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Dating apps are the most booming apps in today’s world. The app is now designed for all age groups and genders. Research states that globally dating apps makes a business of around $2.6 billion and in 2020 has risen to $3.8 billion and is expected to rise more in coming years.

Features to add to build Best Dating App

A dating app needs to have unique features so that it can hold people on the platform for longer, not only this but user-friendly feature helps apps to reach more and stay longer in the market.

If you see many dating app platforms match a person on their mutual likes, compatibility, and similarity which is boosted with accurate yet innovative algorithms which act as ropes for business revenues to climb up.

At ReapMind we help you design innovative functional features and a beautiful interface that would help businesses attracts people and engages them on dating apps. We analyze the market, understand requirements, and design features to deliver at most satisfaction to the customers.

Profile Setup

One must ensure that the dating app has a feature that allows users to verify their profiles by requiring them to upload identity proof before allowing them to search for and interact with other users. As a result, everyone who wants to try online dating will find the app trustworthy. Profile verification can also be accomplished by requiring users to link their social media accounts to their dating accounts. While the primary goal of a dating app is to provide a platform for users to meet new people, users’ safety must also be considered.

Events & Meet-ups

There could be some unique events featured on the dating app where individuals can discover nearby events that fit their interests. People who share similar interests might attend these events together and take their relationship to the next level. One can create categories for “animal lovers,” “romantic individuals,” “fitness fanatics,” and other interests to organize online events and let people connect with similar interests.

Advanced Filters

Each individual has their expectation when it comes to finding a companion. Some people are looking for a friend to date or hang out with, while others are looking for a long-term commitment. People may also be picky about their age, gender, religion, caste, or astrological sign. As a result, complex search tools with filters assist users to narrow down their search. The filter is built using precise algorithms to produce the appropriate results quickly.

Match Suggestion

Along with search tools or filters to assist users in finding their ideal mate for dating, love, and romance. However, artificial intelligence (AI) can take this scenario of dating apps to the next level by automatically proposing or recommending profiles that meet search criteria or partner preferences.

Video Calls

A video call feature is already there in many dating apps. To make dating apps more secured adding AI-driven video calling helps to build app more secured. AI can assist in detecting nudity or vulgarity during a conversation, which can further help the admin to block such users from the app.

In-build Chatbots

Offering AI-based chatbots will not only set the app apart from the competition but will also assist customers, particularly introverts, in breaking the ice. A chatbot like this would recommend the first few sentences of a discussion to the customer. It might also display their ideas for how to respond to a certain message. It’s a necessary feature since “what you say and how you say” has a significant impact when speaking with a stranger.

Why work with ReapMind?

In dating, online dating is a new trend. Anyone can use dating apps to meet new people, regardless of their age, race, or community. While the popularity of dating apps is growing, so is the desire for dating apps with new features. If you want to meet this demand by creating a dating app with a lot of advanced features, then ReapMind is the best choice. Our team of marketing will help you analyze the market trend and the team of the developer will help you integrate new features in the dating app, giving users a new experience and building high profits for the business.

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