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How much does it cost to develop a bike taxi app like Rapido?

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Traffic has been ever an issue for metro cities. The number of vehicles is continuously increasing on the roads. It is estimated that the average person spends about 50 hours a year in traffic. The problem is getting worse because there are more people and more cars on the roads.

The main causes of traffic congestion are too many cars on the roads, narrow roads, improper routes, cluttered roads, and most important roads that are not accessible for pedestrians. As a solution, most metro cities have started transforming their commuting ways by introducing bike and car taxis.

Bike taxis are an excellent way to help control congestion in urban areas. They are especially useful in areas where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic, and the riders can be quickly and efficiently deployed to help clear a path. A bike taxi can be quickly and easily deployed to help clear a path in an urban area. They are also a very efficient way to transport people around a city. Riders can be quickly and easily dispatched to help clear a path, and they can be used to transport people to and from various destinations. But, integrating bike taxi also have some prerequisites, and mobile app development is one of those. Most companies are now tending towards mobile app development companies to understand how to develop a bike taxi app like Rapido and how much does it cost to develop a bike taxi app like Rapido?

Let’s first understand why you need a mobile app before starting with a bike taxi business like Rapido. 

There is a need for a mobile application that can be used by bike taxi drivers to manage their business. The application would need to include features such as:

  • A map of the city with bike taxi locations marked
  • A booking system that allows riders to pick up a bike from a designated location and ride to their destination
  • A payment system that allows riders to pay for their ride with either cash or credit card
  • A system that records the time, distance, and fare for each trip
  • A system that allows riders to rate their experience with the bike taxi service

What is Rapido?

 Rapido is a bike taxi that has a major role in the transformation of road traffic in metro cities like Bangalore and Delhi. Any person having a bike can get registered with Rapido as a rider and can make his services accessible for passengers looking for a ride in a nearby location. Rapido app allows the rider to turn on and off their availability with a single click of a button. The riders are availed the liberty to accept or reject the ride request. 

The process of a ride starts when a passenger initiates a ride request on the app. The GPS tracker in the app activates immediately and searches for nearby Riders. The app sends a notification to all the nearby riders asking them for the acceptance of the ride. The acceptance or rejection of the right completely depends on the rider’s wish. Once the rider accepts the request, the passenger is intimated about the confirmation of the ride along with the Details of the vehicle and the rider. Once the rider reaches the passenger he can start the trip, likely once they reach the destination, the rider can end the trip.

How Bike Taxi Booking App Works?

The bike taxi booking app works in a way that it connects the rider with a bike taxi driver who is available to take them to their desired destination. The rider can choose the bike taxi driver, the bike taxi, the destination, and the time of the ride. The bike taxi booking app allows riders to choose between a variety of bike taxis, depending on their location and the type of ride they are looking for. The bike taxi booking app also allows riders to choose between a variety of destinations, depending on their interests.

Bike Taxi Booking Mobile App Development:

Bike Taxi is a mobile app that allows riders to book a bike taxi without ever leaving their phone. Users can search for bike taxis near them, select their destination, and pay for their ride. The app also provides rider ratings and reviews to help riders find the best bike taxis in their area. To develop an outstanding bike taxi app you need to incorporate basic features that makes the app user-friendly.

Must-have features:

User panel:

  • Signup/sign in
  • Mobile number verification
  • Request for a ride
  • In-app wallet
  • Easy payment gateway
  • Push notification
  • Refer and earn
  • Multi-lingual
  • Geo-location
  • Review and rating
  • Ride cancellation
  • Customer support

Rider panel:

  • Signup/sign in
  • On duty and off duty 
  • Accept or reject a ride
  • Call/message the passenger
  • Fair calculator
  • Route optimization
  • GPS navigation
  • Ride history
  • Start/end the ride
  • Payment history
  • Customer tracking
  • Customer support

Admin panel:

  • Login
  • Manage ride
  • User access control
  • Manage fare
  • Notification management
  • Real-time bike tracking
  • Dashboard
  • Promotion and marketing dashboard

Cost to develop a bike taxi app like Rapido:

The Rapido app development cost depends on various aspects which include features incorporated, the complexity of the app, UX/UI development, the platform chosen for the development, technology used, and app developers who have the maximum contribution to your bike taxi app development cost determination.

The Rapido app development cost estimation is based on various aspects:

Complexities of the app:

  S.No.Complexity level  Estimated time  Estimated cost
1.Basic  1-3 months  $10,000 to $30,000  
2.Standard  4-9 months  $40,000 to $90,000
3.Complex  More than 10 months  $1,00,000 to $1,50,000  

The level of complexity increases with the customization of the features. A basic app will serve you with the most basic features to sustain the objective of app development and a standard will give you a complete set of must-have apps that serves a pleasing experience to the users. But if you wish to stand out from the crowd with an enthralling and thriving app, then you need to add the best and unique features to your app that gives an unmatched experience to the users. To achieve the best results you may need to hire the best bike taxi app developers in Bangalore. If you are seeking a company that can serve you with a customized solution then ReapMinds is the best option that can avail you of the required solutions.

Platform used for app development:

 If you are developing a mobile app then you must first determine the platform on which you are willing to launch your app. Major mobile apps available for app development are iOS, Android, and windows. But if you wish to cover all the possible mobile platforms then you can also choose to develop a cross-platform app. App development can be done in two types, one is for the native platform which means developing an app for a specific platform using specific technologies. Native apps can be used only on the platform for which it is developed. Whereas, if you choose to develop a cross-platform the app, then you can use the same code on different platforms without rewriting the code from scratch for every platform. 

The number of screens:

The increasing number of screens will make your app heavier. If you choose to develop an app with fewer screens then it will cost you an average cost to develop the app, but if you choose to add many screens to the app then the cost will increase along with the increasing number of screens. 

Third-party app integration:

The integration of third-party apps like payment gateway becomes another major reason to add a heavy amount to the budget. 

Hiring developers for app development like Rapido:

For the estimation of the development cost of any app, the cost of hiring a developer also acquires an important place. The cost of a developer changes based on their skills, experience, and location. If you are choosing a developer from the USA then it may cost you approx. $150-$200 per hour and if you choose to opt for the development services from India then the average cost will be $50-$120 per hour.

Additional charges:

If you opt for an end-to-end app development process that includes deployment and post-development maintenance too, then the cost to develop the bike taxi app will increase. Adding these charges to your app development cost is completely your choice.


Traffic issues are surging day by day and everyone on the road is willing to get a simple yet quick solution. The emergence of bike taxis has given a perfect solution to the traffic issues and a mass acceptance of the bike taxi idea has been noticed all across the world. The growing market of bike taxis is tempting most businesses to start with the bike taxi app development with more innovative ideas giving better options to the users. If you are willing to develop an elite app with the most exciting features to beat the existing competition at an affordable price then India is the best place. India has the best bike taxi app development companies like ReapMinds having the best talent pool and master hand on the latest technologies required to develop a bike taxi app like Rapido. An average cost to hire a bike taxi app developer from India ranges from $50-$120 per hour.


What are the must-have features of a bike taxi app?

The incorporation of features depends on your business idea but there are a certain set of features that a bike taxi app must have to serve a convenient solution to the users. The basic features that you must consider while bike taxi app development is mentioned below:

  1. Register/ sign in
  2. Request a ride
  3. Take a ride
  4. Pay online
  5. Rate the trip

Which is the best platform for bike taxi app development?

While developing a bike taxi your choice of app platform depends on the type of users you are targeting. If you are willing to choose a specific type of mobile platform user then you can choose native app development.

In native app development, the developer will serve you with the code developed with the native technology of the specific platform, such as for android app development developer will use Java and for iOS the technology used is Swift. If you choose to cover both platforms with native app development then you need to develop two different codes for respective platforms. It will impact your app development cost and will almost double the cost of app development.

If you are having less budget but are willing to pave out all the possible mobile platforms then you can choose cross-platform app development. With this type of app development, the developer will develop a single code using the latest programming languages which will be capable of serving all the possible mobile platforms.

Why choose Reapminds for developing a bike taxi app like Rapido?

Reapminds is one of the most renowned app development companies in India with a huge customer base worldwide. We have top professionals in our team having experience of several years and are highly proficient with the latest technologies and tools required to develop the most thriving apps. We have served all the major industries and also holds experience in developing bike taxi and car taxi app for the giant player in this industry.

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