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How much does it cost to develop a Game app in Bangalore 2024?

Are you having an enthralling gaming idea and willing to convert it into a reality? Then it is the right time to enter the market, as the gaming market is on fire with rapid exponential growth. Every day is coming up with a new game setting a new trend in this industry. Be the leader of your gaming industry with a pioneering idea and promising game development solution. Several types of games are emerging with a wide array of options to play, such as single-player, multi-player, online games with co-users, offline games with friends, and more. As the technology is transforming every business sector, it is also having a great impact on the gaming industry and it has proven its capability in transforming the industry completely making it more tempting to expand to the virtual ecosystem with real-life experiences.

If the cost to develop the game application in Bangalore is your concern and you are willing to determine the approximate cost then you need to first understand the basic aspects that contribute to the cost and what can be your ROI.

Investing in game development is a smart move to generate great revenue with a one-time investment. To understand your ROI in a better manner you need to understand the gaming market in deep. Here, we are listing basic details about the gaming industry which will help you to dive deep into the market.

– Mobile games are contributing 51% of total gaming industry revenue all across the world.

– 49% of gamers invest money in their games and are much tempted toward real-money gaming apps

– The mobile gaming industry worth was $174 billion in the year 2021 which is expected to grow more in the upcoming years

– Games are the third most searched genre in the app store

Now, let’s understand the factors emphasizing the game application development cost in Bangalore:

  • Ideation, character creation, and plot:

    The soul of the game lies in the idea, plot, characters, and appearance of the game. It must be developed with creative, attractive, and enthralling capabilities of holding users’ attention for a long time and making them passionate about the game. If you are ready with the idea then you need professionals who can help your narrow down the options and select the game engine, tone of characters, personalities on screen, dialects, and more. To do so, professionals with exemplary skills and experience may cost you approx. $100-$150 per hour.

    • Mobile operating system:

    The most popular games are developed on android and iOS platforms. If you are also willing to reach out to maximum users with your game development then choosing either of these or both will be a wise idea. Most of the game developers in Bangalore suggest either choosing native app development with different code development for android as well as iOS platform or opt for a hybrid solution that can help you develop a code that is compatible with all the operating systems but gives a lesser efficiency as compared with native app development. Selecting a game app developer in Bangalore completely depends on your choice of the mobile platform. Most entrepreneurs opt for cross-platform game development because it helps them to pave out users of various mobile platforms.

    • Layout Designing:
  • The layout of your game has a great role to play in tempting your targeted audience. Creating a layout with an unmatched user experience can be the very first step to your success. In this stage of app development, you need to plan the levels of games, game environment, the plot, in-game characters, and more. It is a multiplayer level of game development. Here, you may require a complete creative team of app design.

    • Complexities of game development:
  • It is one of the most intensive steps of your game development and also an important aspect of determining your game app development cost. To make the complexities and its level clearer, here is a brief description of it

Moderate complexities:

Such apps are not basic ones but also not too complicated to develop. Such apps hold a moderate level of complexities and challenges in developing the app. If you have opted for a moderate game app with a medium level of complexity then it may cost you approx. $60000-$120000.

High-level complexities:

Games with high-level complexities are majorly developed by the top ventures and companies funded by the venture capitalists because the cost to develop a game app with higher complexities needs bigger investments than other apps. It may range from $120000-$250000 based on your requirements. The mentioned values are just an estimate keeping the average game application development cost in Bangalore as an average. If you are having customized requirements then the sum of the investment may change. Game development with higher complexities will take a long duration for development, approximately 1-2 years.


The cost to develop a game app in Bangalore may vary from the requirement to requirement. An average cost to develop a moderate complexity game app may range between $60K-$120K, but if you choose a highly customized solution with higher complexities then it may cost you around $120-$250. The cost estimation mentioned here is an average cost, it may change with your requirements. To know the exact cost estimation for your game app development we recommend you to get connected with the top game app development companies in Bangalore and get a customized package dedicated to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why outsource game app development instead of hiring a native team?

If you are willing to develop a chain of gaming apps then hiring a native team will be a feasible option for you. But if you are willing to develop one gaming app then outsourcing will be an affordable option for you. While outsourcing your app development process you can list sown top game app development companies in Bangalore and can choose the best development team with minimal possible expenses.

How much does it cost to develop a game app?

The cost to develop a game app completely depends on your requirement. An experienced developer may cost you approx. $50-$200 per hour. If you are having requirements with moderate complexities then the average game app development cost will be $60k-$150k and for higher complexities, the cost will range between $160k-$250k.