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FormuLaw App is a trusted network of lawyers providing premier online legal aid to safeguard your rights, family, and businesses. As a mobile app offering legal consultation services in India, FormuLaw connects users with top lawyers across the nation for expert advice on civil matters, real estate, criminal cases, divorce, company incorporation, and trademarks. Developed by ReapMind Innovations, FormuLaw guarantees a user-friendly interface and optimal functionality, enhancing the overall experience.

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Serving users from metropolitan and Tier 2 cities, the app facilitates connections with verified lawyers through private calls, chat, or video calls. With 24/7 legal support, FormuLaw ensures accessible legal advice at your fingertips.

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The Brief

FormuLaw is a premier mobile app that offers trusted online legal aid services, prioritizing the protection of your rights, family, and businesses. With a user-friendly interface and optimal functionality, FormuLaw connects users with top lawyers across India. The app features various sections, including a home section showcasing diverse service options and a GPT search function for easy query access.

Users can opt for chat or call consultations, with the first and third calls being paid sessions and the second call being free. Follow-up calls can be scheduled according to the user’s convenience. In case of dissatisfaction, users can raise disputes and, if proven right, receive a full repayment.

The app also provides an “Ask an Expert” section, probono application, and comprehensive information about FormuLaw. Users can explore specialities such as corporate, banking, and civil law. Additionally, the app offers a helpline available 24/7 for continuous legal support. The app features a section with informative blogs and articles, keeping users updated with the latest legal trends, news, and insights.

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Our Approach

FormuLaw app is the ultimate destination for complete legal solutions. It provides online legal aid for drafting wills, creating trusts, registering companies, and other legal concerns. The app guarantees private and secure interactions, allowing you to discuss your legal concerns with confidence. With a hassle-free approach, FormuLaw empowers you to navigate legal complexities effortlessly. The network of lawyers ensures fast response times, providing prompt assistance and guidance when you need it most. Additionally, the 24/7 legal support ensures that legal advice is always at your fingertips, providing peace of mind.

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The Results

The FormuLaw App provides a variety of services, making it the go-to platform for all legal requirements. The app links users with professionals in several areas of law through a network of top attorneys across India, ensuring competent counsel suited to their unique needs. The user-friendly design and superior functioning enhances every aspect of the experience, making it convenient and simple to use.

FormuLaw ensures confidential and secure discussions, allowing users to confidently communicate their legal problems. With quick response times and legal help available 24 hours a day, prompt assistance and guidance are always available. This comprehensive app enables users to easily navigate legal complexity and obtain comprehensive legal answers, giving them peace of mind at all times.


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