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How Much Does it Cost To Develop a Mobile App in Mumbai?

Mumbai is recognized as India’s financial capital and has attracted potential businesses from all sectors of the economy. With every other business understanding the importance of digital transformation and mobile app development benefits, the demand for iOS and Android app development companies in Mumbai, India is rapidly increasing.

The business sector has already welcomed digital platforms, and in order to gain a competitive advantage, organizations must now increase their visibility by building their own mobile app

Most of the Entrepreneurs in Mumbai are striving to get one but struggling to know the correct app development cost details in Mumbai.

To help to achieve a clear understanding of the Mobile app development cost in Mumbai we have come down with a detailed blog that discloses every aspect of the topic.

When you want to develop an app, you can’t expect any mobile app Development Company to give you an accurate cost estimate because there is no set rate for application development and everything is dependent on a variety of factors. Before we get into the details, let’s take a look at the factors that influence app development costs in Mumbai.

Factors that influence app development cost in Mumbai

Prior to developing the mobile application, you must analyze or research the type of design you are seeking for your app, the appropriate platform to target and analyse the target market and business goals.

The application’s buttons, screens, and other components give it its individuality and convenience, but each component increases the cost of the app development in Mumbai as a whole.

Therefore, ReapMind builds a roadmap or a prototype that provides you a complete overview of the app development process

The cost of developing an app in Mumbai is determined by three factors:

–     Levels of application complexity

–    Structure, and design

–   The operating system on which the application is developed

Factor 1: App Development Complexity

The smaller and simpler the application, the lesser time it will take to create and the development cost will be less as well.

When it comes to the timing of application development, you must consider the scope of the impending task. How many features will be included in the product? How many screens, buttons, and functions will it have? How sophisticated will the application’s business logic be? The complexity of the app is determined by the features and integrations you select, as well as how you have an app produced.

 Simple app development cost in Mumbai -$5K-$50k
Mid level app development cost in Mumbai -$5500 to $100,000
Complex app development cost in Mumbai starts from $35,000

Type 1: Simple Complexity

It has fundamental features, three to four screens, basic functions, and no data storage. That was a high-level summary of a simple application. The following are the primary features of such an application:

Login \Signup

Creating and modifying profiles




Dashboard or admin panel

Examples include a calculator app, a time tracking app, a notes app, and a social networking app.

Type 2 : database and API-based applications.

Why does an airplane cost more than a car? Similarly, adding more features and databases to an app will raise the price. You want to include some more functionality in these applications (other than the ones you find above)

In-App Purchases with Social Media Integration

Geo-location Tracking

Payment portals

Aside from that, there is improved accessibility and utilization of solid infrastructure. These are the applications that necessitate data storage, retrieval from several databases, and increased synchronization. To create such an app, you must first estimate the size of the consumer base; this helps set the cost and price range. As a result, the higher the complexity and quantity of features supplied by the app, the higher the cost.

Examples include photo-sharing apps, taxi apps, and food delivery apps.

Type 3: high complexity: feature-rich and large-scale applications

Complex apps are intended for large corporations. Essentially, organizations create custom development without integrations or utilize custom integrations with existing systems. Complex apps are typically legacy or custom programs, which results in greater development costs in Mumbai. The entire cost of developing the app may be significantly higher than you expect. Here’s how the development cost of this type of app varies:

Data synchronization with more than two devices/li>

Native features

In-App Streaming

Video Chats


Such applications not only require highly sophisticated development labour, but also intricate research and preparation for the mobile app development cost estimate. Different infrastructure components are needed for the construction of dashboards and visualizations, the complexity of the development platform, and the number of servers, and databases. Not to mention the demands for redundancy and high availability. These can need extensive adjustments; the developers must code the majority of the functionalities. It can be challenging to estimate the cost and scope of an app project, especially before holding extensive meetings.

Examples include trading platforms, CRM application, business applications, and gaming apps.

Factor2.App esign Complexity

We have reached the app design stage in our discussion of how much it costs to develop an app in Mumbai. The design phase is a crucial component of the development. The process of designing is quite similar to that of development; as you add features, the cost increases proportionately. (Read more on how much it costs to design an app.) Similar to designing, using templates will constrain the cost estimate, but adding additional alterations to the design will increase the cost and lengthen the process. We also need to take a closer look at a couple elements in this situation.

Point 1 User Experience

UX focuses on how an application functions. The screens are created using a design platform or on paper in UX. In the end, it also influences the final cost of building a mobile app. The app should be simple for the user to use.

ReapMind is the best at creating that kind of UX experience and comprehending the market, the consumer, and the targets objectives. The price to launch a mobile app in Mumbai will vary depending on user involvement and the complexity of the design.


Button Placement

Colour Psychology

Following the user’s eye pattern

Point 2. User interface and Visuals

There are numerous intricacies to application design. However, it all starts with the user interface, or how the application will seem to the viewer. You can estimate the cost based on the use of various visual components. In reality, it has an impact on the cost of MVP design. The better design does not merely imply a more positive mindset. After designing an application, mockups are created to provide a visual representation of the solution. The design will also be determined by your objectives.

What do you need from an enterprise app?

Engagement \Sales \Information

Furthermore, the type of application you are developing will influence app development expenses.

The fundamental app


Social media networking





Diverse types of applications necessitate different design solutions. At ReapMind, we place equal emphasis on design and development to determine the most cost-effective way to construct an app.









Point 3: Branding

What thoughts come to mind when you think of:







Every organization has a brand value. Their logos and identities stand out among thousands of similar brands. Why? Because they have made an investment in branding. You may not want to sell your brand if you are developing a mobile app because of the cost. Your company model includes branding. So there is no question regarding whether or not branding should be included in the application development process

However, the final cost of developing an app in Mumbai will be determined by branding, which is why you must keep it low in the beginning. After grabbing a portion of the market, you might consider growing your branding activities.

Factor3.The Operating System on Which the App Will Run

We move on to the platform once we have an idea of how much it will cost to construct the app by taking complexity and design into account.

You must choose between two options:

Option 1: Create a cross-platform or hybrid app

 Hybrid in this context denotes that the app will function on either iOS or Android smartphones. This question is crucial in the discovery phase, which we at ReapMind use to determine how much an app costs in Mumbai. Consider these three factors before settling on a single platform:

Market share

Device Fragmentation


All of this is dependent on the market you intend to target initially. Knowing the market helps to determine the cost of iOS app development. You must understand where iOS is more common than Android. The same logic applies to Android smartphones. The development process for each platform differs, but not the cost of developing an app. Cross-platform apps benefit from easy fit and smooth operation, as well as the ability to exploit platform-specific capabilities. This contributes to a better user experience and lowers an app’s “how much does it cost” response. The cost of developing a native app is higher than that of a hybrid app. For obvious reasons.

Option 2: Create a Native App.

In contrast to a hybrid app, a native app only works on one platform: Android or iOS. As a result, if you want to build an app for both Android and iOS utilizing native frameworks, you’ll need to engage two separate development teams. One for creating an Android version, and another for creating an iOS version. You get the picture, don’t you? Because you’ll need to hire different employees for each platform, the cost will almost surely quadruple. You might wonder how much an iPhone or Android app costs.

. The answer is that the cost of developing an app for iOS and Android in Mumbai differs. Due to the fact that the technologies, SDK, databases, frameworks, and quality assessment systems for each are different.

What is the Accurate Mobile app development cost in Mumbai?

The reliable mobile app development company in Mumbai, ReapMind, has encountered numerous clients whose objective is to create a premium mobile app within their spending limit.

Our talented team of developers can provide you with the best mobile app development solutions since they have an in-depth understanding of various platforms and frameworks.

Utilize the advice provided by our specialists before contacting an app development firm.

–      Analyse the business model you would like            to work on

–       UX/UI design style will you select

–       Specifications and features needed

–       Establish a budget plan

–       certain about the type of app you want

–       Look at the company portfolio.

–     Ask them for a free demo of the work they have done so you may assess the quality of their past clients’ work.

Giving you an exact estimate of the cost of developing an app in Mumbai is quite challenging because it differs from one app Development Company to another.

.Depending on the features, app size, platform, and add-on technologies, the development cost in Mumbai may range from $5000 to $5000000.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about how much it will cost to design your app in Mumbai. We will offer you a free app development cost and feature assessment.


What should I consider to hire a Mobile app development company in Mumbai?

When looking for a mobile app development company in Mumbai, keep the following points in mind:

Look for clients who have been serviced.

Request their portfolio.

Examine their qualifications and certifications.

Inquire if they provide maintenance and support services.

Request a personalized quote.

How Much Does the app maintenance cost in Mumbai?

If you don’t make any changes to the app and merely perform bug patches and other routine maintenance, the average annual maintenance cost in Mumbai is 15-20% of the initial development cost. Connect to ReapMind to know the exact development cost 

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