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Online Medical Delivery

According to statistics, current buyers prefer to get online medicine delivery as it consumes less time, and medicines home delivery makes it available easily. Customers use an online medicine delivery app to look through a variety of medicine categories. Once they’ve found what they’re looking for, they add it to their basket and check out. Users then make secure payments and get medicine home delivery information in real-time. So it’s no surprise that online medicine delivery applications are becoming increasingly popular & aim at strengthening client relationships and increasing revenue.

We the team ReapMind simplify and inject efficiency in the medical supply chain while developing trust and providing a better user experience as a leading online medicine delivery app development firm. Our solutions are customized to meet specific business demands, whether it’s on-demand online medicine ordering or online medicine delivery to a patient’s address or obtaining prescriptions and consultations. We offer cutting-edge online medicine delivery app development solutions that assist pharma businesses to grow their market footprint and delight end-users by medicine home delivery, backed by substantial experience in pharmaceutical supply chain operations and technology knowledge.

In-App Features of Online Medicine Delivery

Role-based user permissions are included in the online medicine delivery application. Each permission category grants access to a distinct set of features.

Customer Management

Pharmacies Management

Each pharmacist can log in through id and password or phone number and OTP. Authentication at each stage is a must for the overall security of the online medicine delivery app.

The pharmacist will have all rights to add, delete and change the list of medication information available in the store. Easy to track available stock

Each new order received will be notified to the pharmacists along with the prescription for verification purposes. Also, stores will be able to manage ongoing orders in real-time.

Pharmacists will have the rights to provide discounts and offer to a loyal customer; will all payments in the app and would be able to track payments in real-time.

The store can now easily keep a record of stock, check out for similar medicines, look after P&L of the store, record of the customer, etc with the online medicine delivery application.

Pharmacies Management
Courier Management

Courier Management

All delivery partners can log in through id and password or phone number and OTP for authentication.

When the order is placed delivery partner will receive a notification and details of pickup and delivery.

Courier partners will have to share details of each process to help customers and pharmacists track the status in real-time.

The delivery partner will have to authenticate the customer with an OTP and then post handing over parcel need to update the same.

Admin Management

The admin has the rights to add, edit and delete customers, suppliers, manufacturers, and delivery partners.

Admin will have all access to check stock at each store and notify about expiry date and low stock the suppliers.

To attract more customers admin can design campaigns in various forms and try to sell more, helping pharmaceuticals to generate more profits.

Admin has access to monitor all the functions in the app and thus can bring together operational data and statistics, and help by providing interactive reports for smooth business flow helping boost the revenues.


Admin Management

Why Choose Us???

With the start of a new decade, online medicine delivery is gearing up to take advantage of a new wave of innovative technology. The key to reshaping the industry is the aggressive use of technology and devotion, and no industry needs that isn’t serving the customer with home deliveries.

The team ReapMind assists in the development of specialized technological features to improve reach and accessibility.

Our skilled team of developers and designers will assist you in creating an app that will help you achieve your specified objective while also ensuring a high rate of return.

ReapMind is the only one in the industry that serves post-delivery of projects. Our after-project delivery service helps us stand out from our competitors.

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