Grocery Delivery Services

grocery delivery services

The Shift in consumer behavior have boosted demand for grocery delivery services and grocery delivery mobile app development solutions, creating a major potential for start-ups, traditional grocery stores, and IT companies to invest in their grocery delivery mobile app development projects.

Our ReapMind team of analysts, developers, testers, and other experts map out the grocery shop in preparation for a comprehensive grocery delivery mobile app solution. Our analysts assess a grocery store’s performance in relation to the local market and assist in the development of new business strategies. Our developers turn company concepts into user-friendly grocery apps that include key features like automatic order management, real-time delivery tracking, and more.

Build a Feature-Rich Grocery Delivery Mobile App

Customer Interface

Using email, social logins, or mobile number & OTP login, the app allows consumers to get started quickly; keeping security in place.

Grocery delivery mobile apps come with a quick search facility that helps customers to find products with intuitive search, filters, and sorting.

We integrate a variety of payment channels so that customers can pay the way they want.

An online receipt will be generated which could be easily accessed.

Customers will be able to select a convenient delivery time for their orders through the grocery delivery mobile app and the order will be delivered in the scheduled time.

Live monitoring and notifications are built in the grocery delivery mobile app to keep customers up to date on the status of their orders.

Allow customers to rate and comment on their shopping experience at the grocery store and share their experience regarding online grocery delivery service.

Store Interface

The store manager can get started quickly while maintaining security by integrating easy log-in features such as email, social logins, or a mobile number & OTP login.

Consumers can shop at a single store and purchase stuff. AR technology is used to develop the map which assists consumers in finding stores on a map and with easier navigating.

Customers can order from the grocery delivery mobile app or through the website and the store owner will be notified in real-time.

Integrating the grocery delivery mobile app will help the store manager the inventory by notifying regarding the daily stock available.

The store owner will be notified by the channel of payment during the order is placed and get it in their account through the app.

Delivery Interface

Easy log-in capabilities such as email, social logins, or a mobile number & OTP login, the grocery delivery mobile app allows delivery partners to get started quickly while preserving security.

Receive real-time order notifications whenever a new order arrives. Provide delivery partners with a customized online interface for efficiently managing orders.

From the time one gets a new order till the time it is processed and fulfilled, one can keep track of everything, easy to locate the location as grocery delivery mobile apps have AR configured maps.

On receiving the order delivery partner will be notified by the payment channel selected by the customer and in case of COD order delivery partner can make payments directly through the grocery delivery mobile app.

Admin Interface

Grocery delivery mobile app allows admin to manage and administer many stores from one location. From a single dashboard, you can manage every aspect of the grocery store.

Gives access from a single platform where the admin can see and manage the entire registered customer and look at payments, customer feedback to check if any changes are needed.

Add payment information to your app and start getting paid for every online grocery purchase through the grocery delivery mobile app. 

As customer and store data is easily available to admin so it helps create new marketing strategies like the offer, deals, or discounts.

Get more information and analytics to see where businesses stand and how one can improve online grocery business.

Why Choose ReapMind for your Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development???

The team ReapMind provides you with world-class grocery delivery mobile app development services. Our designers and developers will help you plan and map out the best solutions that would help the business grow.

We the Team ReapMind, are the only one in the industry who serves post-delivery of project. Our after-project delivery service helps us stand out from our competitors.

Do you want to create a strong online grocery delivery platform? We’ll be the ideal digital solution partner for you.