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How Much Does it Cost to build an eCommerce app like Noon?

How Much Does it Cost to build an eCommerce app like Noon?

67% of users make purchases through an app. Sneakers, sunglasses, narcotics, office tables – you know, the usual suspects.

Lockdowns fuelled an already-growing eCommerce app development frenzy. Making purchases through eCommerce apps has become the most convenient and favored method of shopping.

As more people shop on their smartphones, businesses of all sizes are improving their on-the-go experiences using e-commerce apps.

According to Statista, mobile eCommerce sales will hit $432 billion in 2022, up from $148 billion in 2018.

With these figures in mind, you’re considering to enter into the eCommerce business. If you’re already there, you might be looking to attract new consumers and enhance income. The answer is simple: create an eCommerce app.

Have you heard about the Noon-eCommerce platform? No, or yes

Let us reveal about it

It is such a remarkable e-commerce app that is loaded in every mobile phone user of UAE that is obsessed with active online shopping.

If you are seriously striving to develop an eCommerce app then reflecting the supreme features and business plan of Noon eCommerce app can make your eCommerce app turn into a big hit.

Now you might be curious to know the Noon Ecommerce app development cost. Aren’t you?

Then go deep into this blog that uncovers everything about Noon- an eCommerce app.

What does it cover, and how much does Noon-app development cost? & what are the features of the Noon e-commerce app?

Before that let’s understand the basics of e-commerce app development

About Ecommerce app

An eCommerce app, also known as a mobile commerce app, is software that allows customers to explore and buy things from an online store.

Both you as a business owner and your customers can exceptionally take benefit from mobile commerce apps.

Customers may customize and control their experience, while your brand can better engage its customers in a dedicated place.

An essential need for an app is “ease of use.”Some factors that influence consumers’ decision to use mobile applications for purchasing include their mobile-first interface, quick loading times, secure checkout processes, and easy access from the home screen.

The enormous popularity of a multi-vendor e-commerce site such as Noon in the UAE and other Middle Eastern nations has spurred businesses to follow to benefit from its success.

Ecommerce app stats that boost your confidence

Following the pandemic, online businesses have grown dramatically. Since the pandemic, many businesses have migrated from physical shops to online stores.

Some of the intriguing variables that have aided this transition:

According to Statista, mobile devices contribute approximately 33% of online retail traffic.

According to data, 93.5% of global internet users have made online purchases.

By 2025, global online retail revenues are expected to reach $7.4 trillion.

Many questions may occur in your head while building an online eCommerce platform like Noon

Let’s clear it out one by one

What is Noon?

Noon is a successful $1 billion e-commerce platform introduced by Emaar Properties chairman Mohamed Alabbar, mainly recognized as the one-stop e-commerce shopping platform in the world, notably in the United Arab Emirates.

Its soothing user-friendly UI and faultless accessibility have gained it an international reputation.

With a 20 million product inventory stretching fashion, baby items, household goods, technology, sports, gadgets, groceries, and more, it promises to give a market-leading consumer experience.

Despite the utilization of outdated concepts, its convenient services have set a standard.

As a struggling business, you may want to create a clone eCommerce app like Noon while adhering to its business model, growth strategy, and logistics and supply chain back-end.

Users can quickly look for the things they want by exploring the site. This software uses an express delivery mode known as Noon-now, as well as a standard delivery model, followed by a natural process of storage, packaging, and delivering the product.

To create a Noon-like app, businesses must first understand how it operates. It has collaborated with several big retailers in the target audience’s area to sell its products.

Users must create a profile with their name, address, contact number, bank details, and so on to purchase things. When a user puts an order, the app alerts the nearest store. After collecting the product, the delivery boy will deliver it to the stated address within the time range specified.

Everyone participating in this process, including the store owner, delivery worker, and app owner, receives a defined amount.

Noon has set the standard for on-demand app development by providing on-time delivery. Businesses who wish to learn how to develop a Noon app should first need to get an idea about the cost

. Let’s take a look at some of the key features that distinguish Noon from other eCommerce platforms and also relate to the Noon-clone app development cost

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Features to Include to Make a Noon-Like E-commerce app

The user, vendor, and administrator panels are asset components of an eCommerce application.

These three panels control and administer the entire application’s functions.

 End users use the user panel capabilities, while vendors use the vendor panel features to provide products seamlessly.

These features will help users navigate the many operations of the e-commerce app.

User Panel

These features will help users navigate the many operations of the e-commerce app.

Register or Login

Users must first register to use the app. Signing up for the app necessitates the use of an email address or a phone number, as well as a password. They can use the login and password they created when signing up to access the app. User profiles contain all of the user’s personal information.

Search Products

The search bar allows users to find products in any category. They will be able to find relevant results that will take them to the information they require.

Order Placement

Users can order any products they require on the landing page. The following step is to enter the customer’s name, address, contact information, and payment method. The order is placed once the user clicks the ‘order’ button.

Check Order Summary, Status, and Tracking

After placing a purchase, users must discover the details of their order. Inquiries are made on the status of the order, its location, and the projected arrival time. Furthermore, this functionality improves user interaction with the application.


A wishlist enables people to save a product that they want and then purchase it later. This could be due to higher pricing, a lack of funds, or a lack of time. It also helps with app sales.

Feedback and Reviews

When a customer purchases a product, they can provide feedback in the form of reviews and ratings. They can also communicate any problems they had with the product or its quality, as well as any issues they had with the delivery person or the product itself. User feedback will assist other users in learning about the product and making a purchasing choice.

Multiple payment options

Noon like an online shopping app must contain this feature. It allows customers to pay in the method that suits them best. Credit cards, debit cards, online banking, and other payment alternatives must be available. As a result, customer loyalty will grow.

Loyalty Schemes

Make certain that your hired developers take this feature into account when designing your eCommerce app. Deals, discounts, reward points, referral programs, badges, and other features help the app generate more user engagement and encourage customers to continue purchasing.

Real-time Notifications

This feature keeps consumers informed of everything, including new promotions, order progress, Wishlist reminders, and much more. An app owner should remember that the primary aim of developing an app is to notify its users of new information, not to bother them.

Vendor Panel

A successful e-commerce app must include features that allow suppliers to manage their operations on the app, such as product delivery, inventory, and so on. This kind of sorted feature not only crashes the e-commerce Noon app development cost but also makes your app more user and vendor friendly.

Sign Up or Login

Similar to customers vendors must create a username and password to register. They can use these credentials to sign in later. A profile might include all of the information about orders, delivery details, and payment.

Product and Order Management

Order fulfillment is the process of tracking, receiving, and finishing customer orders. The order placement process concludes when the customer receives the merchandise. The vendor keeps track of each step of the procedure.

Include Subscription Plan

This profit-generating feature assists businesses in increasing revenue from app development by tracking subscribers and notifying them when their membership expires.

Payment Evaluation

This capability enables vendors to evaluate all payments received from their consumers. Their payment history includes application subscription fees, delivery expenses, product fees, and so on. Data is collected from several sources, such as mobile wallets, cards, and so on. Businesses can use this technology to gain information about app income, user shopping behavior, and other topics.

Multiple store Management

Vendors may be required to manage more than one e-commerce store at times. This functionality allows you to manage several stores. Furthermore, it meets all of the management requirements of various businesses and does so promptly.

Inventory Management

This feature is essential when building a mobile shopping app like Noon. It guarantees that the customer has enough inventory to fulfill orders. Businesses utilize it to store, purchase, and sell goods in order to increase profits.

Admin panel

The admin panel, as the app’s management panel, is in charge of a variety of key responsibilities. It should provide the following functions, ranging from customer and vendor management to extensive app analytics statistics.

Product and Category Management

Administrators must have access to this feature in order to update data about goods and services, add new products, and manage categories. The administrator should have access to everything.

User Management

Managing a large user base necessitates an integrated CRM system that facilitates the collection and organization of user data. In addition to reducing complaints, user segmentation aids in the delivery of offers and promotions.

Management of Deals and Offers

Administrators are always in need of a smooth feature for managing rewards and deals. It may be important for the administrator to authorize special promotional coupons or loyalty programs for select users quickly on occasion. In such a case, a feature like this would be quite valuable.

Dashboard Management

The admin dashboard shows all app activity. As a result, the administrator can have access to critical app data such as sales numbers, revenue, traffic, and product demand.

Analytics and Reports

The reports that summarise the app data in easy-to-understand formats allow an administrator to see how marketing campaigns and other activities are doing. As a result, marketing programs, decision-making, and omnichannel engagement improve.

How do e-commerce apps like Noon generate revenue?

While there are numerous ways to monetize an e-commerce app, we will examine a few of the most popular revenue channels for applications like Noon in this section that you can use separately or in combination to increase consumer value and revenue. So, without further ado, let us examine them.

Sign-up fees:

To entice vendors to sell on your platform, you can charge them a one-time fee known as a sign-up fee.

Subscription fees:

You can charge subscription fees on a monthly or annual basis to allow consumers to take advantage of tempting features such as specials, same-day delivery, and so on.

Listing fees:

You can charge vendors listing fees to have their products appear at the top of consumers’ searches.

Commission fees:

As commission fees, the platform owner can earn a fixed percentage of each transaction between customers and sellers, maintaining a steady income flow.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an E-Commerce App Like Noon?

There are numerous aspects involved in the development of an e-commerce website and app that is further impacted by the eCommerce app development company you elect.

Noon, an eCommerce store app, necessitates a detailed examination and analysis of these features.

Using this method, you may calculate the cost of developing an eCommerce mobile app. Some of the factors that determine the cost of producing a Noon app are listed below.

App platform

The platform you select is heavily influenced by the type of audience you want to reach. According to studies, the two most popular platforms are Android and iOS. Using a cross-platform application development business allows you to target both platforms and save money on development costs.

App design

The cost of a Noon e-commerce application is determined by the design you select. It is critical to creating a user-friendly design that will amaze the buyer.

Functionalities and features

When deciding which features to include in your app, keep your consumer base and the ultimate app layout in mind. If an app has sophisticated features, development costs and time will rise. As a result, it may be the most costly aspect of the app development process.

App size

The complexity and structure of your app impact its development expenses. If you’re interested in Noon, you should have a considerable budget. As additional features are introduced, the app will undoubtedly become larger.

Development Team

 Many people are engaged in the construction of an app, including:

Project Manager: Keeps track of deadlines and communicates with the client and team to avoid gaps.

Designers ensure that the app looks attractive and is user-friendly.

Developer: Creates and fixes the app’s code.

Back End Developer: Works with servers and databases to guarantee the app works properly.

Tester: Verifies that the software satisfies the performance requirements.

Generally, the cost to develop an eCommerce app like Noon may fall between $20,000 and $50,000.

However, if you want to create a future-ready app that includes voice search, AI chatbots, and highly personalized suggestions, the cost can exceed $70,000.

CountriesCost per hour       
App developers cost in India for developing a Noon like ecommerce app$15-$80
Eastern Europe$55-$180

How ReapMind can be a Needful Ecommerce Success Partner?

When it comes to effective e-commerce app development, ReapMind takes prior place in a solid track record, a team of experts, and a long list of clients.

Our portfolio is majorly fetched with successful eCommerce platforms that are now occupied with a massive user base.

One of the eCommerce apps was designed to cater to multi-regional content and products while maintaining the pace.

We developed another eCommerce platform for another client to provide a personalized experience to sports enthusiasts. The outcomes were also fantastic, with the company raising $5 million in the capital by selling enormous sports products.

So, if you want to construct an e-commerce app like Noon or are curious to know more about mobile app technology, contact our specialists immediately. We are pleased to assist you!

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Final words

With unimaginable prospects for growth in the e-commerce market, now is the greatest time to launch your business and invest in an app like to get successful

To get started with this app concept, you’ll need to hire a reliable eCommerce app development company that has experience transforming your app concept into a live mobile application by merging cutting-edge technology and demanding skills.

After reading this blog, you will have a better grasp of how Noon has attracted the market’s interest.

Get in touch if you have a related app idea and are looking for specialists to help you implement it the way you intended.


What is the cost of developing an e-commerce app like Noon?

A simple Noon app without a back-end database, API capability, or additional integrations will cost between $10,000 and $12,000. Somewhat complex software can cost somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000. A more complicated software will cost more than $40,000.

Which is the most demanding eCommerce app in UAE?

Some of the most popular e-commerce apps in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ras-al Khaimah are:

Noon, Mumzworld, Carrefour, Amazon, LetsTango, and more

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