Online Pet Care

Online Pet Care

Animals have become extremely important in everyone’s life. We live in a culture that is fractured and disconnected, politics is divisive, religion is fractious, technology is demanding, and the economy is bleak. What one thing is in lives on which humans can rely? A dog, cat, or other creature that loves completely and faithfully every day.

But it becomes quite a task to take out time and book appointments for various pet care services, but what if there is some platform where you can book and get all your pet services just at a click. Yes, all this is now possible by developing an online pet care app where all this could be done easily.

Team ReapMind helps one build all such ideas that would help serve society to the best. When everything is going online let the pet care app be made at the convenience of people, which would help people to take good care of their pet and get online solutions easily.

Features of Online Pet Care

A one-stop solution for all pet parents, the pet care app is a boon to all new and old pet parents as they will get easy reminders and updates on all details related to their pets.

Pet Profile

The basic information about the pet is to be filled and a profile is to be created. The fields should be simple to change, and the ability to create multiple profiles should be available, as many individuals have multiple pets.

Pet Reminders

On the app’s main page, a dashboard will be visible. The dashboard will have all data related to the pet’s temperature, pulse, activity level, scheduled vet appointments or medication, and the time till the next food or walk.

Pet Food Monitoring

Allows the owner to monitor each pet’s food and water consumption to alter the pet’s diet or detect early indicators of health problems. A table of calories and a list of approved products can be included in the feature.

Pet Exercise

An option designed and linked to a GPS tracker that may be found on any smartphone. It allows planning walks and physical activities of pets, as well as track distance, time, and pace; this helps to manage the health of the pet.

Pet Tracking

This feature displays a pet’s location at all times through a pet care app, which is linked to a wearable device. It can have a geo-fencing feature that sends out notifications when the pet leaves an authorized region or enters a prohibited one. Apps can also assist users in sending notifications if the pet is lost.


This tool allows communicating with veterinarians and submitting medical records. If one needs to demonstrate the vet, pet’s symptoms, or behavior, a video streaming option is also available in the pet care app, therefore helps in getting the best veterinarian for a pet.

Pet First Aid

First aid advice is included in media items of pet care app in the form of the table name, photographs, and short films that demonstrate how to make a bandage, stop bleeding, and so on. This could be beneficial when there is an emergency as well.

Benefits of having Pet Care

With the quick pace of modern living, keep track of every detail of a pet’s life. Pet owners gladly get a pet care app to keep track of pets’ lives.

Manage pet’s activities with just a click and have a watch over them even when the user is not around.

In an emergency, it is best to have a piece of professional advice that would help to heal rather than taking the worst turn by self-medication.

From having a 24*7 watch on pet one can also easily monitor pet food, pet health, exercise schedule, etc, and know what all necessary changes or steps are to be taken.

Now for all situations, pet owners will have professional help available at a click, through video call veterinarians can examine the pet and suggest appropriate treatment.

Why ReapMind to build Pet Care App?

The experts at ReapMind can help you customize solutions to streamline your practice.

We build, design, and develop apps that assist our clients in dealing with their overall concerns.

We the Team ReapMind, are the only one in the industry who serves post-delivery of project. Our after-project delivery service helps us stand out from our competitors.