Smart School Management Software

A Wise Technological Shift for the Nation's Smart and Bright Future.

Smart School Management software

A huge shift is seen in the education sector, right from teaching to all clerical work is now moved to software. 

Smart school management software is an all-encompassing management system for all educational institutions. It acts as a forum for teachers, students, and parents to communicate with one another. It integrates innovative technologies most efficiently and feasibly. With smart school management software, it is easier for institutions to manage their day-to-day operations. When it comes to their education system, it helps track attendance, tests, and most importantly, assigning homework to kids. Along with this other administration work of admin, accounts, reception, and librarian are also taken care of by the smart school management software.

With smart school management software, get ready to empower students with a more personalized educational experience that is more successful and productive. School management software is created to meet all of the requirements set forth by schools. It saves time and money for schools, while also increasing the productivity and efficiency of the workforce. High security, speed, and ease are some of the benefits of a smart school administration system.

Smart School Management Software Modules

Administration & Policy Management

The administration and policy management module of smart school management software aids in the defining, managing, updating, and reporting of policy status. The policy manager is also in charge of ensuring that the policies are correctly executed and that the outcomes are as expected. A flexible framework simplifies the formulation and management of policies, while also improving accountability, communication, and reporting, and analytics.

Enquiry Management

The enquiry management assists in providing timely and accurate feedback to students and their parents from a smart school management software. This module answers all of the questions that parents and kids may have before enrolling in the school or during their tenure with the school. These inquiries are submitted and answered via the internet.

Students Data Management

This interface helps in monitoring the overall activities of the student like attendance, submission, fees, examination, grades, library, etc. This all could be constantly monitored by teachers and administrative staff through smart school management software. Students and guardians have access to their child’s activities as well. It can be done in a variety of ways.

Academic Planning

With this tool of smart school management software teachers can plan academic lessons and track them, teachers can also browse for pictures, videos, and more information to help students understand the concepts better. Teachers can update the calendar where they can share plans with students, parents, and management. Assignments could be shared and received through this platform.

Transportation Management

This module keeps track of the transport vehicle and route, as well as vehicle maintenance, transport student attendance, and transportation fee collecting. The smart school management software deals with Buses, Routes, Stops, and relevant charges. The same number of transports can be added, edited, or deleted. The route stops will be defined.

Examination & Grading

Conducting exams and grading both could be managed here. Exams schedules could be shared through this platform and written and oral exams could be conducted with the help of smart school management software. 

Report cards could be shared through this platform and the customizable option allows selecting from a variety of report card types to meet the school’s needs.

Payment Gateway

Multiple channels and gateways could be integrated to collect fees and other expenses. Smart school management software makes payment processors quick and secure. The money settlement is completed in less than 24 hours. The entire amount would be directly credited into the school’s account through the app.

Multiple Communication Channel

The system can deliver automated SMS messages based on predetermined templates. The school can also send SMS manually to all kids/classes/transport routes/individual students, and so on. The school can also form a group of persons (students/staff) and send SMS messages to them.


As all the data is stored on one platform it helps to make a decision precisely. With a management information system school administrators are assisted with budgeting, purchasing, admissions, recruitment, service issues, and library book purchases, all other things. 

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