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How much does it cost to develop a Chabot in 2024?

With the rapid increase in the adoption of the digital world, each online business is ramping up with the number of users day by day. The best benefit of digital business is round-the-clock services available for all the customers regardless of their location. But what if the customers require urgent assistance? What if you get huge traffic on the customer desk? What if your customer support team is busy attending to other customers? To all these what if, there is only one answer, that is an AI chatbot that is as intelligent as your customer support team and is capable of catering to your customers for their basic to medium level queries automatically without any human interventions, which means developing an AI chatbot can help you cut down the queue of customers to almost half and can serve immediate services to everyone seeking your assistance.

Most businesses are now taking a step forward with the AI chatbot development companies and looking forward to knowing the chatbot development cost in India. Are you also the one seeking the answers to the same question and need a permanent solution? Then here are your answers.

The very first question might be how to build an AI chatbot? The development of AI chatbot is categorized into different development phases as listed below:

1. Ideation or discovery phase:

At the very prior level, you need to set goals that you are willing to achieve with your apps, such as the issues that you are willing to get addressed, type of audience, appropriate chatbot development strategy, technologies to be used, and size of business, and more.

2. Minimal viable product development:

When you are ready with your ideation, you must check the feasibility of the idea with the development of minimum features of the apps. Chatbot development companies in India can help you to develop the minimum viable product to test among your targeted users.

3. Chatbot development:

To develop an effective and elite AI chatbot you need a team with expertise in various technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. In the development phase, one of the primary objectives is to determine the type of chatbot that you are willing to develop. A few types of AI chatbots used by the corporate world are listed below:

Booking bots:

Used by the businesses that offer booking services to the clients, such as scheduling appointments, sending notifications to the customers, travel bookings, cab bookings, and more.

Customer support chatbots:

Customers are the backbone of any business and being a service provider, you need to be available for your customers round the clock to serve them with the best experience. AI chatbots can help you in replacing your manual efforts and serve your customers always without any delay.

  • Chatbots in marketing:

    Chatbots that can send emails to your determined receivers, enhance your online presence on various platforms, simplify and sort your product pricing for the customers, lead generation, and more.

Entertainment chatbots:

The entertainment industry is expanding its winds with the increasing numbers of users with each user having different choices and preferences. The entertainment industry must serve a personalized experience to the users. By integrating an AI chatbot with the app you can serve a personalized experience to all your users with less or no effort.

4. Quality assurance:

Before you deploy the AI chatbot it is necessary to ensure the efficiency of the chatbot by testing its performance on several milestones.

AI chatbot development cost:

The average cost of a basic AI chatbot development ranges between $15,000- $30,000 and if you have a customized requirement with a high level of complexities in the chatbot then it may range between $40,000- $1,00,000. This is only an estimate based on the survey conducted on the chatbot development companies but the accurate chat development cost completely depends on the team you are hiring for development and the customizations you are looking forward to for your AI chatbot.

If you are selecting your AI chatbot development team from India then you get the best talent pool at an average cost o $50-$150 per hour but if you have chosen a region like the USA then the per hour cost of developer may range in between $100-$300 per hour.


The development stages of an AI chatbot are simple as any other app but while selecting a team you must be considerate about the technologies they master. To develop the best chatbot your team must be proficient in various latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

If you just need a chatbot with basic features then it may cost you in a range of $15,000-$30000 but if you go for the features customization then the cost to develop an AI chatbot will range between $40,000- $1,00,000.

If you are willing to hire an AI chatbot developer in India on an hourly basis then it may cost you approx. $50-$150 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to develop an AI chatbot?

The accurate cost of an AI chatbot can be determined only after listing down your requirements. There are different types of chatbots serving different vertexes of business industries with varying levels of feature complexities. But, on average, the cost to develop an AI chatbot ranges between $15000-$30000 for basic complexities and $40,000 – $1,00,000 for a higher level of complexities.

2. Do you source resources for AI app development?

We offer the most flexible engagement models for our clients making it easier for them to choose the best professionals of their choice based on their requirements and talent possessed by the professionals. We also extend you the liberty to choose your team from our best talent pool.

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