app with basic functionality, including systematic development procedure, testing, and quality assurance, along with a profitable app design. 

So, a general breakdown of the price according to the various stages is provided below which is not constant for every stock app development goal or idea

Major Stages of Stock app development                                Cost
UI/UX Design                                                                              $6000
Native development                                                                 $ 13000
Backend development                                                              $6500
Testing & QA                                                                                $9000
Project Management                                                                  $2500
Total                                                                                              $37000

Last words

To sum up this blog, we can state that stock market trading applications have made it possible for investors to trade on their schedule without encountering any needless obstacles.

Therefore, if you’re ready to start developing your Stock Trading App at a budget-friendly price then tie up with ReapMind owning the mastery of building a remarkable stock app with a skillful team of 200+ experienced professionals 


How to Choose a Reliable Stock app development company for my stock app development?

Scared if you get fishy in selecting the right mobile app development company for your stock app development. Then follow these steps before going to hunt a company

– Make a clear-cut list of your requirements

– Share your requirements and get to know about the company’s process, ideas, and expertise

– Learn about their successful portfolio and clients

– Understand their app development costing 

These are just a few steps you can follow. 

If you aiming to achieve great success by building a stock app then contacting ReapMind turns out to be a wise decision

What is the cost to develop a stock trading app?

Typically, it costs a max of $70000 to develop a stock trading app for the financial industry. However, the overall cost may range from below $30,000 or above $100,000.

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