One File that Saves it All- Electronic Medical Record.

Electronic Medical Record

The days of a family doctor remembering each patient’s medical history are long gone as the world’s population continues to grow. To keep track of births, deaths, immunizations, and each person’s whole medical history, healthcare providers rely on technology.

Patients benefit from better medical care because healthcare providers have access to complete and accurate data. An electronic medical record can increase the ability to diagnose diseases and reduce even prevent medical errors, resulting in better patient health outcomes. Helps improve engagement and communication between patients and healthcare providers. Prescriptions will be safer and more dependable as a result of this technology.

Our healthcare solutions at Reapmind are specifically suited to the demands of healthcare companies, supporting them in enhancing patient flow, treatment outcomes, and revenue and productivity. Most importantly, we assist in the design and development of a model that assists the healthcare business in delivering in a manner that allows one to dominate the market.

Attributes of Electronic Medical Record

In electronic medical records just like paper medical records, it keeps track of patient data and medical history in electronic format. This documentation serves a variety of purposes, including maintaining a thorough record of patient care for future decision-making, promoting continuity of care across visits, and supporting diagnoses, treatment plans, and medication or other orders.

Patient Schedling

Patient Scheduling

An electronic medical record has a tool that helps set appointment allow office staff to simply book patients, register them, and select a reason for their visit. To prevent no-shows and improve collections, this electronic medical record system sends out automatic appointment reminders via email or text.

Patient Flow

To maximize productivity, one must first understand how patients flow through the business. To reduce inefficiencies, the most useful electronic medical record track patient flows in real-time. When a clean examination room is available, patients should never be forced to wait in the waiting room.

Patient Flow
Task Management

Task Management

Assist in managing the routine duties that clog up the everyday agenda. Signing notes, reviewing test findings, approving prescriptions, and responding to patient messages are all things that a quality system will remind healthcare providers to do. Won’t waste time looking for misplaced charts, waiting by the fax machine, or digging for missing patient information electronic medical records will get it done.

Patient History Charts

Patient information such as prescriptions, allergies, current disorders, vaccines, and other crucial data points are easily accessible with an electronic medical record. The EMR instantly records clinical content so that healthcare providers can document normal conditions and abnormalities with a few simple mouse clicks, minimizing transcription time and cost.

Patient History Charts
Sort Patients with Similar Condition

Sort Patients with Similar Condition

Helps to sort patients with similar conditions, the electronic medical record system allows creating order sets and templates. Later, sorts patients with similar diagnoses, which can be re-used to save time and speed up the clinical interaction.

Detailed Reports

An electronic medical record system gives real-time access to clinical and financial data, allowing you to make better practice decisions. The ability to generate thorough reports that illustrate how progressing toward meaningful use. This will reveal where one should concentrate their efforts to qualify for those coveted government incentives.

Detailed Report

Benefits of Implementing Electronic Medical Record

Electronic medical record software provides numerous advantages that not only keep medical practices current in the 21st century but also keep them informed about ongoing advances in health care. In a continuously changing healthcare landscape, it’s becoming increasingly important to use every tool if a healthcare provider wants to make money and develop business in the future.

Paper charts take up space, and when they grow in size, other storage facilities for older chart volumes become necessary. Electronic medical record software replaces hardcopy charts. Not only is restricted space now available for other office functions, but office supplies such as paper, dividers, and chart expenditures are no longer necessary.

Filing is a human process, and charts might be misfiled at times. There are occasions when the chart is in a different location, obstructing workflow. By having one chart available electronically to many people at the same time, electronic medical record software minimizes the possibility of a misfiled or misplaced chart while also boosting office operations.

In some emergency cases at times healthcare providers may prescribe medication that is either unsuitable due to an allergy or incompatible with another drug. These problems can be detected by an electronic medical record system before they become a problem or a health emergency.

Patient records can be destroyed by floods, fires, hurricanes, and other natural calamities. This can not only shut down a clinic, but it can also cause major disruptions to inpatient care. An electronic medical record system can be configured to back up data daily or monthly to an onsite or offsite location, resulting in a safe copy of data.

For jobs like filing, numerous personnel is assigned. The expense of employment has the potential to drain revenue. Most filing duties can be eliminated or reduced to the point that staff hours can be cut using an electronic medical record system. Furthermore, transcription costs are frequently reduced since the system transcribes specified notes or notations made by the physician during a patient visit, therefore removing the need for a transcriptionist on staff.

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