Food Delivery App Development

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Online food delivery application has made it easy for the restaurant business to reach out their customers.

Food delivery has seen a great boom in revenue of 5.8% growth in the restaurant business, it is estimated that online food delivery will see growth as high as $220billion by 2023, making it 40% of total restaurant sales.

Looking at this growing trend of the market it sums up to make a smart choice by going online & getting online food delivery app developed.

Technologically Crafted Solution for Online Food Delivery Business

At ReapMind we build an application with the below features, to give the best service to full fill your business expectation.

User Interface

Online food delivery platforms are widely expanding as consumer can order from wide array of restaurants, can compare and learn from ratings also they stay updated with various ongoing offer, new dishes added to menu and much more.

  1. In this it is a simple security check process with login through password or OTP generated.
  2. The current location of the user would be captured in real-time, which can also be edited manually on an online food delivery app.
  3. Once login is done the user can see all the restaurants serving in that location, menu, offers available.
  4. Then the user needs to add the food items to the cart, one can order only from a single restaurant at one go; then the user can check for the available offer and select the respective coupon code to avail the offer.
  5. There are multiple payment options available for the users.
  6. Post placing the order the user can see the estimated time for the order to reach, the name, and contact details of the delivery partner.
  7. On receiving the order, the customer has to rate the delivery service & the food.

Restaurant Interface

Traditional way of calling restaurant & placing order had chances of errors, which are eliminated by food delivery app platforms, also big and small players in the industry can showcase themselves building up a healthy competition and expanding the arena of business reach.

  1. The restaurant interface will have a login too.
  2. The restaurant has the right to add, edit and delete or make all the changes in their menu and offers as per their requirement on the online food delivery app; also can add the timings they are serving.
  3. Once the order is received the restaurant can either accept or reject it at their convenience.
  4. On acceptance of the order, the restaurant will have access to the name & contact details of the customer & the delivery partner.
  5. Then the restaurant has to prepare the order in a stipulated period, pack it well and hand it over to the delivery partner.
  6. Once the order is received by the customer the amount will be reflected in the restaurant’s account.

Delivery Interface

A secured and convenient delivery assured to the customer & the restaurant. The restaurant & the customer both would be able to track the delivery partner thus helping in smooth flow of process.

  1. The delivery partner too will have a secure login check.
  2. Once an order is placed the delivery partner will be notified of the location of order pick up & the delivery location on the online food delivery app.
  3. On acceptance of the order, the delivery partner can request maps to get the location of restaurants, the application we built has AR configured maps; which makes it easy to find routes & relate to location.
  4. The delivery partner will have access to the name & contact details of the customer & restaurant for better coordination purposes.
  5. The delivery partner has to update the status when he collects the order from a restaurant as well as when delivered to the customer.
  6. The delivery partner will be notified about the payment collection on reaching the customer location & would need to collect cash for cash on delivery.
  7. The delivery partner will also have to rate the customer.


Being the soul of the app has all rights and control over the food delivery app and can monitor & regulate deliveries. Also can easily fetch and share data of customer preferences, best restaurants and delivery partner details.

  1. This being the main building block will have access to all the activities of the user, restaurant & delivery partner.
  2. Admin can add or delete the user, restaurant, or delivery partner.
  3. All the backend information & verification details would be saved at the admin end & could be accessed as & when required.
  4. Have access to all transactions and can easily fetch reports.

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