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How much does it cost to build an app like Postpe?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Postpe?

Do you like shopping? Of course, everyone does, but how many of us have sufficient funds to buy everything we like at the same moment? Most of us suppress our dreams and wishes due to a lack of funds. We have different options to pave out all our wishes, just like taking loans, using credit cards, and so on. But is it a perfect solution? Don’t you need to pay extra capital for fulfilling your wishes? What if you get an option to buy all your durables and pay later when you have enough funds? Certain apps allow the users to buy their users now and pay within a timeline without paying any extra charges, unlike bank loans. Yes, we are talking about consumer durable loans which are ready to get disbursed to the consumer’s account within seconds and charge zero interest.

In recent years several companies are looking to develop postpe type of apps and others are seeking Postpe app developers in India and wondering about the Postpe app development cost. Fintech companies have offered the best alternatives for the capital problem but also they are concerned about the safety of the money they are lending. Hence, they determine the financial status of the money seeker and then take a confirmation call.

Let’s check how does it determine the security of lending money?

An app like Postpe is integrated with a feature to check the bank status by asking the users to upload their salary slips for salaried people and bank statements to cross-check whether they can get it back or not.

Based on the permanent income of the money seeker, the money lending organization set a range of money from which they can choose a scale of money and time based on their convenience.

Cost to develop an app like Postpe:

The cost to develop an app like Postpe completely depends on various factors, a few of those are listed below:

1. Features you are willing to incorporate into your app

User panel:

– Notifications

– Wallet integration

– Payment gateway

– User profile

– Linking bank account with the app wallet

– OTP confirmation

– Periodical bill generation

– Online customer support

– Offers and rewards

– Refer and earn option

Admin panel:

– User-friendly dashboard

– Profile management

– Data synchronization

– QR code scanning management

– Offers and rewards management

– User profile management

– Verification for lending money

– Report generation and analysis

– Notifications and alerts management

2. Mobile platform for app development

3. Type of developing an app

4. The team was required to develop an app like Postpe

5. App maintenance cost

6. App development procedure

The above-mentioned facets were directly related to the app development process, but there is one more aspect that is not directly associated with the app development process but puts a great impact on the cost to develop an app like Postpe and that is the location from where you are hiring your team.

Let’s have a look at what difference can be made by a location and why it is important to consider the location of the team while planning your app development budget.

As we all know, each country has its financial graph depending on which the cost of livelihood is mapped. Hence, workers’ compensation and the cost of living in a developed country are comparatively higher than in a developing country. Here is an estimated cost to hire a Postpe app developer based on their locations:

S.No. Location Cost to hire postpe app developer
1.         North America $100-$250 per hour
2.         UK $100-$175 per hour
3.         Australia $100-$175 per hour
4.         Eastern Europe $100-$150 per hour
5.         India $20-$150 per hour

Most of the folks with an idea to develop postpe app chooses to hire postpe app developers in India and the reason is not only cost but also the unmatched talent which is ready to cater to all type of app development requirements ensuring the highest efficiency of the app using latest technologies for app development.


An average cost to develop an app like postpe will range between $40,000-$90,000 with basic features but if you choose to make your app more customized with higher complexities then the cost will change based on your preferences. If you are very strict on your budget estimate then also you have got several options of postpe app development companies in India with the widest options of app development, team selection, and also app development package selection. To select the best option, you can pen down top app development companies offering services within your budget and then verify each option based on your other requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average cost to hire a Postpe app developer in India?

As you have selected a location with the biggest talent pool hence you will get a wide range of options with a great margin in the cost to develop the postpe app. The cost may vary based on the skills, knowledge, and years of experience. But an average cost to hire a postpe app developer in India may range between $20-$150 per hour. Now, it completely depends on your choice and the complexities of your app which will determine the type of developer requirement and hence the cost too.

2. Which platform is preferred to develop an app like Postpe?

Postpe is a perfect solution to the time of money constraints and hence it develops a demand in every smartphone platform. If you are rigid about the performance and efficiency of the app then you can choose to develop a native app for iOS and Android platforms, and if you are short on budget but willing to pave out all the smartphone users then choose cross-platform will be a wiser option.

3. What makes your team the best option to develop an app like Postpe?

We are one of the most renowned app developers in India with a team of top professionals from the industry holding experience of a decade and more. Another reason that makes us a prior option for choosing as a technology partner in our development approach which ensures a 100% bug-free solution with the most enticing features and marvelous performance.

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