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How much does it cost to develop a Ludo game app?

The gaming world is touching new heights of success, especially the surge in the pandemic which gave a lot of pf time and isolation to the folks has paced up the enthusiasm among the gamers, and also tempted others to be a part of this giant gaming industry. Seeing this continuously ramping up a graph of the gaming sector has attracted most the entrepreneurs and other business giants to get started with the game development. One of the most exciting board games that have been loved by the gamer to play online is Ludo and it has been loved all across the globe. A large number of game enthusiastic have been noticed indulging their maximum time in playing board games online like Ludo. It is one of those games which will never go outdated and you can find your targeted users in all age groups.

If you are setting up to hire Ludo game developers to make your dream a reality then you must first know about the most important features of a Ludo game that attracts the gamers to be a permanent user of your app.

Features of Ludo game app development

Well, you can develop a ludo game with virtual credit points, or to make it more interesting you can also incorporate the real-money system into your app. Ludo game is already defined with the rules to play, so you also need to develop your app with the same set of rules, but the features that will make your app stand out among the rest are the options to play that you extend to your users, such as:

Play with computer/offline mode:

If you are all alone and need a partner to make your leisure time interesting then ludo can be the best partner offering you an option to play with the computer (automated). This will be just like a game you are playing with your friends on board.

Play with friends/offline mode:

If you have got your friends along and willing to play a Ludo game together just like your old childhood days sharing aboard, then also today’s Ludo game app serves you with an option to play on the app with a multiplayer option to play with one, two, or three friends.

Room creation to play with friends/online mode:

Ludo game app must also have an option to online play with friends who are far from the location. The users can create a room with the entry code which they can share with their friends asking them to join the board and play along.

Play worldwide:

Players must also get an option to play with the players worldwide sharing the same platform. The app must have tournaments in which the users can just dive in and get connected with the competitors. It must give the liberty to the users to choose the number of players they are willing to play along.

Most entrepreneurs wonder “how much does it cost to develop a Ludo game?”. If you are also one among those and seeking the precise and detailed answers to your questions then here are the accurate answers.

Other important features of Ludo app development that have a direct impact on cost:

  • Features for users:

– Login/registration

– Online/offline gaming modes

– Practice match

– Create a private room

– Invite friends

– Refer to a friend

– Play with real money

– Notifications

– Auto mode

– Money withdrawal to a bank account

– Wallet management

– In-app coins management

– Daily bonus coins

– Chat with friends

– Customer support

– Setting for gaming mode

2. Features for admin:

– Admin dashboard

– Game records

– User management

– Notification management

– Payment transaction management

– Manage sub admin

– Reward points

– Revenue management

– View earnings

The next aspect that has a great influence on the Ludo game app development cost is the technologies used in it. Here is the technology stack that you may require while developing.

– Unity engine

– js for backend development

– Azure for cloud

– MongoDB or SQL for database

– io for real-time communication

– Google cloud messaging and apple push notification services

– Payment integration

– Azure stream analytics

– SMS gateway

Another major aspect that plays a vital role in deciding your Ludo app development cost is team selection. Let’s understand the team requirement for Ludo game development:

– Project manager

– Android/iOS/ cross-platform app developer

– 2D and 3D graphic designer

– Backend developer

– Game sound designer

– VFX animation artist

– QA engineer

– UI/UX designer

Cost to hire Ludo game developers:

The cost to develop a ludo game depends on the type of professionals you are hiring for your project. Most entrepreneurs prefer to outsource their app development requirements to other companies with the best talent pool. Here is an estimate of charges for hiring a developer based on the company types.

Small app development company: $15-$50 per hour

Medium app development company: $50-$100 per hour

Enterprise-level app development company: $100-$300 per hour


Ludo is one of the most thriving games reaching out to almost mobile screens regardless of the platforms. It has been one of the most preferred games for every age group. This is the reason why most gaming companies are taking interest in developing ludo games and also it is increasing the competition at the fastest pace. If you are willing to develop a ludo app and willing to hire ludo game developers then don’t wait more get set for the competition with the best Ludo game developers in India. The cost to hire a Ludo game developer can range between $30-$300 per hour based on the company from which you are hiring the resources. But, for sure it is a one-time investment that will serve you with long terms returns.

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