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Key Features to Integrate with Online Tutor App?

Reach out to students offline post-Covid… Build an online tutor app to reach students around the globe.

The concept of teaching has remained monotonous for a long period throughout history. Even as technology began to penetrate practically every business, teaching and education remained relatively unaffected. However, the mobile app revolution, like printing technology, was becoming too popular to ignore!

But the educational sector has been significantly impacted by the lockdown. It’s possible that educational institutions won’t be able to hold regular classes until the COVID-19 situation clears up fully. To take advantage of this circumstance and deliver technologically enhanced training to your students, all educational institutions should consider developing an online tutor app. An online tutor app can be created using any technology, including a simple smartphone app, virtual or augmented reality learning, or an e-learning platform with tutors educating through videos.

How does the Online Tutor App work?

The ecosystem is made up of many applications for the instructor and the student. In addition, there is an administrator who is in charge of the app’s overall health.

Let’s start by looking at things through the eyes of an instructor.

A tutor installs the online tutor app that is tailored to their needs. They can establish a profile that includes information about their location, experience, specialty, and preferred work hour

The student installs the online tutor app and searches for a tutor depending on their location and the subject they require assistance with. They can choose tutors based on student ratings and reviews. They should also be able to communicate with the tutors if necessary, so that their questions may be answered.

Once the tutor has been booked, the student should be able to pay without problem using a variety of payment options, and the instructor should be able to receive the payment in their bank account without delay.

The Student's App

A simple login system should allow the student to instantly register for the services. They can use an email address or a password.

The online tutor app should offer a search tool that is easy to use but also comprehensive in terms of functionality. Students should be able to find teachers based on their preferred subject, experience, region, language, and price range.

The student should be able to assess and review the instructor based on their experience with them, so that future students can benefit from it. It can also act as a useful kind of feedback for the tutor.

Video conferencing should be provided for a chat. This would not only improve communication by bringing it closer to the traditional educational ecology, but it would also provide students and teachers a sense of being connected through dialogue.

The student should be able to pay his or her bills without difficulty. A flexible payment mechanism should be incorporated with the online tutor app for this purpose. All main payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, and wallets, should be supported by the payment gateway.

The Tutor App

An instructor should be able to build a profile in the same way that a student can do so without difficulty. The tutor, on the other hand, should provide additional information such as their expertise and qualifications. Given today’s internet speeds and camera capabilities, a video profile of the tutor would be an even better alternative.

A person who works in a different industry and for a different organization can know a subject that they can educate students. Taking this into account, the tutor should be able to provide timely updates on the calendar that demonstrate their availability in both terms of day and time. If they have to cancel a tutoring appointment, they should be able to give good reasons. Students should be able to book tutors according to their exam schedules by integrating the calendar with school calendars.

The tutor should have complete discretion in accepting or rejecting student requests based on their convenience.

For many tutors, the revenue generated by the online tutor app is their primary source of income. They should be able to transfer their data revenues from the online tutor app to their bank accounts promptly. The speed with which the transfer occurs earns the tutors’ trust, not just from one individual, but from the entire network of tutors with whom they may be connected, with or without your app!

If your app includes a sponsored listings business model, the tutor should be able to pay for your online tutor app and have their names appear at the top of relevant searches.


The online tutor app is one of the most promising solutions to ensuring that students acquire their education in a time of global crisis when leaving the house is considered a luxury. This could be the ideal time for you to start your online tutor app. Creating an online tutor app from the ground up, on the other hand, could be time-consuming. It takes a significant amount of time and money, and there’s no guarantee that your software will be fully bug-free.

If you want to be a part of this exciting sector, which is expected to grow at a rate of more than 12%, all you have to do is contact an online tutor app development business right now.

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