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Online Tution App

During the Pandemic it is been observed that a big portion of the world has been quarantined from the rest of the world, and as a result, educational institutions such as schools, colleges, private academies, and government educational bodies have been closed down and affected the most.

Technological development has helped this sector to cope up with the losses. So with the online tuition app, Students can now enroll in a course from the comfort of their own homes, changing the traditional teaching methods. Online Tutor Apps, which allow students to connect with a tutor simply by installing an app on their device here, can connect with a top tutor with an app.

The team ReapMind will help you get the best designs and user-friendly online tuition app developed that can easily be handled by students, parents, and tutors.

Key Elements of Online Tuition App

Let us Bridge the GAP between Learners and Teachers


Students can register with a single click using their email address or a social network account.

Search Tutor

Students can search for tutors teaching the course of their choice based on their unique needs such as course, subject, times, exams, and topic on the online tuition app.

Review & Tutor Profile

The tutor’s profile contains information about their experience, topic competence, and more. Other students’ reviews and ratings are also included in this section.


Class & Courses

Students can enroll in a specific course by reserving a specific tutor, students can take a demo class to assess the instructor’s teaching style and review the learning modules.


Chat & Message

The app has an integrated chat messenger that allows students to speak with tutors; easy to inquire about the pricing structure, class schedules, and the learning process, etc.


Online tuition apps include the ability to provide ratings and reviews for the tutor. Students’ feedback allows other students to learn more about the tutor.


Push Notification

The function is mainly available for the admin to send automatic notifications concerning any changes in the course schedule, course payments, tutor availability, new training launches, and more.

Online Tuition App Tutor Interface

Advantages of Online Tuition App

Now no more traveling one can save time on traveling and sessions could be scheduled at the convenience of both student and tutor.

With an online tuition app, tutors can get the help of images and videos to help understand the topic in a better sense.

As students and tutors from around the world are registered one can get the best of all the benefits.

Right from traveling to admin assets all costs could minimize and saved.

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