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How much does it cost to build a Multi-Gaming Platform App like MPL?

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With the speedy rise in popularity of fantasy apps such as MPL, the Indian fantasy sports industry is anticipated to skyrocket to a grand net worth of around 3.7 billion dollars by 2024. Fantasy sports apps like MPL are capitalizing on this enthusiasm for sporting events owning an unbelievable fan base and high level of user interest.

Investing in fantasy sports app development like MPL going to turn out to be a big jackpot to harvest incredible revenue

According to a Deloitte report, the sector is expected to be worth 1.65 lakh crore by FY2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38%. Just dream up how worthwhile it will be if you become a part of this revolutionary gaming industry

The popularity of major sports leagues such as the NFL and the Indian Premier League (IPL) is subjected to driving up demand for fantasy sports in India.

So, if you want to break into this industry, having a multi-gaming platform like MPL is the best way to make an impact. Multi-game platform apps have been acing the gaming market for the past couple of years since they provide gamers with a selection of modest yet interesting games.

Well, do you want to know how much it costs to create an app like MPL? Then you’ve come to the right place. We being trusted as the best fantasy sports Development Company are fully aware of the fantasy sports development world and assist you in providing accurate cost and feature estimates of MPL.

Overview of MPL

MPL is India’s largest skill-based gaming app platform, where anyone over the age of 18 can compete in mobile gaming tournaments for real money. Shubham Malhotra and Sai Srinivas created it, and Galactus Funware Technology Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore operates it.

MPL has over 50 interesting games. Furthermore, it allows us to play real money fantasy sports games (such as fantasy cricket, football, and others), various card games (such as poker, rummy, and others), Ludo, Snake & Ladder, and chess, carrom, quiz, and so on.

The competition is fierce, and if you want to beat them all, you must provide the best app to your users. For that, you should hire an expert and skilled fantasy sports development company holding the experience and capabilities to shape the unbeatable apps.

In the above-mentioned factors, ReapMind is the best suitable fantasy app development company with a stronger gaming apps portfolio

MPL app key features

User On-boarding 

Sign up using your email, phone, email, Gmail, or social media login.


The user dashboard gives users complete control over their privacy, data, offers, and prizes.


Displaying all upcoming matches, leagues, and events, along with the date and time.

Referral Programs

Users can refer their friends and family and earn referral bonuses.

My team

Enable the user to select the players and form a winning team.

Play now

Users can easily enter the contest by paying the participation fee.

Winning Amount

After winning the match, the user can transfer the winnings to their bank account with a single click.

Private leagues 

Users can create private leagues or contests, set the prize for the winner, and implement strategies.

Leader Board

The user can view information about their own and other teams, such as their score, player’s score, won matches, and so on.

Admin Panel
Admin login

Verification of Admin, followed by Secured Admin Login

User Appreciation

Administrators can congratulate new users by providing bonus amounts, offers, and coupons. They can also keep records of it.

League Specifics

Admin can activate or deactivate contests or leagues as needed.

Contest Management

Enables administrator’s control over contests. They have control over the winning prize and the number of contests held each day.

Admin Dashboard

Administrators can view all contest and user statistics and download reports for analytics. They can see live contests, total winning amounts, total players who participated, and everything else.

Match Settlement 

Admin can easily settle all of the matches and view all of the reports.

Revenue Report 

Allows the administrator to generate reports on the total revenue generated and winning prize money distributed to users.

Push Notification

Admins can send real-time alerts and updates to users via the push notification feature.

Withdrawal Limits  

The administrator can set or change the withdrawal amount limit, review withdrawal requests, and settle with a single click.

Updates to Reward Points

The admin panel allows the administrator to manage the reward points.

Additional Features
Player details

Users can see insights about players, their track record, their most recent performances, key factors, and expert opinions about them in addition to the basic profile.

Cricket Quiz 

Extended game feature, which allows users to have fun while not competing in leagues. While they test their cricket knowledge by earning performance badges and redeemable points.

Live Game status

Another add-on feature for your fantasy cricket app development solution is live match streaming, which allows your users to see the action as it happens in the app.

Reward Points

One of the guaranteed engagement features that will keep your users returning to the app to earn participation points, loyalty bonuses, or cash rewards.

Match outcomes and highlights

After the match, users receive a match review that includes the final scorecard, match stats, short videos, fantasy league results, performance outcome, and comparative graphs.

Prediction of the winner and score

Predictions about who will perform best, which team will win, how much teams and individual players will score, and much more.

Friend follow and chat Model

You can connect and chat with users on other social media sites in the same way that you can get this add-on feature built for your fantasy sports website

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like MPL?

MPL development cost for a single Android or iOS platform with minimal functionality will cost roughly $50,000 to $60,000. It can cost up to $100,000 to design an app like MPL with all of the sophisticated features and compatibility for many mobile platforms.

The price of the MPL Game App is also determined by the firm you choose as well as other criteria.

MPL game development costs from small companies range from $15 to $40 per hour.

MPL app development costs from intermediate companies range from $50 to $100 per hour.

MPL development cost from Enterprise level companies charges $100-$300/hr

When evaluating the cost of developing a multi-gaming platform app like MPL several aspects come into play, such as the number of games, features, user interface customization, and so on.

Willing to achieve a user-winning Fantasy sports app like the MPL app at a budget-friendly cost with top-notch quality then reaching out for ReapMind is the best decision you can make ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create An MPL-like App?

If you want to make an app like MPL, you could hire the best MPL developers from ReapMind, a successful fantasy sports development company. Our developers have an extensive experience and skills in the gaming world empowering you to gain unmatchable apps.

2. How Much does it cost to develop an app like MPL?

Unless you have a list of features and other factors to count the cost for, there is no exact figure that can be defined as the development cost of an app. The cost of developing an app is also determined by the demographics chosen for development. The approximate cost of developing an app like MPL ranges between $25k and $35k. If you want to create an app that won’t break the bank, hire ReapMind as your development partner right away.

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