Transport Booking Software

Transport booking software

In the transportation industry, online transport booking software has exploded. Most transportation businesses can now reach a wider audience thanks to technological advancements in the logistics sector. Customers can now select the transporter and vehicle of their choice via websites and mobile apps.

Real-time tracking has aided truck owners in tracking their vehicles at all times. Customers are kept informed with real-time updates about the booked truck. These are the key characteristics of online truck reservations that benefit both the truck owner and the consumer.

The team ReapMind is equipped with cutting-edge technology, best app development, and experienced knowledge to assist our customers with critical transportation and supply chain solutions. We guarantee that businesses will receive high-quality, timely, and secure transport booking software.

Business Benefits of Transport Booking Software

Goods transportation is critical since it aids in the smooth distribution and delivery of goods. There are numerous advantages to using online truck booking services.

Live- Tracking

Live- Tracking

One of the most impressive features of leading logistics businesses’ transport booking software is that both the truck owner and the customers can now track their cargo in real-time.

Organized Operations

In comparison to traditional methods, the entire transportation procedure is more efficient with transport booking service. There is no space for error, and there isn’t even a slight probability of missing data. All of these aspects contribute to the prompt generation of invoices and receipts.

organized operations
Best Route

Select Best Route

More routes are now available for transportation thanks to transport booking software. Customers can acquire route information as well as an estimate of how long it will take to deliver their package.

Transparent Pricing

The user receives an immediate quote for the hired truck. There will be no hidden fees; instead, the customer will be charged based on the vehicle and load entered during the online booking procedure. 

Transparent pricing

Digitized Features of Transport Booking Software

Customers can interact directly with fleet owners using transport booking software, which removes the need for intermediaries or brokers and, most importantly, saves time and money for both sides.

The transport booking software makes it simple to sign in by simply entering phone numbers and email addresses, making it easy for truckers and customers to register easily.

One can search for different truck kinds (FTL, PTL) in real-time, check their availability and book them according to the need and requirement.

Simple booking options that include pickup and drop location details, as well as load specifications and shipment schedules.

All bookings can be tracked in real-time to keep the fleet owner and the customer up to date on shipment progress.

With just a click, one can view and manage all of previous, upcoming, and existing shipping requests; this helps in better utilization of available resources.

One can always schedule shipments and book slots for later pick-up; pre-booking helps avoid the last-minute hustle.

Shippers can choose from a variety of in-app payment alternatives for hassle-free payments.

Shippers will receive all crucial updates throughout the shipment via email, push alerts, SMS, and other means.

Once the package reaches the destination, there’s an option of providing feedback and ratings to the driver, to further improve the services.

Know More About ReapMind

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