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Hire Blockchain Developers in India

Blockchain is undoubtedly a thriving technology that is continuously conquering the technological world in various ways and also transforming various business sectors with outstanding revolutions. This is tempting almost businesses from various industries to get hitched with blockchain development companies in Bangalore and onboard the most trusted digital world. Blockchain is a technology that offers you a digital decentralized ledger that serves you with an option to share and store assets on an immutable ledger. Now, you can store all your tangible and intangible assets, such as house, car, land, money, art, and more.

Are you also struggling to get the best blockchain developers in Bangalore? Reapminds Innovations is the one-stop solution for your search that serves you with a world-class team of blockchain developers having years of experience and a master’s hand in the latest technologies required to develop the best blockchain solutions. Our prolific team ensures adding value to your business operations by serving you with end-to-end app development services. We understand your business is incepted with a unique idea and hence you need a digital solution that can cater to your specific business requirements. Hiring our blockchain developers will help you combat your business challenges easily, as our team is highly adept at building all types of blockchain applications.

Hire the best blockchain developers in Bangalore:

Our resource pool is jam-packed with the top talents of the industry having years of experience in developing the best-in-class blockchain apps for diverse business industries. Our dedicated blockchain developers in India have profound knowledge of blockchain app development and use cutting-edge technologies to deliver apps enriched with exciting features and quality.

Our full-stack blockchain development services:

We offer end-to-end blockchain app development services and hold versatile expertise in blockchain development. Our blockchain development services comprise:

Custom blockchain development:

If you need a customized blockchain solution that is tailor-made specifically for your business requirements, then ReapMinds is the only destination for your requirements where you get a team of dedicated blockchain developers in Bangalore that works only for your project at a time, assisting you right from the wireframing of the app till successful deployment. Our developers ensure to develop a business-centric app with dedicated features.

Blockchain consultants:

Are you new to the blockchain industry and have endless queries about the technology and are willing to understand the potential of the technology for your business segment? Then you can connect with our blockchain consultants who are well-versed with the technology and capable of educating you thoroughly about the technology.

Blockchain cryptocurrency development:

Our developers have helped various business industries in developing customized cryptocurrencies that can be used on several blockchain platforms.

Blockchain wallet development:

Our full-stack blockchain developers help you develop a secure and decentralized wallet for bitcoin, altcoins, and Ethereum.

Smart contract development:

Our developers help you develop the most efficient smart contracts that help you execute the HyperLedger and Ethereum with great ease keeping all the security standards high.

Multichain and hyper ledger development:

We have been helping various business industries by developing customized hyperledger and multichain solutions.

Ethereum apps:

We have the best team of blockchain app developers who are holding a master hand in developing Ethereum apps and have served a plethora of businesses in developing the most elite and prominent Ethereum apps.

Private blockchain solutions:

Need a private, secure, and transparent blockchain solution for your business then ReapMinds is the right place to hire dedicated blockchain developers in Bangalore.

ICO launch:

Willing to develop a customized and stable ICO solution, then we have got the best professionals with years of experience in blockchain development.

Why choose ReapMinds Innovations?

App development is done with the sole intention to enhance the business with a greater level of success in all aspects. To achieve this objective you need the best team to assist you throughout your app development process. When it comes to blockchain development, the level of technical expertise requirement increases and it demands a highly skilled team to bring your idea to the table. ReapMinds is one of the leading app development companies in Bangalore and has gained unbeatable expertise in developing blockchain apps for various industries. Are you still seeking a few more reasons that make the company the right technology partner for your business objective? Then, here are the most potential reasons that make us stand out from the rest:

  • Experienced professionals: We have the best talent pool having years of experience in developing blockchain apps for various industries. Our developers are well-versed with the latest app development technologies and are also having hands-on dependent tools.
  • Unbeatable pricing: We offer the most prominent services at the most affordable prices.
  • Scalable apps: We understand that transition is the nature of every industry, and to stay ahead of the competition you need to adapt to each transition quickly. We help you develop apps that are highly scalable and allow you to change the app features based on the market requirements.
  • Agile development method: To ensure higher productivity, we adopt an agile development model which keeps the developer, the app owner, and the quality assurance team in the loop and gets the quality of the app tested with every unit development.
  • Flexibility: Our team is highly flexible in terms of working hours and culture. We offer you different types of engagement models from which you can choose based on your requirements. You can categorize your requirements in terms of tenure, cost, and, ownership.
  • Support: We have extensive support for all our customers to give instant solutions to their queries. We have top professionals in our team available round the clock for your assistance.
  • Testing: To ensure we are delivering a bug-free solution, our testers work simultaneously with the development team to analyze the quality at the unit level and make the app 100% efficient.
  • NDA: We sign NDA with our clients which ensures to keep your business idea private.

Our pricing solutions:

Well, we believe that each business has its specific requirements for app development and hence, the services must be charged based on the requirements only. We offer completely customized blockchain development packages where you only need to pay for the services you are availing of. But, also we have a standard pricing solution that determines the cost breakdown of our services offered for basic app development requirements.

S.No.FactorsAverage Cost
 UX/UI development$2395 – $5040
 User Profiles$2385 – $5040
 Search and Filters$4005 – $11,520
 Reviews & Ratings$2565 – $5760
 Payments$2385 – $5040
 Ethereum Incorporation$4005 – $11,520
 Inventory Management$2385 – $5040
 Author Panel$5085 – $15.840
 Authorization and Security$3285 – $8640
 Home Page$3645 – $10,080
 Product Page$2385 – $5040
 Shopping Cart$2565 – $5760
 Notifications$2085 – $3840
 NFT management$4005 – $11,520
 Buyer Panel$3045 – $7680
 Admin Panel$3775 – $10,200

An average cost breakup has been mentioned above keeping app complexity at the basic level. If you choose to develop an app with greater complexity with high-end features then the cost may vary based on your requirements.

Major industries we have served with our elite solutions:

We have been ruling the app development industry for decades and have gained experience in working with the widest spectrum of business industries. Every industry is in a rush to hop on to the digital platform and most of those are seeking a team having experience in developing a promising app for the relevant industry. ReapMinds has carved a history of serving all types of industries with the best talent pools, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Travel and tourism
  • Education and e-learning
  • Banking and finance
  • Media and entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Logistics and transportation


Why choose ReapMinds Innovations for blockchain app development?

ReapMinds Innovations is one of the best blockchain development companies in Bangalore and has been trusted by countless companies all across the world. We have served more than 3000 customers worldwide for blockchain app development and have the top professionals in our team to cater to every type of app development requirement with a greater level of precision and creativity. Our prolific team holds an experience of more than a decade and is well-versed in the latest blockchain technologies that serve you with a 100% bug-free solution.

What blockchain services do your developers offer?

Services offered by our blockchain developers are:

  • Custom blockchain development
  • Cryptocurrency development
  • Smart contract development
  • Private blockchain
  • Ethereum app
  • Hyperledger development
  • Blockchain wallet development

What is the cost to develop blockchain apps?

The cost to develop a blockchain solution completely depends on your requirements such as the complexity of the application, features, technologies used, and more. The cost to hire a blockchain developer majorly depends on the location of the developer. The average cost to hire a blockchain developer in Bangalore is $50-$200 per hour.

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