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How much does it cost to develop an app like Meesho?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Meesho?

Most folk search for the online shopping options that can serve them the best products at the least possible cost and Meesho is one of those online shopping apps that is becoming home for all types of requirements. Whether you are looking for apparel or utensils, Meesho is the right solution with the top brands to local sellers online.

The Meesho app is incepted with an idea to extend opportunity to all types of sellers and the primary focus was home-based businesses. Now, the idea of bringing all range of sellers under one roof is becoming viral with the highest potential of success shortly. This is calling almost entrepreneurs to get set with an app like Meesho and ramp up their revenue to the sky-high limit and also allowing the sellers who are not capable of bringing their storefront to the online platform. The biggest question here is “how much does an online shopping app development cost?”

Now, when it comes to the meesho app development cost, then it counts on several aspects, such as features to be incorporated, selection of app development team, and more. Let’s have a look on what are the necessities that you need to consider while estimating your online shopping app development cost.

Features of Meesho app

To develop an online reseller app like meesho you need to consider features for both, the users and the sellers. Basic features that an online reseller app must have are listed below:

– For Users

1. Registration:

Option for the users to get registered with the app using their mobile number or email id.

2. Authorization:

To ensure the validity of given details, an app must have authorization features

3. Search filters:

Options for the users to search products based on their requirements

4. Product feed:

Based on the previous searches and purchases, the app must be able to serve product feeds to the users

5. Shopping cart:

An option for the users to add all the products they want to buy before they check out from the app.

6. Payment integration:

An option for the buyers to make online payments using their credit/debit card, UPI id, cash on delivery, etc.

6. Review and rating:

To enhance the user’s experience and allow them to know better about the product or share their experience about the product you must integrate an option to give reviews and ratings for every product a user buys.

7. Push notification:

To keep your customers updated with the latest news and their shopping details, you can add an option of push notification to your app

8. In-app chat:

Users love to share their preferences and selection with their friends to get their valuable reviews before making any purchase. An in-app chat can help your users to get easily connected with their friends. Also a chat option to get the best customer support using in-app chat.

9. Virtually try on:

Because it’s an option for the local businesses to come online a virtual try-on option will allow the users to try the products virtually before they purchase them.

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– For Suppliers

1. Registrations:

Options for suppliers to get registered with the app using their mobile number, and a few details about the product they are willing to sell.

2. Item management:

An option for the sellers to add details and descriptions about the item they are selling online

3. Inventory management:

Option for the sellers to add or remove items in the portal

4. Order management:

The seller must have the authority to confirm or reject the order

5. Push notification:

App must have the option to sell notifications to the seller informing them about any new order received, updates about the inventory, and more.

Cost to develop an app like Meesho:

The cost to develop an app like Meesho varies with your customized requirements, such as the location of your team, and other development aspects. The estimated breakup of your mobile app development is given below:

Region Cost of developer per hour
Eastern Europe $50-$150 per hour
The U.S. $100-$250 per hour
UK $100-$220 per hour
India $30-$120 per hour
Attributes of app development Cost of development
Front end and backend development $8000-$10000
UI/UX design $500-$10000
Wireframing $700-$2500
QA and testing $4000-$5000


If you choose to develop an online shopping app like Meesho and are willing to determine the cost for development before you get set with the process then you must list down all your requirements. The most imperative aspects that impact your app development cost like meesho are the requirements and customizations that you make, such as the location of the team you are hiring for your app development, the mobile platform you are choosing, technology, and features, complexities, etc. The average cost to hire a mobile app developer in India will cost you approx. $30-$120 per hour based on their skills and years of experience. Now, your other preferences like those mentioned above make a huge variation in the app development. Because ease requirement adds a specific time to the development process and hence adding hours for which you have to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the features of the app impacts cost of app development?

Features are one of the major aspects that determine the app development cost. Features of the app are categorized based on the complexity of the code, i.e. basic, medium and high level. The basic apps come with the general features that any app in the same business segment may have. But if you choose medium or high complexity then you can customize the features based on your specific business requirements.

2. What is the team size required to develop a reseller marketplace app like Meesho?

If you are developing a basic reseller marketplace app like Meesho with the basic features then the team required for development is listed below:

Project manager-1

Business analyst-1

Backend developer- 1

UI/UX designer-1

DevOps- 1

Android/iOS developers-2

QA engineer- 1