Online Marketplace Platform

An Online Marketplace where Big & Small all Business meet.

An online marketplace is a digital platform with a website and online/offline mobile app versions where several sellers and suppliers offer product listings in exchange for online marketplace fees.

A multichannel e-commerce strategy assists in selling products on one or more online marketplaces. As a seller, one should never stop working on own website and mobile apps because they are completely customizable and under control, but expanding sales channels is a realistic strategy.

The online marketplace is a boon to retailers and customers as multiple products could be listed and found on the same page.

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Features of Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces provide merchants with a platform that includes everything needed to run a successful business. Orders and payments are usually handled by the marketplace, while sellers are responsible for adding products, selecting prices, and filling out all essential information.

B2B Online Marketplace

In this type of online marketplace the products and services are exchanged between two businesses or service providers.

B2B Online Marketplace

C2C Online Marketplace

An online marketplace facilitates services like selling, renting, sourcing, etc of products and services from customer to customer.

B2C Online Marketplace

The online marketplace is best for businesses to reach out to the masses, this platform helps the business to expand demographically with minimum investment.

Peer-to-Peer Online Marketplace

Marketplaces that connect individuals who have something to sell or are looking for something to buy, bypassing traditional offline businesses and providing better, faster, cheaper, and more convenient options, frequently available globally.

Mcommerce Online Marketplace

With this platform, one can do buying and selling through their smartphones or tablets at their convenience.

Auction Online Marketplace

A seller posts a product with a deadline rather than a fixed price, and sellers place bids on the item, with the highest bidder receiving the item after the auction.

Payment Integration

Integration of several payment systems into an online marketplace, allows transaction processing such as fee payments, payments for products/services delivered, participation in a fundraising campaign, and so on, directly on the platform.

Membership Plan

A set of free or paid services are granted to online marketplace users for a particular period, usually monthly, yearly, or listing fees.

Impact of Online Marketplace on Business

An online marketplace is the best platform for any company or brand to invest in and squeeze maximum revenue for the business.

Many buyers use online marketplaces as their primary search engine, allowing businesses to expand reach across multiple channels by improving visibility on digital platforms.

Helps business to reach new demographic niches and discover new sales opportunities. Once a customer now can always stay your customer.

Manage ad campaigns and also test keywords, also helps you change copies and designs too often helping do better product listing and attract more traffic to your store on the online marketplace.

Product information management could be done easily along with bulk upload of products, other things business need not care of.

The payment for products or services reaches the business in time and also in the most secure way, one need not worry about delayed payments.

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