E-Learning Platform

Build an E-Learning Platform

Deliver & Track the Learning Process by Implementing E-Learning Platform

To improve the way of education, today’s schools are using new technology. Again due to Covid homeschooling has come very much into the picture. One of the steps to deliver best is to implement an E-learning platform, which can have a significant impact on how teachers and students interact.

E-learning platform collects information on learners and suggests them with customized course materials and training courses, also provides teachers with valuable insights on the learners’ progress and performance. They use data analytics to recover and improve more ideas, as well as change based on the success of the pupils.

Team ReapMind aims to fulfill the aspirations of eager students to reach new heights in their chosen fields of study. We’ve got a lot of experienced designers and developers who have worked on multiple LMS platforms and delivered customized training and E-learning platforms to marketplace apps throughout time.

Highlights of E-Learning Platform for best Academic Development

E-learning platforms make it simple for the institution to produce, track, and deliver learning materials to a large number of students. LMS developers assist in the creation and delivery of electronic course work with unprecedented flexibility.

Personalized E-Learning

Personalized E-Learning

Educators will be able to customize the content to meet the needs, interests, and learning pace of each course and student. They will also be able to utilize their branding by white labeling, which may then be titled according to the needs of the customer. A unique white-labeled platform will be provided for course content as well as mobile apps for secure online content distribution.

Ultimate access to E-Learning Courses

Students will have unrestricted access to the information they need after the teacher uploads course materials to the E-learning platform and publish them. Students who have doubts or couldn’t attend the session can access the folder via their smartphones and tablets, allowing them to build skills and understand activities without having to wait for their next E-learning session. 

Ultimate access to E-Learning Courses
Track e-learning

Easily track E-Learning Progress

The best part of the E-Learning platform is teachers and parents can monitor learner progress and ensure that students are fulfilling their performance goals. If a student is unable to complete an E-Learning scenario, teachers can provide them with additional resources to help the student improve their performance or learning habits. If it is observed that many students are having trouble with a particular online class, one can evaluate the E-Learning content and make necessary changes.

One Platform for Content

All E-Learning resources can be in one place rather than having them scattered across multiple hard drives and devices. This lowers the danger of losing vital data while also making the creation of the E-Learning course easier, because the information is saved on a distant server, every member of the E-Learning team may access it if utilizing it on a cloud-based. 

One Platform for Content
Easily track E-Learning Progress

Track E-Learning

In build assessment system helps track the performance of each student; it records and tracks their performance by conducting assessment and guides them with appropriate modules to improve their performance. As a result, it offers improved reporting capabilities for tracking student progress, allowing teachers to fine-tune lessons and create learning designs.

Advantages of Integrating E-Learning Platform

It is necessary to implement the technology to handle training materials, curriculum, and assessment tools. E-learning platforms make it simple for businesses to produce, track, and deliver learning materials to a large number.

As everything is online no cost or very little cost is involved, students and teachers do not have to travel to any location, online assessment and materials help save printing cost, thus implementing an LMS is far more cost-saving.

A well-organized E-learning platform helps to reduce time as the content and modules are easily accessible to the user one can simply click on the required module and get started without waiting for the trainer to cover the topic.

One can easily update information based on new trends or scientific findings, can simply log on to the LMS and make the necessary changes without having to recreate the entire E-Learning course. As all the content is in one place, one can update merely the master E-Learning course and then distribute it to all online learners.

An LMS supports multiple users at a time, so there will not be any problem with the system getting crashed at any time. Multiple users can log in and access any module as well as it will be compatible with smartphones, tab or computers.

Why ReapMind for building an E-Learning Platform?

The LMS market is expanding, with a projected value of $15.72 billion by 2021. By 2022, only students are estimated to account for 25% of all students engaged on E-learning platforms, not including those who participate in blended learning. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many schools and educational institutions have been forced to convert to online teaching platforms. With LMS development, now is the time to think about creating effective online courses that are feature-rich, provide more control, and keep schools connected to remote students.

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